a night to remember

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Paul sat at the bar, pissed off from a usually shitty week
at work. The bastards never appreciated all of the time
and effort that he put forth for them, he was expected to
act like a cyborg, accept orders and efficiently carry
them out, and not have any problem with being the big bosses
lap dog, damn them! He had just tossed down his fourth shot
of whiskey when he glanced over at the sexiest women he had
ever laid eyes on. She was on the dance floor, dirty dancing
with a woman. She was wearing a sleek black dress, high heel
shoes, and damn if she didn’t look like she grew right
into that dress. She has long dark brown hair, full sweet
lips, her eyes were as blue as the night sky, she had beautiful
high cheek bones, a long slender neck that V’d down
into the most luscious breast, full, taunt, round, perfect;
past her breast the dress followed down to a flat stomach,
curvaceous hips, and down legs that looked like they were
sculpted for an angel. When he looked back up from her legs
to her face, he realized that she was looking right at him,
he could feel his face redden a bit, figuring she must think
he was some sort of pig sitting there surveying her like
a hungry animal, but oh she made him so very hungry indeed.
She whispered something into the woman’s ear and began
walking toward him, he steadied himself to get his ass chewed
for acting like a dog. She walked up and stood next to him
with all of the grace of a cheetah, she was so very seductive,
and he had a feeling that she knew exactly what kind of effect
that she had on men. She looked at him and asked him if he was
going to buy her a drink or begin slobbering from the view.
He coughed and pulled himself together. He asked what she
wanted, and she told him she’d have what he was having,
and to make it a double. The bartender served up the drink
and she slammed it down like it was Artesian well water,
then she looked at him and told him that her name was Veronica.
Just when he was about to start up some small talk, she very
matter-of-factly looked at him straight in the eye and
asked him if he wanted to go somewhere and have sex, he thought
he was hallucinating for a moment, then she smiled, took
him by the hand, and walked him outside. She asked him if
he had a car, which he did, and then she put her hand out for
the keys, he led her to the car and once inside she nailed
it so fast it slammed him into his seat. This woman greatly
fascinated him to the core. They drove for about half a mile
and then she pulled into a private parking lot for a group
of condominiums, she got out and began walking, and he quickly
got out and followed her up to a door, hers apparently. They
went inside and he barely got to see that the condo was amazing,
very clean, sheik, very stylish, before she dragged him
down the hallway and into a bedroom. Within seconds she
had him stripped and thrown onto the bed, and he wasn’t
complaining one little bit. She took off a pair of black
lace panties and threw them at him, smiling the whole time,
she slithered the dress up over her head and threw it on a
chair in the corner, then she walked over to the night-stand
and pulled something out and shut the door. She walked back
to the end of the bed and began crawling toward him, cat-like,
slowly, looking him deeply into his eyes, and he was already
so hot his penis was rock hard. She reached his groin and
ran her fingernails down his thigh, making him jump a bit,
but the sensation also sent tingles straight into his groin.
She began kissing above his pubic line, and rubbing the
“love line” on his stomach, he felt like his
tempature was 110 degrees. Then she took his penis into
her mouth, slowly, deeply, she sucked the way down the shaft
until her lips touched his pubic bone. He thought he must
have drank a hell of a lot more than he remembered and this
had to be a dream. Then the dream turned into heaven when
he realized that she had used her mouth to put a condom on
his penis, and she quickly, with suave expertise, straddled
him and slid his penis into her vagina until he felt her ass
slap against his scrotum. She began swaying on top of him
like she was riding an ocean wave, slowly, precisely, so
as to not make him cum prematurely. He took her beautiful
breast into his mouth, then he began to suck, lick and stroke
them like she was the last woman on earth. He reached behind
her and squeezed her ass cheek tightly together while he
kissed her neck, she moaned and made a sound almost like
a low growl. She pushed him further up onto the bed and grabbed
the headboard and began riding him faster and faster, reaching
behind occasionally to squeeze his scrotum just hard enough
to keep him from cumming. Sweat rolled down between her
breast and he licked it off. lying there rocking in perfect
motion with her, he ran his fingers up and down her stomach
as he rubbed her nipple with his fingers. Finally when he
though he could take no more, he felt the walls of her vagina
begin to contract around his penis like a vise, and she began
to scream out with great pleasure, than was all it took…
he exploded like a fire hydrant, and flopped back down onto
the bed gasping for air. She sat on top of him for a moment,
smiling. Then she bent down and kissed him with lips so sweet
they tasted like they were made from sugar, and she walked
into the bathroom and got into the shower. About ten minutes
later she came back out of the shower, dressed in a completely
new dress, and once again, looked like a knick-out. She
came over and kissed him and told him to please lock the door
when he left, that she has people that were waiting for her
and things to do. She winked at him on her way out the door,
and told him he was as good a lay as he looked like he would
be, and then his dream disappeared.

That was one night that made Paul’s week, and he was
quite sure it was one he would never forget!

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