A Night to Remember – Part 1

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This is my first time trying to write this type of story, so please leave comments so I know if you all want to read more stories. Part 2 and 3 will have much more sexual content.

I was so excited. Looking across to the driver of the 1969 Camaro, I couldn’t believe he was my date to the senior prom. I had met Mark the summer before at the beach, he must have liked how I looked because he had come right up to me. I was flattered, as any woman would be, but guessing he would be shallow, I wasn’t very interested. But after laughing at his overused pick-up lines, and having him showing off in the ocean, I thought he was both nice and funny, and smart, too ( he was going to be entering his sophomore year in med school in the fall), we went out to dinner that night and hit it off. I gave him my number and we’d been dating ever since. I broke out of my musings to give my tall, handsome, wonderful date a big smile – he reached over and squeezed my hand and my heart just leapt. This was going to be a magical night.

We arrived at the hall my school had rented, and I was getting even more excited. When Mark came around and opened my door I practically jumped out. Mark smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, ” Don’t worry Tracey,” he laughed, ” We’ve got all night, so relax and have fun.” Mark gave the valet his keys and $10, and we went inside. I felt like a princess. I’m not at all vain, but I knew we were a gorgeous couple. With all 6’5″ of muscular, football playing Mark, he had deep vivid green eyes, dark hair with an unruly piece that always insisted on falling over his forehead, and that smile that melted my heart every time I saw it, he was so handsome in his rented black tux.

I gave thanks that he was tall, seeing as how I am 5’10”, not including the 3″ heels I had on that night. I felt like a million dollars in my long ice-blue dress. It was fitted from the bodice, past my size 1 waist, down to my hips, then became looser so that the mid-thigh slit played peek-a-boo with my 36″ long legs, which were accentuated to perfection with my 3″ iridescent shoes. My friend had done up my long, curly, chestnut colored hair beautifully, and Mark hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off my face. With just a touch of sultry eye shadow above my deep blue eyes, and some pink added to my innocent lips, my friend had said I looked like a very tempting angel, and I had to agree.

After checking our coats we went and got our pictures done, and of course we had to add in the total-goof off shot. Then we danced the night away – through the new pop songs, some wonderful slow songs, the classics like the YMCA and Electric Slide, and even a waltz. I couldn’t believe it when it was time to leave. We had been invited to a party but decided not to go, we were going to go to Mark’s dorm room instead. I knew what would most likely occur, and I honestly couldn’t wait. It would mean losing my virginity to my very first boyfriend, and the nicest man I had ever met in my life, and there was no possible way I could be more ready for what was probably going to transpire.

We said goodnight to my friends with promises of meeting up some other time as the black rally sport Camaro pulled around. Mark bowed and held my door open, I laughed and got in. We talked easily the whole way to his college about the prom as he and I kept saying how happy we were that we had gone together. When we stopped he again went around and opened the door for me. When I stepped out he swirled me around in the moonlight and brought me into a warm embrace, I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned my cheek against his chest relishing in the closeness. I gazed up at him, he smiled that beautiful smile and leaned down to kiss me.

The kiss was soft and warm, I spread my lips to let escape a small sigh of pleasure. His tongue gently traced the edge of my mouth and slid inside. I shyly touched my tongue to his and he drew it out. He pressed me closer to him as one hand slipped up to my hair, and the other to the small of my back, molding myself to him. My breasts were crushed against the hard wall of his chest, and I felt the faint evidence of his arousal.

To be continued…

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