A Rough Night Out

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I wear the miniskirt. I like it and it’s easy access. Black lace thong for modesty’s sake. I put on a low cut top, no bra because more layers only hinder the inevitable. I pull on a light jacket and ignore the questions in my roommate’s eyes as she watches me get ready. She knows what’s going to happen and she knows that she can’t stop it.

I slip out the front door without a second glance from the night staff or any one else lurking around the lobby. His sleek black car, dark as night is parked right out in front and I slide right in. He pulls away and immediately, he right hand reaches beneath the skirt to my already wet pussy. His fingers slip under the lace and over my freshly shaven mound and now to my already aching clit.

His hands trace the lips of my pussy as I shift for better access, spreading my knees wider. I reach across the console and grace his massive rock hard cock, licking my lips as if dying for a taste. He flicks my clit with the tip of his nail and I arch toward him, grinding my pussy hard on his hand to make the sensations linger.

Somehow, unconsciously, I have loosened his belt and pulled the zipper down and now his cock is raising out of his pants to meet my questing hand. Again I lurch forward on the fingers that know my pussy so well.

My hand grazes his stiff cock and electric chills go up and down my spine. Suddenly I’m bent over the console with my face in his lap forcing his thick shaft into my mouth and my tongue swirls around him. I hear the groan low in his throat and my pulse begin to pound. I feel his finger easing its way into my ass and now I groan in delight.

Finally, he stops the car. But we’re not at his apartment. He couldn’t drive and watch me give him head so he does the logical things, he stops the car and leans the seat back. Now I fully access and I ease his pants over his hips and begin to suck gently on his balls. But really I’m in love with the tip of his huge penis. It’s so round and beautiful. I raise back up to greet it as it stares at me, almost daring me to take it in to my mouth.

His finger is pumping a steady rhythm in and out of my ass. I find myself moving with his rhythm and soon I’m sucking his cock in the same pattern that he’s fingerfucking my ass. He starts to shiver and I know he’s close, He pulls my head up for a kiss, enjoying the taste of himself on my lips. Now he pulls me across the console, doing away with my shirt and leaving me bare breasts as his fingers find my wet pussy hole soaking wet and begging for attention.

With one a nipple in his mouth and three fingering sliding in and out of me, I’m arched against the steering wheel, panting and moaning so loud that the echo in the car is deafening. His teeth are gently scraping my sensitive flesh and I quiver from the inside out as my nipples both turn into hard little round diamonds puckering in attention for his decadent mouth. He mouth moves up to my arch neck to nibble here and there as I feel my own climax coming on. I don’t try to stop him, it just feels so damn good…I feel so filled, and yet know the best is yet to come

Before I can do anything, I’m cumming so hard that my pussy literally grabs his fingers and sucks them inside of me, milking them. The scream I let out is animal like, nothing remotely human about the release I feel at that moment. His fingers are still inside me as I slowly come back down and stare at him. He is so good to me. I lean down and nearly suck his tongue out of his mouth. His shirt is done away with, and he’s left bare chested and bare cocked in my presence. I press my nipples to his chest as I start to kiss him from his neck down over the hard plains of his chest down to where his public hair starts.

I can feel his stiff manhood quivering, ready to be buried deep inside my pussy as my pussy hungers for it. Finally I give in to the urging and impale myself on his monster shaft, wincing at sheer width and length as it slide up inside me. The pleasure is intense and almost takes my breath away as Sit for a second before beginning to rock back and forth and then up and down. I feel his hands on my ass helping me moving along his now slippery cock. I find myself arching and moving, grunting and groaning, feeling as if I’m going to explode out of sure joy. Then my muscles begin to lock up and I’m moving faster and faster. I know he’s about to cum with me because his head is tossed back and there is nothing stifling the sheer animal lust coming out of him. My pussy tightens, holding onto him for dear life, and the thick vein running along in his shaft begins to throb and then it happens…he shoots his cum all in side of me. Coating my pussy with its thick warmness. I groan and smile as he fills me so completely that some begins to slide out of my pussy and down his cock, coating it in pearly whiteness. I reach down with one of my finger and grab a dot of it. Bringing it to my lips, I sigh in satisfaction as his mouth savages mine, and we prepare for round three.

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