A stolen moment

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I knew just where to find him. He had mentioned that he walked every morning at 6am. It had been a very long time and I excited drove to the area that cool morning. There was still a light mist in the air and it must have rained during the night, oh please let him still go out this morning. As I passed the house I noticed the kitchen light on, yes, I thought but began to wonder if it was on all night. Then I began to wonder if he would be pleased to see me. It was dangerous to be this close to his home but I was pretty sure it would be safe. I parked down the street and realized that I was already wet just hoping to see him. I knew I was going to be in pain if I did not get the relief that I desired. As I turned off the engine my mind wandered with the music playing . I squirmed in my seat and watched the time hit 6:00 am. Damn, maybe he was running late, maybe something happened and he was not going out. I realized that either way I had to cum, I wondered if I could make it home or if I would have to get off by myself right here. My clit began to ache and that is when I saw the outside light come on. Yes! I thought, even though I could not see the door from where I sat I was sure he must be heading out.

In just a few minutes I saw him appear in the near darkness of the morning. He did not notice my van sitting here. I had the window down so I could hear better. As he approached the area I saw him looking my way. I eagerly awaited him to get to the window. “Good morning” I said into the morning air, immediately his face began to smile and he crossed the street to approach my window. “What the hell are you doing here?” he questioned, knowing the answer. “I needed some attention and thought you might be willing to help me out.” I say coyly. He smiled even more and I am pretty sure his cock started getting hard already. He reached his head in the van window and pulled my face to his and lightly kissed me on lips and asked where could we go. I was so flushed with physical urges it took me a moment to suggest that he get in. He discreetely got in the back so no one would see him in the vehicle.

Once he got in, I quickly drove to a spot that I was sure we would not be disturbed. I parked and left the radio on and went around and got into the back. He was sitting on the seat and reached for my hand. I kneeled between his feet. I reached up and kissed him full and deep on the mouth. His tongue swirled around mine making me even more excited. He smelled fresh from the shower and all of my senses were on high alert. His hands began exploring my body, starting with my neck, then my shoulders, finally reaching my rock hard nipples. I knew we would be very limited on time and I dressed for the occasion. I was wearing a flimsy button up shirt with a skirt and no bra or panties. As he pulled and tugged at my nipples I gently bit his lips and kissed him hard. I could feel my own moisture reach my thighs and new I was ready to cum. While he worked me into a frenzy with my tits, I struggled to undo his shorts. I could feel just how hard he was and wanted him now. He sensed my frustration and and took a break from my nipples and undid his shorts and pushed eased them down to his ankles. Oh how I missed that eager cock. I bent down and flicked the red top and listened to him inhale deeply as I slowly sucked his member between my lips and into my mouth. He tensed as I worked him in and out of my mouth and knew I could make him cum in my mouth if I wanted with only a few more moments. But today I wanted more.

I sucked full and hard and pulled his cock to the max and let it pull free from my lips making a smacking sound as he gasped slightly. My body was on fire and I looked him right in the eyes and smiled know time was passing faster than I wanted it to. I got up and pulled my skirt to my waist exposing my freshly shaved pussy that was slick from passion. “Oh yes,” he said “I want you so bad.” He knew I was ready, and I began to straddle his rock hard erection. I positioned myself above him and his mouth could not wait and he began working my nipples into his mouth. Even though I wanted to cum I lowered myself slowly pausing as his head bumped into my clit. I called out quietly and felt the first true rush go thru my body. I continued to slowly ease his cock into my now soaked pussy.

We both stop for just a moment and take in the great feeling. He was so deep inside me I came slighly as my clit hit the base of his cock. It was always the best to have him so deep. Then we both began to take things to the next level. He licked and sucked my nipples making sure give them equal attention. I began working him in and out of me. I started bouncing on his cock like a pogo stick. Then the quake began to erupt, and I became aware that his hips were pounding into me with each stroke. I felt my orgasm start and I let it go as I pressed down hard and rode the waves of pleasure. I could tell he was holding back and as the orgasm ennded I began fucking him harder. I pulled him all the way to the edge of my pussy lips and then slammed right back in in one swift move. I could feel his entire body tensing and also I could sense another orgasm of mine ready to go. I was aware of of all the heavy breathing and moaning and it made everything more intense.

“Fuck,” he called out and I could tell he could not fight it any longer.

That only made me hotter, and I forced on. I was on fire with passion and then we came, both of us, and I came hard and I think he did also.

I collapsed on his spent cock, both thrilled and exhausted. We were both quiet for a few moments, then he moved slowly to gently kiss me. I pulled my sticky body from his and re-adjusted my clothing. He sat still and watched me dress. I wondered what he must be thinking. I hoped that he did not regret it because I didn’t. Then, as if he just woke up, he quickly put himself back together and looked at his watch. I could tell he must be getting close on time. Neither of us said anything for quite sometime.

“Are you ready?” I asked as I stood up outside the vehicle to stretch. We were in the middle of no where and the sun was starting to light the sky.

“Yes, I suppose” he said “By the way, if I haven’t said, Thank you.”

“I hope you did not mind” I said as I got back in the front. I drove him back to the area I picked him up at. I quickly dropped him off and disappeared so that no one would notice.

I got home and was quite refreshed and noticed that he had sent me an email thanking me for the exercise program and that he had enjoyed himself. It pleased me to know we both had a good time. It became just another secret that we would share.

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