I don’t know that how you enjoyed my first story. I am not a regular viewer of porn sites and I don’t know the phrases and words used in pornography. But since it is a real story you can imagine the situation and understand what actually happened.

After the short relation with Rupa I couldn’t do anything well and have no interest to go outside. So I didn’t go out. Two or three time I masturbated again. So I was again tired. I didn’t have my dinner also. I gone to sleep before 8.30 PM. But I was not switched of the lights. Because it was not usual that I was in house at that time, Gangadharan Chettan and Deepechi Knocked my door. They asked what happened, I was then just like in fever. Chettan looked fever and said there is no fever outside, but may be the fever inside. I said don’t worry . But they were not allowed it. They bought me Chukku cappi and then takem Kanji.

Chechi along with rupa taken the kanji and curry. Without looking to me she went out. I was also afraid to look her at that time. It was my first such experience with a girl. At that night thinking about an intercourse with Rupa, decided to complete the next day’s work early and to come home at 4PM for another fantastic meet with Rupa, I went into sleep.

Next day before 7 AM I completed my bath and dressing locked the door to go for work. Chettan was enquired about the fever and I thanked them for their services at night. He appreciated my dedication to work, but warned me about my health. I went with my briefcase to my bike. I started my bike and when I took the bike outside the gate I saw my supervisor’s car brakes in front of my gate. I was very much surprised and it was my first inspection. He was very much delighted about my punctuality. I invited him to my room. Then the chettan was there and acquainted my boss to Chettan. Chettan said that I was not well in last night and told my boss to warn me about my health.

It was one of the best complements that he has given to me to my boss. My room was not so neat then. I offer him my chair and saw him all my routine records. He told me that my room always want to be neat. Next 4 days I was busy with him and he had given me lunch and dinner every day. Last day I had given him lunch and dinner. Since my work was good and I can create 60% more in sales. He was very much impressed with me. So that days I couldn’t even think about Rupa.

A few days gone as usual as previous. Now Previous experience with Rupa was come into my mind. I cant resist to see her. On that night Chetan and chechi came to me and told that chettan was going to Tamilnad for purchases and he will not be there for next 3 days, so I wants to take a look on them. Next day evening Chettan gone to Tamil Nadu. There was no telephone at their residence and he said he will call them in my telephone.

That day evening chechi and Rupa together went to shop, and at about 7.15 PM they came back along with a sales man. After 30 minutes I went to their house for a courtesy visit. I said I am going out and if they want anything to purchase I will do it for them. First she said nothing and then told me to purchase some provisions to them if it is not difficult to me, she compelled me to have my dinner with them. First I said no and then I agreed. I came to my room and changed to a pocket less tee shirt and pant. At that time without any notice chechi entered to my room and offered me money I told I will tell after purchasing, she didn’t allowed and since not seen any pocket in my shirt came close to me . By pulling me by putting her left hand to my buttocks with her right hand she put the money into my back pocket. Her soft boobs were rubbed to my chest , both our thighs tied together, I could feel the fleshy pussy in my thighs. By accident my hands were pulled her buttocks towards me , my kunna were suddenly flushed hard and it touched to her beautiful stomach. I can’t resist and I gave a sudden kiss to her forehead. Not seeming anything special in her face she went to her house I suddenly looked out, but by luck her sister was not there.

I went to the shop and purchased the provisions, eggs, milk and vegetables and some bakery items without their request and came back to given it to them. This time Rupa opened the door and her sister was in kitchen. While giving the bag to her, intentionally I touched to her pussy. She stayed there with a sexy smile. My hands gone through her thighs. I called chechi and told that I will come after my bath, this time I took Rupa’s hand to my rod, and she rubbed it gently. I gone to my room it was 8.30 then.
After taking a quick bath and wearing a lungi and shirt I went to their house. Rupa again opened the door. Chechi is still in kitchen. I together with Rupa went to the kitchen, and said I am a very good cook. It was a small kitchen. I helped them to clean the plates and made a green salad for them. This time I tried to avoid every touching. But tried to give every care to Rupa, and obedience to chechi . Rupa noticed it well and she was always with me to help me. She intentionally touched her breasts several times to my body.

The dining table was a small one and all we together sit for our dinner. Chechi sat just opposite to me. I took maximum care for not to touch chechi, but several time my legs touched her legs. Her foot touched my thigh and my rod suddenly eructed. Rupa was in a dejected mood and having her dinner. Without any break chechi talked to me. She put her chair a little front and now my knee is in between her thighs. But her face felt any difference. She comes a little more to the front.and our thighs touched together. I cant control my self. But I controlled. I didn’t understand whether she intentionally or not doing it. Rupa also tried to talk something to me. Now she tightened her thighs together and my thigh is tightened in between her thighs. Without any feeling she got up after her dinner. All of us got up from the table. Rupa also went to kitchen. I went to washbasin. Rupa came with a towel and I used that time to touch her stomach with my right hand under the towel. She then gives me a good smile and went in. Chechi asked me to sit down. She took some fruits and started her chats again. She told the story of her husband. She told he is a very nice man, his father died years back and all these days he lived for his family and to marry her sisters, and after the death of her mother he had given the house to one of her sister and now lives in this rented house. Chechi’s father also died years back and they lived with their uncle. She tell, her husband also wants to give a good life to Rupa . Her mother is still with their uncle. Her cousin brothers were in the ages of Rupa and he afraid if anything happened between them, because of that age. So they took Rupa with them.

Now she asked Rupa to go for studies. And she told me that she felt that she had got a brother and that is I. Rupa went to room hearing these words. She contined her talks for another 30 minutes and now she told Rupa to go to bed. She told about her health problems also to me. Rupa’s bed room’s door is at the end of the dining room. She went to Rupas bedroom to look her. She told me Rupa will sleep when she saw the bed. She told me that one year back she had fell down and she had one deep wound in her thigh and still she felt harden in that area. I asked whether I can see the area, she comes nearer to me and sit in the next chair of me. She pulled her saree up. It is a wonderful seen. I can’t imagine such about such beautiful thighs. I can’t control myself. My heart beaten up, my penny eructed, my hands were in shivering but her face seems any different. My hand automatically went towards her thighs. I touched her thighs. She told me that it is on the upper area of her right thigh. My hand gone up and touched her upper thigh, but felt any hardness in her thighs, it is so soft like butt
er. I again get my hand upward and my hand tou
ched her pussy. It was hairy. My hand take outside. She noticed my eructed rod and I put my rod in between my thighs. Now I could understand what she wants, but she wants it in secret. I opened my thighs again and I touched my rod over the lungie. She still not pulled down her saree. I could see her thighs I pulled her saree upward and I could see all under her pavada but in dark. We couldn’t talk each other for minutes. At last I went up. Now both of us know what we want. I give a kiss to her thighs, she suddenly went up and my lips touched her pussy. I went to my room without saying anything.
I opened my door and went to close the gate and suddenly came back. When I entered into my room she came behind me. Suddenly I closed the door and put the light. I want to see her live. I can’t control then. I pulled her towards me. She embraced me by putting her both hands on my back she tightened her hands and both of our lips were touched hard it continued for little time my hands were pat on her back smoothly. My hands rubbed her buttocks in strong . I could feel the touch of my rod to her pussy now even it is covered. Top of her saree fell down. I could see her bulged boobs and it cannot be controlled inside her brassieres. I gently put my hands inside her blouse and squeeze her boobs gently. She opened my shirt and this time I also open her blouse. Her boob inside the bra is a marvellous view. I pulled her saree up and inside her pavada I squeezed he buttuks, and through her back I put my middle finger into her pussy. I untied her pavada rope and her sare along with pavada get down. I pulled her back to the wall . She suddenly pulled down my Lungi. Now she is only with her brassieres and jetty and I am in my jetty alone. I want to see her in such dress. How sexy she is. Her face is so sexy now, her breasts are so eructed and in good shape, her abdominal part is so thin and her thighs looks so beautiful and it is perfectly built with not so fatty and not thin. Her body is just like one built in marble. I want to enjoy her body for a long time. But she wants early. She put her hands inside my jetty and put my cocks into her hands. She unweared my jetty and took my rod into her mouth. It was my first experience. She sipped it and with her lips she licked my cocks upper part and surrounded with her lips. I can’t control. I tied her heads with my both hands. She sip it deep into her mouth and up to her throat. She enjoyed it by sipping it upward and downward in her mouth. I can’t explain the pleasure. It is wonderful.

She went up and I opened her brassiers hook . I don’t know what is the size of her boobs but it is very much erotic. It is not hanged downwards. It is so soft and ‘crispy’. I lick her nipples with my tongue and kissed all part of her boobs with my lips and tongue together. I took her into my hand gone to my bed. Now I am completely nude and she is with her panties. I switched on the light of my bedroom. She also likes to see it in light. I had thrown out her panties from her body. Her pubic hair is thick and shapely cut. The vaginal part is shaved well. It looks so sexy. I touched the part with my hand. It is so soft and fleshy. I slowly and softly rubbed over her pubic hair and put my fingers inside her cunt. I put my lips on to her thighs just above her knee and slowly kissed to upwards. Her thighs feel me like honey. I rubbed the whole area with my moustache. I gently combed her pubic hair with my fingers and my other hand gone through over her nipples. I opened her vagina with my fingers and put my tongue deep into her cunt. I twisted my tongue to get maximum pleasure to her. My one hand in her boobs comes downwards and gently squeeze the lower part of her breast. She pulled her legs upwards and downwards because she can’t control her feeling.

She pulled my thighs towards her and took my stem and slowly rubbed. The cum slowly flushing from it and taking it in her hand she rubbed it over her boobs. She pulled me towards her and now we are in 69 position. She wants to enjoy my licks inside her cunt so she didn’t sip my stem. It continued for more than 10 minutes. She took my rod inside her mouth and sip it , with fast movement I licked inside of her cunt. Two leaf inside her cunt can see to me and sipped it. It is sweet. I can’t stop it. She pulled me back but I couldn’t stop it. She pulled my thighs towards her and put my rod inside her mouth and now both thighs are in between her heads.

She requested me to enter into her cunt, Then I came into opposite position and put her boobs into my mouth. I sipped her nipples into my mouth. She screamed with excitement. I kissed again from her boobs to navel. She now took my rod into her hand and kept inside her palm moves it upward and downward. I embraced her in tight. She put my rod into her cunt it is just like an iron rode. I went up, keeping my hands on her breasts went up and down. My rode is now easily playing inside her vagina for several times. She was crying loudly. I doubt whether her sister hear it. But I didn’t controlled her. I didn’t like to flush my cum into her cunt immediately. She pulled me towards her and embraced me tightly by putting her hands on my buttocks. She rounded me with her body and now I am under her body. She sat on my thighs and still my rod is inside her cunt. She went up and sit down into my thighs and it was a wonderful experience. She did it about 4 minutes. I put her under me and now I played just like what she did o me. She was screaming loudly. I can’t control myself and bite her boobs hard. She cried and then smiled to me. She took my penny outside and again put it into her cunt again and again she did it. I take both of her legs upward and put my rod into cunt from backside. I push her thighs with my hand pulled my rod up and down. Her sounds come louder. She told me fast too fast. I didn’t stopped it . A huge oily fluid comes from her cunt I fuck her fast She hold both her hands into the coats leg. I went up and down fast .

At last a huge cum was went out from my stem. I slow down my movement but still was pouring out from my rod. She was so tiered and even her hands cannot move now. Nothing different o me I am tiered and fell down to the coat. After a while she rsted on my chest. She couldn’t talk anything for the next 10 minutes. It was 12.30 then. Our process took about 2 hours. She said she cant move and she could go back only after an hour. I told I would not leave her then also. She told me that she got the peak of excitement first time.

After the pleasure I felt guilty. I feel that I was cheated the nice man. Then she told me that her husband is a very nice man, but after an operation he couldn’t satisfy the other sex fully. He didn’t want a marriage and by the completion of his friends and relatives he di it. Before the marriage, he several time want to say it to her. But can’t. He has no objection even to sex with other men by her. But she didn’t want it with his knowledge.

I very much worried the consequences by the knowledge about it by her sister Rupa. I told her that her sister in a tendering age and if she known it what will be her response. She said she never wants to know about the affair to her sister. She told me that our society would not allow these affairs and if any one knows about such relation about an unmarried girl with others, the consequences will be high. Otherwise she said she didn’t feel anything wrong if she got such a pleasure in her deserving age. She begged me that her sister never wants to know about it. I promised her that on my part I would not disclose it to anybody, and even now both of them don’t know that I used both the sisters. We embraced together and slept together for about 2 hours. At about 2.30 she went up and then also we did another short fuck. I helped her to wear her saree and blouse. This time also I used to touch her boobs and pussy. I accompanied her upto her door. I gave
her a deep kiss. She open
ed the door and I could hear the deep breath of Rupa now.

It was my first experience and it was wonderful. . The story is not full I will tell remaining in next. But wants to know your opinion. Please mail me to vijai_kkk@yahoo.com.

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