A Weekend in Reno – Pt 1

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A Weekend in Reno

Slot machines with colored flashing lights were everywhere. I watched my wife make her way across the crowded bar. She smiled when she caught me looking at her. It was hard not to. Her red slinky dress hugged her curvy body, moved with her…..Its deep neckline revealed just enough of her breasts to peak any man’s interest….not to mention how her shapely thighs were visible when the side slit in the dress gaped open. Tall and slender, with green eyes like a cat….delicate features and light brown hair that wisped around her face…..she was an attractive, sexy woman. I downed a swallow of bourbon and coke, and rested an elbow atop the bar. I watched her approach, feeling like a very lucky guy. A rush of desire shot through me as I thought about fucking her later.
She would want to drink a bit, gamble some and dance a little. We had not yet covered the entire casino, or its many entertainment offerings. Now, we were in one of seven bars, this one with a dance floor.
“Hey baby,” she said, and kissed me lightly on the lips.
I smelled her perfume as I nuzzled her ear. Something stirred within me. The music and bright lights faded into the background as she rubbed up against me and moved sensuously to the music. She was just barely humping my leg…..rubbing her pussy against me. I couldn’t resist, and slipped a hand over her ass and gave it a squeeze. I had plans for that ass later. She pulled me to the dance floor. I had already downed several drinks prior to her coming to meet me, and I was feeling no pain. Rotating lights flashed over and around the dance floor, casting rings of color over the undulating bodies beneath.
My wife, Elle, swayed her hips and pressed against me, taunting me….grinding into my crotch and backing off. The friction back and forth excited me. We moved together, seducing each other in the dance. I thought of shoving her dress up over her hips right there on the dance floor and burying my face in her snatch.
“What are you smiling about?” she asked.
“Licking your hot pussy, baby,” I answered.
“Mmmm…nice thought.” She smiled.
The music stopped and we went in search of a table. There were none, so we decided to stand near the bar. A well-dressed man, sitting at a table, motioned us over.
“Share my table with me,” he said. “There’s plenty of room.”
I looked at my wife. She shrugged. We sat down at the table.
“Name’s Judd,” he said. “You folks having a good time?”
“Be better if I’d win more than I lose,” I joked. “I’m Dale and this is my wife, Elle.”
Elle smiled at him, and I swear his face lit up. We chatted about the city for awhile; he was here on vacation just as we were. We exchanged stories and a few laughs.We ordered another round of drinks. I noticed he hardly took his eyes off Elle….or her cleavage. Suddenly, I felt territorial and put my arm around her..
“I’m going to the ladie’s room,” Elle whispered in my ear. “Be right back.”
I watched as she disappeared in the crowd, the red dress clinging to her ass as she moved. “Nice looking wife,” Judd said, slugging down his drink.
“Yes,” I replied.
“I’ll give you $500 for one night with her….. “
I was stunned, and couldn’t believe my ears. I was flattered and curious that someone would be willing to pay to screw my wife, but I thought about punching him anyway.
“No way, man.” I answered.
Judd looked straight at me. “I’m serious. She let you fuck her in the ass?”
I felt annoyed. “What kind of question is that? None of your business.”
“I’ll give you $500 to fuck your wife in the ass. You can watch…or participate…makes no difference to me.”
He was serious. I had never shared my wife with anyone, nor did I want to. I had to admit, though, the idea intrigued me. For a split second, I wondered if my wife would do it….Not unless she’s real drunk…..
I figured I’d mess with the guy. “Why fuck her in the ass?”
Judd shifted in his chair and leaned forward. “My missus won’t let me do it. Always wanted to see what it was like……”
I swallowed my bourbon and coke and ordered another. My heart beat faster as a jolt of adrenaline shot through my body. I didn’t know whether to be insulted, proud, jealous or all of the above. He was probably a crackpot anyway. Just play along with him and mess with his head…..
“So?” Judd asked.
“So, what?” I answered.
“You gonna let me fuck your wife? I want to fuck her pussy, too. Listen man, she won’t be disappointed. I got a pretty big dick.”
“Shut up, man. You’re pissing me off.”
“$1000. I’ll give you $1000 to fuck your wife.”
Now, I had to think about that. I’d lost quite a bit of money on the gaming tables, and it would be nice to go home with something in my pocket. Would Elle go for it?
About that time, I saw Elle. Would I be able to stand it, watching her get fucked by somebody else? Doubt it. But for $1000 maybe I could suffer……Would she even consider it?
Judd whipped out a wad of cash from his pocket. I nearly shit, there must have been ten thousand dollars there.
Elle walked up and hugged me. How could I even think about giving her to someone else? I tried to rationalize it. $1000 was a lot of cash for a few hours fun…it’s just sex…..
I asked her to dance….a slow number….so we were close enough to hear each other speak.
“Baby, I want you to do something for me…..”

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