A Weekend in Reno – Pt 2

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“Baby, I want you to do something for me…..”
“What?” she asked.
“I want you to flirt with Judd….maybe dance with him. He’s got the hots for you. Get him all worked up.”
“Get him worked up? Why?”
I grinned. “Just to mess with him. Come on…Baby…..just for laughs.”
Elle looked over toward the table. “I don’t know…..”
I nibbled her ear. “Do it for me, baby….”
I didn’t want to mention Judd’s offer…. Elle would kill me if she knew what I was thinking. I couldn’t believe I was even considering it….. I couldn’t watch her with anyone else, it’d piss me off…… Judd was probably bull shitting anyway and the liquor was talking.
The dance ended, and I led her back to the table. She sat between Judd and I.
I excused myself to go take a leak. When I returned to the table, Elle was laughing and smiling at something Judd said. She was glowing, as she always did when she was energetic and happy…having a good time. She seemed to like him, but would she fuck him? Judd was looking her over, touching her hand, and since I knew what he was thinking, I felt a little jealous. I ordered another round of drinks.
I was just about three sheets to the wind, and Elle was definitely not sober. She got up to dance with Judd. She wobbled a little when she walked. I watched them on the dance floor. I swallowed my annoyance when I saw him slip a hand over my wife’s ass and hold it there while he danced with her. Then he kissed her neck and she tilted her head back, enjoying the attention. I saw him slip a hand into the front of her dress, fondling her tits. I nearly came unglued and I was even more irritated because Elle allowed it…..and she was smiling….. but then again I was the one who asked her to flirt with him in the first place for my own perverse reasons. I watched Judd get turned on to my wife, and if I pushed my possessiveness out of the way, it turned me on to see her having that effect on him. My dick was getting hard.
Judd came back to the table, and Elle disappeared to the restroom.
“You thought about my offer?” Judd asked.
“My wife would never agree, and I’m not so sure I could either. I’m kind of possessive where she is concerned.”
Judd shrugged. “Too bad,” he said. “We were having so much fun. Did you ask her?”
“Hell no, ” I said.
“I’ll ask her,” said Judd. “That okay with you?”
$1000. Just a couple of hours. I hated myself for considering it, but then again….. there was a certain thrill about it.
“Elle will need convincing.” I said. “And if she agrees, I have to be there.”
He nodded. I headed toward the restrooms. When I reached the ladies room, I slipped inside. A couple of women giggled when they saw me. I raised a finger to my lips to shush them and smiled. They scooted out the door. Elle came out of a stall, smoothing her dress down. She smiled when she saw me.
“What are you doing in here?” she asked and laughed.
I put my arms around her and kissed her. “Maybe, I’m going to fuck your brains out in that stall.”
Elle glanced at the empty stall, then back at me…..a teasing smile on her face. She unzipped my pants, reached inside and took hold of my dick. I was horny, hard and grew even harder when I felt her touch me. Then she pulled her dress up over her hips, revealing a tiny little red thong. I grabbed her…a little rough I thought, but couldn’t stop myself. I shoved her into the stall, her face up against the wall. Looking at her fine ass in that red thong turned me on. I moved the thong out of the way, not caring if she was ready or not, and pushed my cock up into her pussy from behind. From this standing position, it was a tight fit, squeezing my cock between her thighs and pussy lips. I steadied myself by holding her hips and thrust upward into her, hard and fast…..rough and savage…..fucking her pussy with rapid, deep strokes.
“Fuck me, baby,” she murmured, as I slammed my hard cock into her. I punished her with my cock and the feeling was so intense I blew my load minutes later….my semen running down her thighs and dripping on the floor. I zipped my pants, smiled at the ladies entering the restroom as I left, and went back to the table while Elle cleaned herself up.

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