A Weekend in Reno – Pt 3

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When Judd spotted Elle coming our way, he stood.
“I’ll disappear for a few….give you a chance to bring it up.”
I nodded, but didn’t know what I’d say. I still wasn’t sure I wanted to, or if Elle would even go for it.
Elle gave me a long, lingering kiss when she came back. Her body felt good next to me. We made out like teenagers for five minutes….bumping…grinding…groping….. She placed her hand on my crotch and rubbed.
“Let’s do it right here, baby,” she whispered.
Now I knew she was loaded. Elle was always super horny when she had a lot to drink. I slipped a hand down the front of her dress and caressed a breast…savoring the softness of her skin. She melted into me as I touched her. I put my hand on her mound and rubbed. She sighed in pleasure. I knew just how to touch her and get the response I desired.
“Let’s go to the room,” I whispered.
“I’ve got to take care of something. Why don’t you go on up and get ready for me?.”
She nodded and left. She didn’t suspect anything. I wasn’t going to ask her….but I was going to take Judd’s $1000. I spoke to Judd and then followed my wife up to our room. When I arrived, she was already naked and lying on the bed. I wanted to fuck her right then, my dick was already growing hard again at the thought …..but knew I had to wait. I stripped off my clothes and climbed into bed beside her. I pulled her to me and began to lick her nipples, arousing them and myself into a rigid state. I felt her moist pussy against my leg…..rocking back and forth on my thigh…. exciting her…and me. I fingered her slit and felt the wetness there. Her skin was hot between her thighs. My cock was rock hard. I wanted nothing more than to bury my cock in her soft, wet pussy. I rubbed the head of my cock against her clit and teased her by just barely sticking it in her pussy then pulling out. I moved to a sitting position at the head of the bed, and told her to suck my cock. She took my cock into her warm mouth….eager….hungry for it……and tantalized me with her soft tongue…. Sucking cock turned her on and I knew it. I ran my fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked my shaft.
“Get on your knees doggie style and suck me so I can see your pussy and your tits,.” I whispered.
She complied and I saw her ample titties as they hung there, and fondled them as she swallowed my hot throbbing cock down her throat. At that moment, Judd appeared. He’d come in quietly behind me and hid in the bathroom until the time was right. He still had his shirt on, but was naked from the waist down. He stroked his hard dick as he approached.. He was built thicker than myself, but not longer. I held onto Elle as she worked my cock, and to prevent her from moving or resisting much when Judd joined in. I had no idea how she’d react. I had both hands on her head and hair as I fucked her mouth. Judd reached over and touched her wet pussy with two fingers, sticking them inside her hot hole. She was startled and looked up at me, dropping my cock out of her mouth.
“Just go with it baby. For me……”
Judd moved his fingers in and out and brought his wet, sticky fingers up over her slit. Lust consumed me as I watched his finger move over her clit. Elle trembled. She liked it. I stuck my dick back in her mouth, suddenly more turned on and excited. She started sucking hard on my cock, focusing on the head, then licking up and down ….pausing to gently suck my balls into her mouth. Judd entered her from this position, groaning as he slid his dick into her nice shaved pussy. I had a good view; I could watch the action…watch his dick separate her lips and penetrate her…. go in and out of her ….watch the tugging of her pussy lips as he moved…. See the glistening wetness on his dick…and at the same time my cock was rock hard in Elle’s mouth….. I grabbed her hair and forced her down on my dick…so I slid down her throat….I felt her gag….but soon she adjusted and I shoved my cock deep into her throat time and time again. I couldn’t take my eyes off Judd fucking her pussy….. hearing the wet squishy noises as he hammered her dripping hole…. His cock slathered with her juices…..I was very excited, but at the same time I had to push away my jealous feelings. I was proud that Judd enjoyed her so much, proud my wife had such a beautiful, fuckable cunt……but at the same time I didn’t want her to like having another man’s cock so much….. The mixture of strong emotion heightened my excitement in spite of myself.
“Let me have her pussy,” I said.
I pulled her on top of me and slid my cock into her with one rough, swift stroke all the way up to the hilt. Her warm, soft walls clenched around my shaft. She rocked back and forth, pulling on my swollen cock, the friction driving me insane. She leaned over enough for me to suckle a tit and tease her nipples….kiss her mouth… Over her shoulder I saw Judd grab her by the ass and spread her butt cheeks. He started licking her ass and rimming her asshole with his tongue, then running his tongue along the length of her ass crack…..getting her backside good and wet. From the way she quivered, she liked it…. She was so into fucking my hard cock in her pussy, she didn’t resist.
I held her still on top of me, her chest to mine, and continued to thrust into her, but slower. This raised her ass up where Judd could reach it better. I grabbed her ass and held her cheeks apart for him. She flinched when he first entered her.
“No…Too big….hurts,” she moaned.
She tried to move away from the cock about to impale her ass, but I held her in place….kissed her and watched…. Judd really had a thick, bulging cock, and I wanted to see my wife take it all……to submit…..I don’t know why, but I took a perverse sort of pleasure from this…….
I watched as Judd worked his thick cock into her ass, stretching her ass apart….. she struggled to move…..he was only a few inches inside her, but I held her fast. I felt her pussy squeeze around my cock as she tightened up. It was erotic and fascinating to watch her absorb this big cock, to see her asshole get opened that much…. She was used to my cock, not as big in girth..but longer, and this strange thick shaft was invading her ass…stretching it more than she was accustomed. To know she had two cocks inside her…. I was insanely turned on and burned with lust.
Judd shoved his cock in another inch and she cried out. I silenced her with another kiss, my tongue in her mouth. She could hardly move with a dick in her ass and one in her cunt.
“4 more inches to go darlin’…..I’m gonna tear your ass up.” He said.
Something hot and nasty and primitive came over me. I wanted to see him bury the rest of his dick up her ass. My cock was throbbing and it was all I could do not to cum.
“Cram that mother fucker up her ass,” I said. “Make her scream. Fuck her hard.”
Judd was getting off on the sensation, and the deeper he penetrated her ass, the more he enjoyed it. I saw it in his face, and felt it when he started ramming harder into Elle’s ass. Elle moaned and winced.
“Please stop…” she whispered.
Then all at once, Judd rammed his cock in…. She screamed. I covered her mouth. It had to hurt, maybe even tore her some….. we lay still for a moment…then Judd started stroking in and out of her ass…. I felt her relax…submit…… I thrust upward deep into her….soon she was getting into it…enjoying both of her holes crammed full of cock. Her tits bounced wildly as Judd fucked her ass,…. I grabbed one and sucked hard on the nipple, eliciting another groan of delight from her. I sucked hard on the other, leaving a purple mark. I squeezed them…I pinched her nipples….. I sucked her tits hard and left marks on her soft skin…..Judd was really shoving it into her and it was hard to keep rhythm, so I lay there with my cock in her pussy…feeling her warmth around me…..feeling her vaginal walls contract…..smelling the sweet aroma of her steamy cunt…listenin
g to Judd’s balls slapping her ass….I reached down a
nd played with her clit…rubbing the little nub with my finger. I felt her quiver. …. Her breath coming faster….I sucked her tit…..pulling on it …drawing as much of her into my mouth as I could manage….all the while stroking her clit…. She cried out as her orgasm overtook her…I felt the spasms around my cock….and the quivering of her clit…..
“What a nice fucking ass,” Judd said. “How does it feel to have a big, thick cock up your ass, honey?”
It didn’t take much longer for Judd to climax. He groaned, yanked his dick out of her and shot his semen all over her backside.
Now it was my turn. I turned Elle over onto her back and started fucking her. Her eyes were dark, passionate orbs that captivated me when she looked me in the eye. There was something intimate about fucking this way, really looking at each other……Her pussy was really wet and she matched my thrusts with her own….allowing me to plunge deep into her…. I knew Judd was watching, probably whacking off… but I didn’t care. I wanted to “mark” my territory… to reclaim what was mine. Something competitive overcame me. I pushed her legs up, her ankles over her shoulders. I shoved my cock in with swift hard strokes, bringing gasps of enjoyment and surrender from Elle. I suddenly shuddered and filled her hot cunt with my cum. She touched my face and closed her eyes. Passed out I think.
Judd dropped a grand on the nightstand. He was dressed.
“Thanks for the ride,” he said. “Tight stuff. Gotta get my wife to do that.”
I locked the door behind him when he left, and climbed into bed with Elle. She was fast asleep. I wondered what she would remember. Now that it was just the two of us, I wondered if she would forgive me if she did remember….. I’d have to give her some sort of explanation….. This had been a new experience. I was a thousand dollars richer, but I was a little angry at myself. I looked at the pile of hundred dollar bills on the nightstand. I’d get over it…..

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    Very hot stories. I loved them.

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