A widow and a widower by Screw3

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It had started to snow when we left the theater. We had just seen a college version of Pajama Game. Rebecca, Becky for short, and I had been going out for about a month. We had met at a Widow and Widowers club about three months ago. It had taken me almost two months to ask her out. Becky had laughed, “If you hadn’t I was just trying to get up the nerve to ask you.”
I took that for a yes and we had gone to a movie and dinner. We then went out two weeks later and this dinner and play had been our third date. I took her house and went in for the ritual cup of coffee before I drove home. She added some Bailey’s to the coffee and that was fine. We were about halfway through the cup when she refilled both cups, mostly with a little Bailey’s and some Bushmill. “I’ll be right back,” she said. “You can use the one in the hall if you need to.”
I did and was back in the kitchen. “Bill, bring the coffee here to the living room.”
When I walked into the cozy living room I almost dropped the two cups. She was wearing only a green teddy that set off her red hair and green eyes. I felt an erection rising and rubbing against my slacks. I put the cups down, pulled her to her feet and gave her the most passionate kiss we had shared till then.
“Bill, I guess that you aren’t angry that I was this forward. I was afraid you would never make a move.”
“Shush.” I took her into my arms again and put my hands on her butt, my tongue in her mouth. Becky opened my belt buckle and my pants fell down then she went to her knees and took my dick into her mouth. I still don’t remember getting her out of that teddy, but I did. I aised her to her feet and layed her down on the couch. I started to lick her all over. She had my dick in her hand and I figured she was afraid that I would become soft if she let go. There was no chance of that happening. My tongue finally reached between her legs. My hands separated the labia and my tongue began massaging her clit. When I felt her juices on my tongue I replaced my tongue with the head of my dick.
“Yes, Bill now, take me take me hard.”
So I did. We have repeated this many times in the past few months. I am still wondering if this is real or just an adventure. I think that I better make up my mind soon or she may end this. She may be having the same thoughts

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