A Wife's Revenge by Rick

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I was spending a quiet Friday night in my apartment reading a new Jack Higgins book . The phone rang at 8 P.M. Hello this is Rick I said . This is betty and she told me her last name . Hello I said I remember you I did a video of you and your husband about a year ago . You’re the brunette with very short hair and big brown eyes . Yes that’s me she said do you have a copy of our tape ? No I said I don’t keep copies you have the original and the final cut I can make copies if you’d like me to . No she said I’ve split from my husband and I wanted to send a copy of the tape to his new girl friend . He took the tapes with him . Sorry I said but I can’t help. Would you make a new tape for me ? Sure I said that would be no problem . Just tell me when and where and I’ll bring my cameras along . She said would you mind if I had more than one guy while you tape ? No I said that’s ok with me . I may invite a girl friend to join us to and I would like to have you join in as well . Really ? I said that would be fine with me . Should I bring along a woman as well ?
Yes! She said that would be great . She isn’t good looking but she has always wanted to join in an orgy . That would be OK with me Betty said . We arranged a time and to meet in her house because she want to piss her husband off . I called June the skinny ugly lady that I wrote about a few weeks ago here in fantasies . I invited her to the orgy which was going to take place the following Saturday . Awesome ! She said but I’m horny right now. Can I come over ? Of course I said . She giggled like someone much younger than her 55 years . She was ringing my door bell fifteen minutes later . I let her in her face was as unattractive as ever . The nose was to big and not centered . Her eyes were small and hooded . Her lips were so thin as to be invisible . Her chin was way to big and she had no neck to speak of . But she was a great piece of ass . She had the usual cigarette in her mouth and was dressed like she was color blind . We went up to my apartment and she was all over me. She took off her dress she had no underwear on and her little tits were standing up . I licked her nipples and she moaned . She pulled my pants down and started to suck on my cock . I was hard in no time . I picked her up and put her on the sofa I put on a condom and lubed it and her pussy and fucked her hard until I came and went limp. She was smoking all the while and after I cleaned myself up I offered her a drink . She took a scotch and water over ice . I poured myself a single malt straight up . I sat down and she smiled and drank her scotch and water like it was just water . No water this time she said and handed me the glass . I poured her another drink and put the bottle on the table next to her . Help yourself I said . I will she said and giggled . Her nipples were still hard and she had obviously had a drink or two before she came over . I hope you didn’t drive here like that I said . No I had my girl friend drive me over . I was eating her pussy when you called she said but I like cock better than pussy. Well you should have invited her to come up and join us I said . I did but she doesn’t like men . To bad I said . June said let me call her she only lives down the street from here maybe you can talk her into it . Sure I said . She called her friend . Dorothy she said I’m at Rick’s and he said that you should come over and we can have some fun . Here he is you ask him June said and handed me the phone . Hello I said why not come over and join us I won’t hurt you . Dorothy had a mellow deep voice for a woman. I don’t like men much she said . Well I said lets have a pussy eating contest first June will eat you out then I will and you can be the judge who is the best at it . Well maybe she said . I’ll tell you what I said if you want me to I’ll make a video tape of you and June I usually charge $150 to make a tape . You do ? Yep it’s a side business and since you are a friend of June’s I’ll do it for free . Well I don’t know I’ve never done anything like that before and I’m a bit over weight not like June. A BBW !! I said I love BBWS . You know that term ? Of course I’ve been a chubby chaser all my life . I even have some BBW porno tapes . Have you ever seen the life in the fat lane series? Yes she said I’ll be right over . Ok I said the door is unlocked come on up . I’ll be right there Dorothy said and hung up . What If I don’t want to be taped June asked . Then I just won’t show your face I said . I didn’t know you taped people June said . I sure do it’s a pretty good side business I said . I’ll be taping the orgy next weekend . I’m horny again June said and poured herself her fourth drink . She was pretty well smashed by this time . Dorothy came up the stairs . Oh My God she said . You two are naked . Yep I said wait a second I’ll get the camcorder and a tripod . Not now Dorothy said . How did you get here so fast I asked? I only live three houses down. She was at least 5’11” and must have weighed at least 375 pounds . I remember you live in the green house . Yes she said how did you know ? I saw you getting in and out of that little purple car of yours . I love to see that big ass of yours in the blue dress with the white trim. Her face turned bright red . You really do like big women . Yes I said . Then why are you fucking June for . It’s a long story I said , June can tell you sometime. I opened the door to a cabinet and took out a life in the fat lane tape and played it .
Dorothy was watching it as June ate her pussy and I ate Junes . Dorothy came and June stopped. Beat that she said . No problem I said and started to lick and finger Dorothy . She was already hot and came several times before I stopped . June was smoking again and said so who was better ? June was on the verge of passing out . She took another drink of scotch. Dorothy said he was sorry June . June took another long pull on her scotch and sat down and passed out . I said sorry but she has a bit of a drinking problem .
Dorothy said I know . There was a big redheaded lady sucking on a bikers cock on the tape and Dorothy was fascinated by the scene . Then the biker was sucking on her huge tits. I need some attention Dorothy said so I started to lick on her nipples and finger her . She came and I kneeled down and ate her until she came again . Fuck me she said I haven’t been fucked in years . I put a condom on and lubed it and fucked her slowly and she was in heaven . I love it she said . Fuck me harder ! I did the Viagra that I took before June came over was helping now and I fucked Dorothy until we both came and I went limp. Thank you she said I needed that . Tell you what June and I are going to an orgy next weekend and I’m going to tape it you can come along if you like . I think I will she said . Great I said . Dorothy got dresses and left . I picked up June and put her in the bed she was out for the night.
The next Saturday June and Dorothy and I went to Betty’s home and set up the cameras . There were already eight other people there . The orgy had already started so once the camcorders were set up we joined in. Betty was sucking one guy’s cock while another was fucking her . There were other couples in the den fucking and sucking . Dorothy and June stripped and started to play with each other. I stripped and took my hand held camcorder and got a close up of Betty sucking the guy’s cock . I’m coming he said and Betty let him cum in her mouth with cum dripping down her chin. She smiled for the camera . How’s that dear she said . Hey Rick let me suck on that and she took my cock in her mouth . I held the camcorder so you could see her sucking me off . I came in her mouth to . Then I moved over and took a close up of the guy fucking her pussy . Stick it in my ass she said and he did. Another very skinny guy with a big cock said let’s make it a DP. Betty said yes lets ! He and the guy in her ass maneuvered around until they could get comfortable with one in her ass and one in her pussy . She was screaming with pleasure . The guy in her ass came first and then the guy in her pussy came . There was cum all over her ass and her pussy . June came over drunk as usual and started to eat her pussy then Dorothy started to eat June’s pussy . Come here Betty said and Dorothy went and let Betty eat her pussy I was moving around getting close ups of Betty fucking and sucking everyone she could . Betty said Rick fuck my ass while I eat Dorothy and June eats me . I put the camcorder down and one of the other guys picked it up . I put on a condom and lubed up Betty’s ass and moved around so I could fuck her ass while June ate her pussy.
It was a great orgy ! Lots of fucking and sucking. the final scene when I put all the tapes together was four guys coming on Betty’s face . How’s that Bill she said call me cold you ass hole . I mailed the tape to Bill but never got a response from him.

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