A Workman Met My Needs

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A Workman Met My Need

I knew when I started this that it was wrong but as usual, my pussy overrode my common sense. I am a 62-year-old woman. My breasts have started sagging and my pussy hair is turning gray but my tummy is flat and I work to keep my muscles toned up. I also must mention that I like to fuck. Always have. My husband Bob knows this and for the last 5 years has given up and let me do what I want with whomever I want. Of course, this allows him to have an occasional piece of strange ass.

Bob had contracted with a company to put aluminum siding on the house. On the day the work was to begin the doorbell rang and standing there were two men. A short, muscular man close to my age introduced himself as Bennie. He introduced his younger helper but I could not remember the name. The men started to work on the house and I did not pay them a lot of attention. On the third afternoon, I went out to take the men something cold to drink. Bennie was working up on a scaffold and when I raised my eyes, I was looking straight up his cut off shorts and at his underwear. For some reason this sent a shot directly to my pussy. I gave the fellows their drinks and went back into the house but my mind was now working on how I was going to get Bennie’s cock inside me.

The next day I stepped out of the shower. My bedroom door was closed and I thought nothing of going on into the bedroom to dry off. As I was rubbing my hair dry I looked at the window. That was where Bennie was working and he was looking directly at my naked body. Instinct caused me to turn but then my pussy took over and I turned back directly to the window. I slowly dried my breasts rubbing each one more than was needed. Then I spread my legs and slowly ran the towel between them. Bennie had given up the pretense of working and gave me his undivided attention.

After I dried my self off, I went over to the bed and lay down on my back. My legs were spread and I started rubbing my clit as if I was masturbating. Bennie stood up on the ladder he was on which brought his shorts even with the window. He began rubbing his prick through his pants and I could soon see the head of his dick showing out the bottom of his shorts.

I got off the bed, put on my robe and went to the back door. As I stepped into the back yard I saw Bennie had come down from the ladder and was giving directions to his helper. I called Bennie over and asked him if he could help me with something inside the house. Of course, he said he would and told his helper that he would be back in a few minutes. There was no question of what we were going to do but I had to figure out where to do it. I led Bennie to a front bedroom away from the side of the house where they were working. I really didn’t want his helper watching us. As soon as we got into the bedroom Bennie untied the sash of my robe and pushed it off my shoulders. He pulled me to him and put his open mouth on mine our tongues searching for the others. His right hand went to my breast and then down my body until he was working his fingers between the lips of my pussy. His fingers found my wet hole and sank in up to the knuckle. I began moving back toward the bed until my legs met the edge and I fell backward. Bennie stood and peeled off his sweat-wet tee shirt. Then he dropped his shorts and his Jockey shorts. His cock was not very long but it was thick. We both knew that we were ready and with my legs still dangling off the bed Bennie laid across me and directed his cock into my pussy. We fucked like that for a few minutes then I pushed up on his shoulders. He moved back from me and I got up on my knees. Bennie moved behind me and quickly thrust his thick stubby cock back into my hole. Without a word we fucked with a hunger that we thought would never be filled. Then my body came alive and I began to cum. Sensing the end was coming near, Bennie began pushing even harder. His balls were slapping against my pussy as his cock work vigorously in and out. Bennie grabbed my hips pulling me closer so he could get his cock as deep as possible and then he began to spurt his seed into me.

As Bennie was pulling his shorts back on it occurred to me that since he came into the house we had not spoken a word to each other. We just set about doing what was natural and words were not necessary. I walked up to him and planted a sweet kiss on his lips.

“Thanks for the fuck my friend, it was great.”

“Anytime my-lady. My cock is yours to command” he said with a laugh and then left the room.

Bennie and I screwed two more times before the house was finished. Never saw him again but I will remember his stubby cock forever.

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