Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee – P

Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee – Part 3

Two weeks later, when the soreness and bruising had gone, I decided to try out my new found membership of this unusual Club. I had been told that there were only two rules to remember: one – you must accede to any request of another member, without question; two you can ask anything of any member and they must agree. With some excitement, I went to the Club and, after passing the two bouncers, who both smiled knowingly at me, I entered the Club. I met the Manager, and he asked what my desire was. “I want to suck the cock of every man in the Club tonight” I said with more courage than I felt. “Certainly” he said, “there are currently eighteen men on the premises, I will arrange for them to be available for you. My request is that you do this while sitting on my cock”. I was taken aback by this but thought that one fuck couldn’t do me much harm. We went through to a large room with a big bed in the middle. The Manager stripped off his clothes, and lay on the bed, his cock almost instantly erect and solid. It was as big as I remembered it and looked ready for some serious action. I also stripped and he told me to get astride him, facing towards his feet. I straddled his hips and started to lower my arse towards his cock, when he stopped me briefly, and applied some lubricant cream to my arse hole, to make his entry less painful for me, and easier for his rod of meat. I then backed my puckered hole towards his swollen cock head, and gasped when he first pressed it against the entrance and the muscles surrendered to his inevitable penetration. The pain quickly subsided and he drew my hips back towards him so that his shaft fully entered my bowels. He then started to fuck me with slow languorous movements of his hips, lifting me bodily off the bed with each renewed thrust. He maintained this slow fucking, while I watched several men entering the room, watching the action and slowly stripping off their clothes. I was sure that these were the men that I would be sucking in due course. He delved deep into my rectum with his hard cock, sustaining himself magnificently for a good ten minutes, and finally he speeded up his fucking until I felt his muscles swell and a shot of hot sperm start to fill my guts as he finally came inside me. When he had finished, I started to move forward, to get off him, but he held me firmly in position and said “No! Stay where you are. I want my cock to remain inside you while you suck these cocks. Then I might fuck you again.” The thought of feeling his cock growing hard inside me was exciting, so I rested back and left his shrinking cock inside me, holding on to it with the muscles of my anal sphincter.

“Watch the screen” he said, and I looked up at the wall and saw a large screen start to flicker as a film was about to be shown. The first man walked over, holding his stiff cock in one hand and aiming it straight for my waiting mouth. As he got close, the film started and I got excited at the thought of watching a blue movie while taking part in sex. I took him into my mouth and started to roll my tongue round his knob, licking the ridges and tasting his pre-cum like it was honey. As I moved my head forward to take more of him into my hot mouth and throat, the Manager patted my backside and pointed at the screen. I glanced up and was horrified to see, as clear as a Hollywood movie, myself standing naked in a small room, being joined by the two doormen. The scene played out before my eyes and I saw myself start to suck the big cock of the white doorman while the black one watched on. My memories of sucking that big hard cock came flooding back and I sucked on the cock actually in my mouth with renewed enthusiasm. The action on the film reflected the action in my mouth, and the two scenes melted into one in my mind. The man I was sucking stroked my hair and I felt him shoot his cum juice into my throat at about the same time as the man in the film. He withdrew and, as if on cue, the man in the film started sucking a big thick black cock at the same time as I started to suck the second cock that was presented to me. I repeated my sucking technique, licking the shaft, sucking his balls, playing my tongue over the most sensitive parts of his erect penis. My throat took his head while my tongue lashed his meat and my head bobbed up and down on another glorious cock. The black man in the film was receiving similar treatment, and I found myself getting hotter and wetter as this double show progressed. They both came at once, the man in the film and the man in my mouth and he loosed his cum into my stomach with a groan of satisfaction. He withdrew and the next man stood waiting for my mouth to envelop his rod of lust.

I watched, awestruck as I saw myself walk through a door and the picture changed to show my backside jiggling as a walked towards the manager in another room. The picture now was coming from the door with the mirror on and I was fascinated to see myself standing naked before the very man whose cock was still inside me. Another cock was placed in my mouth and I sucked on it absent-mindedly until I saw myself draped over the spanking bench and heard the loud ‘whack!’ of the first of twenty five painful strokes to my elevated buttocks. The memory of the stinging heat, the tingling pain and the joyous feeling of sexual arousal combined to help me concentrate more eagerly on the cock I was sucking. I focussed my mouth on the needs of the owner of this cock, while enjoying a re-living every moment of my heavy spanking my the Manager. As I watched, I could feel his cock in my anus starting to stir, growing thicker as it throbbed inside me. The sucking went on until the man finally shot his load into my mouth and I swallowed all of it greedily. He stroked my face and smiled, but I was engrossed in the action on the screen. My spanking was just coming to an end, and I could see my ‘end’ glowing bright pink from the beating I had seen and listened to. The next cock was huge and black, and I stretched my mouth wide to take him all in. At the same time, I saw myself starting to suck the cock of the Manager on film, the same cock that stirred and swelled up inside my rectum. The black cock I sucked on was hard as steel, and a good five inches round. I couldn’t get him into my throat without choking, so I concentrated on his knob, licking and nibbling at it, licking the great length of his shaft and sucking his balls, and working my hand up and down to bring him closer to climax. The sucking on the screen finally came to an end with the Manager’s juice spilling into my mouth, and the black cock simultaneously released his massive cum into my mouth and it ran down my throat. I had noticed that the picture on screen changed to different angles, and it occurred to me that there must have been more than one or two cameras in operation in the room. The black man moved away, muttering his thanks for a great blow job, and I watched myself on screen walking, pink buttocks swaying, towards another door.

The ‘me’ on screen was then shown walking away from the camera in the next room, towards the twins. They looked beautiful and strong standing there, and I absently took another cock into my mouth and began sucking it. As I worked harder on the cock with my lips, tongue and whole mouth, I watched as I was strapped to the bed and the beating started. I wriggled as I felt the Manager’s cock harder some more, the excitement of the second spanking making me greedy for another one. The cock I was sucking responded to my efforts, and I quickly brought him to shoot his sperm into my mouth for me to swallow. The final drop of cum slipped onto my tongue just as the final ‘whack!’ of the fifty blows from the twins landed, and I winced at the memory of the exquisite pain I had felt. The next cock was presented to me for my attention. I watched one twin enter my arse while two cocks entered my mouth – one on film and one in reality. The Manager’s cock in my anus throbbed with firmness and strength, making the image I was
watching on scree
n seem even more real to me, while the cock I was sucking plunged in and out of my mouth as he thrust his hips forwards and backwards. It is so erotic to watch yourself being double fucked on screen while feeling the same happening to you at that time! I rubbed my hips and arse on the Manager’s crotch while sucking avidly on the cock in my mouth, smelling the musky sweat of the mans groin as I did so. As the tandem fuck on screen ended, so did the man in my mouth. However, the Manager was in complete control of his cock, and he let me ride it and titillate myself without even coming close to completing his own pleasure – at least not just yet!

As I watched myself and my crimson and bruised backside moving towards the Committee room door, I increased my excitement and expectation to see the final part of my membership application. Sure enough, I caught another shot of my deep red arse moving away from the door and walking towards the single man illuminated in the room. I had to admire how sexy my arse looks, especially with the recent marks of a very severe beating and the provocative wriggle I manage as I walk. The next cock is pushed into my mouth and I am temporarily shocked because I was so engrossed in the film. I start work on him and make great play of licking and nuzzling his balls before riding my tongue along his shaft and carefully sliding his helmet over my lips and onto my tongue. I take him all the way in, letting his knob run over my tongue and into the top of my throat. I hear him groan and I work hard on him, but he’s not ready to come yet. We both watch me getting my first ten strokes from the Chairman bent over the A frame, the globes of my buttocks bouncing and shuddering under the power of each stroke. The mark left by the slipper is quickly covered by the next blow, and I was fascinated as my arse turns different colours under this treatment. I suck harder, and when the last blow lands on my battered buttocks, the man shoots his cum into my mouth. Some of it dribbles out and down my chin. I lick my tongue to catch some of it, but the rest just stays there, white and creamy on my jaw line. I watch enthralled as the Chairman, from a different camera angle, pushes his hard cock into my waiting hole and starts to fuck me. As his entry is completed and I feel myself squeeze my anal muscles on the Manager’s cock still growing and straining inside me, another cock is pushed at my face. I take hold of it with one hand and start to kiss and lick the hole in the knob, run my tongue round the tender skin of his phallus, lick both his balls and take them, one at a time, into my mouth. I suck lightly on them while playing with his shaft. I watch the Chairman rutting into me on film and then move my mouth up to take his cock head into my warm mouth. I bring him to his climax at the same time as the Chairman shoots his load on film, and I can almost taste both lots of cum as I swallow hard.

The next cock is semi-hard when I first see it, but after a few seconds of my treatment, he hardens and stands proud and erect, swelling and growing to an impressive size. I suck him while I watch my second tormentor holding my arms above my head, me standing on tip toe while he lashed my backside with the two foot ruler. The glorious sting and pain comes flooding back into my mind and I realise that I am working frantically on the cock in my mouth. He quickly comes and I swallow hard, hoping to get the next cock in my mouth in time for the seated fucking I know is coming on film. When I see myself squatting down onto the cock on the film, I realise that I am in almost the same position at the moment with the Manager, but he doesn’t take his cue to start the real fucking yet. He is happy to leave his swollen cock inside me, teasing and tantalising me while I watch an identical fucking begin on screen. As I watched the Asian man on screen walk up and push his cock into my mouth, a real cock entered my open mouth. I briefly looked up and recognised the man I was sucking. It was the same Asian man! This helped me to concentrate harder as I could relate the action on film with what was actually happening in my mouth, but this time he would come in my mouth rather than saving it for the next action on film. The fucking on film continued while I lapped and suck at this man’s lovely cock, the taste of his skin, while still musky, seemed scented by spices reminiscent of eastern promise! He came his juice into my mouth as the man on film lifted his hips in the throes of his own climax, and they finished together.

On film I watched the man I had just sucked to satisfaction walking me over to the bed, laying me down and raising my legs to expose my deep red and marked backside. His wielding of the tawse was exhilarating to watch, and the painful memories made me swoon with delight. Another cock was inserted into my mouth, but this time I did not recognise the man. I sucked him hard, enjoying the spanking on film as much as he seemed to be. With the last lash of the tawse, I watched the Asian man on film arranging my body as he had done for the monumental fucking that followed. My legs were high in the air, and he was between them fucking me deep and long from the front. The cock in my arse swelled and throbbed in appreciation of what was happening on film, but still showed no signs of starting the second promised fuck. The man in my mouth was also enjoying the film, and tried to match the rhythm and speed of the Asian man’s fucking of me. He almost made it, but the Asian man’s fucking had been a masterpiece, and when the cock in my mouth finally surrendered its sperm into my throat, the Asian man still had another two or three minutes of decent fucking left in him. When the celluloid fucking ended, another cock had already been pushed into my mouth. Hard and warm, but not over big, I sucked on it lovingly, while I watched the vicious man who lashed my backside with such venom before raping me. I didn’t see the point in his violent abuse of me, other than possibly some inadequacy on his part, and while I would have been willing for him to fuck me as the others had, the pain and humiliation of his treatment of me was still fresh in my mind. My attention was directed more onto the man in my mouth, and the rape was quickly over on the film. I brought the man to climax as I was joined on the bed in the film by the older man.

He hand spanked me before climbing onto my prone body, and his fuck looked much more tender and acceptable. While this was taking place on film, a man had placed himself near to me but had not given me his cock to suck. He waited until the next scene in the film, when I raised my backside high in the air for a lashing with the paddle. The sound on the heavy paddle whacking my flesh, the florid look of my skin under this punishment, the reaction of my prostate body to his treatment all combined to make me squirm with delight. The Manager’s cock was still hard inside me, and the man standing by me then pushed his cock into my mouth. Clearly he had been waiting for this scene to start, and I began to wonder how many members had already witnessed my treatment at the Club. I sucked greedily on his shaft, timing my plunge onto his cock to bring him into my throat with the sounds of the paddle landing on my inflamed buttocks. When the spanking ended and the fucking began on film, I made my sucking motion compete with the fucking I was receiving on the screen. Sure enough, when the climax was reached, they happened together, and my mouth felt the taste of another man’s sperm to correspond with the ejaculation on film.

Another cock quickly replaced the one I had just finished. And I sucked away while watching myself being taken to a chair and draped over the next man’s knee on the screen. The leather strap he held looked terrifying, and when he started the spanking, I could almost feel the burning pain of each blow. The cock in my mouth slithered over my lips and tongue, and I found myself drooling with moisture. When the beating ended, the man in my mouth was still hard and waiting for me to
pleasure him. The fu
cking on film, with me astride the man on the chair was as graphic as it could have been. Close ups of my stretched and wet anus, and his thick cock plunging in and out of it were displayed on the large screen for all, including me, to see. It was such a turn on I almost came myself! I sucked hard and fast, and as the man on screen finally released his load inside me, the man in my mouth obliged me the same.

Another cock was pressed into my mouth, stretching my cheeks with its size. On screen, I was again draped over the A frame, and a beating with the paddle began. The pain still fresh in my mind, I started sucking hard on the huge cock in my mouth, almost losing track of time. The spanking on film ended, and the rough fucking I then received began. I still sucked hard, and the man whose prick I waqs working on reacted with a grunt and gripper my head in his hands, fucking my mouth as hard as the man on film was fucking my arse. They both came together and I was almost relieved to see him walk away, such was the ferocity of the face fuck I had had to give him.

The next cock was slipped easily into my mouth while on film I watched myself getting into position on the floor on all fours. I saw myself look at the camera and for a moment I was staring into my own eyes, excited by the vision of my red raw backside, and the treatment I was receiving at the hands (and cocks) of all these studs. I sucked automatically on the cock before me while I watched the ruler lashing and crashing across my ravaged buttocks. The flesh jumped and bounced with each blow, and I could almost hear the cries in my mind, feel the pain in my ass. When the beating was over and he took me to the bed, lying me on my back, I watched him spread my legs and the camera got a perfect shot of my anus, weakened and loose from so much fucking, dribbles of creamy cum slithering out before the man on film slid his rigid ole into me and started to fuck me with meaning and energy. I sucked helplessly of the cock in my mouth while I witnessed this latest fucking and my mind whirled in delirious recollection. The man in my mouth came, it was over before I realised it so engrossed was I in watching the fucking I was getting on screen.

When my screen lover had finished, and I was placed in position by the tenth man over the bed, my heart skipped a beat. I could remember plainly the exquisite pain, the tingling and burning of each blow that he landed, with expert precision on my blistered butt. I could remember even more clearly the tremendous fuck that he gave me afterwards, lifting me with his cock onto the bed, across it, and the unbelievable position I ended up in with my head on the floor, my legs in the air and his deeply entrenched inside my anus. I remember too the fabulous orgasm I enjoyed as he reached his own. I felt a cock pushed into my mouth as I mused the final screen banging I was about to witness. I started to suck headily, working my lips and tongue, my jaw muscles and throat on the hard cock in my mouth. I managed to glance round the room, and this man seemed to be the last one for me to suck. I was almost grateful, as my jaw was aching something terrible. As the scene on film unfolded, and I counted each severe, raw blow on my damaged and crimson buttocks, I felt the manager’s cock swell a little more, and I became aware of him starting to sit up and wrap an arm round my stomach. His cock was hard and throbbing inside my anus, and I felt his head on my shoulder as he watched alternately the film of the man now starting to fuck me across the bed, and me actually sucking the rigid cock to its final orgasm.

As the man in my mouth ended, the Manager tipped me forward so that I was face down on the bed, but my hips were raised off the bed making my anus all the more open to his attentions. I watched the mighty fucking taking place on screen, while the Manager gave me one equal to it, if not better! He fucked me with long, penetrating strokes, short sharp plunges, quick banging, slapping his pelvis into my buttocks making a loud slapping sound to mingle with the wet slurping of his cock as it plundered into and out of my ass. He pushed in and held me there, impaled on his throbbing cock, before slowly drawing out only to thrust back in to the hilt, pressing me deeper into the bed. He lifted my hips towards his cock and played with my hole using his cock and fingers as twin sources of torment. He thrust in and out with military precision, making my head swim. He brought himself and me so close to orgasm before deftly bringing us both back for more penetrating action. He rolled me over and entered me from the front, lifting my hips in his hands, gripping my buttocks and raising me to him as he again and again thrust deep into my bowels. He held my ankles with both hands and pushed the back towards my head, raising my hips off the bed and enabling his cock to explore unhindered deep into my waiting cavity. He rolled me back onto my stomach and jammed his rock hard cock in the waiting hole again, meeting no resistance from by stretched and weary anus. After about half and hour of this type of action, I though I would pass out with frantic pleasure. He sensed this, and started to fuck me hard and fast, beating time on my buttocks with his hips as his cock plundered my anus repeatedly. Finally I felt him swell even more inside me, his breathing became heavy and he started to groan. He stiffened and I felt his stay rigid while his cock emptied shot after shot of hot juicy cum cream into my bowels. The burning of his hot cum on my intestines was luxurious, and I could feel my own orgasm approaching, unstoppable. I felt him repeatedly spurt inside me until he was finally spent. The he pulled out and rolled off me, panting and gasping for air. I lay alongside him, equally exhausted, and after some minutes I glanced across at him. He was looking at me and he smiled. “I think you are going to do well in our Club,” he said, “very well indeed. I think you will be very popular.” I hoped so, as I believed that this was the best Club I could have hoped to be accepted into.

To be continued

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