Adventures in Jennifer's World ch. 7

Chapter 7: Eric’ Discovery

Evenings were Eric’s favorite time of the day. The smells of the restaurant next to his office would increase, as more customers would pour in to sample the Italian fare there. It always made him hungry.

He looked down at the account he was working on, and sighed. It was the account of a flower shop, and the owner decided to use a professional CPA firm to handle their books. They were in a mess! He had to track numerous transactions and adjust them to put the money in the correct accounts. He was only half finished, and it needed to be done by the end of the week. He figured that the four days would be enough time to fix it.

6:30 rolled around, and Eric put away the ledger and closed shop for the night. He told Sherry, his secretary to knock off and go home. Sherry was a nice girl. She was about 5’4″, with brown hair and eyes, with thick glasses and a beautiful face. She was slender, and her chest was modest. She was a whiz at keeping him on schedule, and she always made sure that he was on time for any meeting with his clients.

“I think she’s due for a raise,” he said to himself as he watched her go out the door. “Ill check on it tomorrow.

Eric collected his coat and briefcase. He took one last look around to make sure everything was put away, and left.

He decided to take a small walk before going home. The day had been stressful, and he wanted to clear his head before he saw Angela and Jennifer. He sighed. Anytime he thought of either of those two women he would get a hard-on. Indeed, it was happening, and Eric sighed at the inevitability of it. Ever since he and Angela moved here in late June he had been one big hard-on. Those two were enough to drive a man insane from just their looks!

Eric had not been paying attention to his surroundings when he rounded the corner into the underground parking garage, and he slammed into someone. The force knocked over the other person. It was Sherry.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Eric said to her. “I wasn’t paying attention! Are you all right?”

“Yes,” Sherry said as he helped her to her feet. “No harm done.”

Eric looked at her appraisingly as he helped her up. She was wearing a tan skirt that just came down to mid-thigh, and her blouse was somewhat tight. Her panties flashed for a moment from between her legs as she struggled to get up.

“Where were you going?” Eric asked.

“I was heading home,” she said. “My car decided not to work, so I took the bus. Well, the last one left a half hour ago, so I decided to walk it.”

“Where do you live?”

“Over on State Street, about three miles from here.”

“That’s a good sized walk! Would you like a ride home?”

Sherry considered for a moment. “OK,” she finally said. “Thanks. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem,” Eric said, “it’s right on my way home.”

“Oh, that’s good. I didn’t want to put you out”

Eric led her over to his car, and opened the door for her. She backed in, and then swung her legs in. This movement hiked her skirt up a bit. She appeared not to notice. He closed the door and got in on the driver’s side.

The traffic looked light as Eric pulled out on to the road. Sherry had rolled down the window and was enjoying the breeze. Eric looked over and saw that the air had made sherry’s nipples to harden, pushing against the fabric of her bra and blouse. Her eyes were closed, and she was smiling at the feeling of the breeze on her face and body. He saw her hands were smoothing the fabric of her blouse, and then they were heading for her thighs.

Eric tore his eyes away from the sight and paid attention to the traffic. All he needed was to have an accident. His secretary was distracting him with her movements.

In no time, he found State Street and turned left, following Sherry’s directions. She pointed to her house, and Eric pulled into the driveway. Eric shifted into park.

“Thank you for the ride, boss,” Sherry said, smiling.

“Anytime,” he said. “Look, you have my cell number. Call me if you need a ride tomorrow morning.”

“I will.” She was getting out, then stopped. “Eric, would you like to come in for a drink? I mean, it’s the least I could do to repay you.”

Eric’s mind went into overdrive. “I guess I could use something to drink,” he said.

“Great! Come on, then.”

Eric turned off the car and got out. He followed behind Sherry to her front door, enjoying the sight of her swaying hips as she moved. She got to the door and unlocked it. She then opened the door and motioned for him to come inside.

Sherry’s home was modest. The front door opened on to the living room. A breakfast bar with two stools stood on the left side, looking into the small kitchen. There was a hallway on the right. Sherry led him to the couch and had him sit. She then went to the kitchen.

Eric looked at the pictures on the wall. Sherry was in a lot of them, and so were members of her family. He knew she had a younger brother, and one of the pictures showed them together.

Sherry came back with a beer and a glass for Eric. She also had one for herself. She gave Eric his, and then sat down next to him.

Eric poured his beer into the glass, toasted Sherry, and drank. It was smooth going down. After his first draught, he sat back and sighed.

“Yes, this is what I needed after today,” he said. ” I can’t believe how wound up I got over that last account. Doesn’t that woman know how to track her money?”

Sherry put down her glass. She got on her knees on the couch, and put her hands on Eric’s shoulder.”

“Here, let me rub out the tightness in your shoulders,” she said.

Sherry’s hands started to knead the muscles of his shoulders. Her fingers traced lines of tightness to their source and rubbed it out. In moments Eric felt his shoulders loosen.

“Aah, that feels good,” he said.

Sherry continued her massage. Eric let his thoughts drift to his women, and he felt the stirrings of lust rise in him. His cock started to get hard again, and he was enjoying the feeling of the massage and the emotions that the thought brought up.

Eric’s reverie did not let him notice that Sherry had shifted position. His attention was snapped back to the present as he felt a hand massaging his cock through his pants! He quickly looked at her. She had taken off her glasses, and she was smiling.

“Ooh, it looks like your cock needs a little attention, too,” she purred.

Eric looked shocked. She never showed any interest in him at work! Oh, he’s fantasized about fucking her on his desk, but she had always acted aloof and professional.

“Sherry!” he said. “What brought this on?”

Sherry stopped her massage. “Ever since I started working for you, Eric, I’ve always wanted you. You never showed any interest in me at the office, and don’t think I haven’t tried to catch your eye! I didn’t see any way of approaching you, and I figured that since you were involved that I would never get that chance. Then you bumped into me, and I got this crazy idea. So I followed it. Here you are now. I hope you’re not made at me.”

Eric looked at her. “No, I’m not mad,” he said, “just surprised. I didn’t think you were interested. You were always the image of professionalism at the office. You never talked about your home, or if you had a boyfriend, or friends. This is a nice turn of events.”

Any reticence that was left in Sherry melted away with his words. She grabbed Eric’s head and planted a moist kiss on his lips.

Eric parted her lips with his tongue, exploring the inside of her mouth. Sherry resumed her massage of his cock. Eric reached up and fondled her left tit through her blouse. It felt larger than he first surmised, and the nipple was rock hard.

Sherry stopped the massage. She kissed down Eric’s ne
ck, then started to unbutton his shirt with her teeth. She was good. When she finished, she opened the shirt and planted her lips on one of his nipples, sucking lightly. Eric moaned.

Eric grabbed the sides of Sherry’s blouse and pulled it out of her skirt. He unbuttoned it. He pushed her back from him, then slid the shirt off her shoulders. She let it drop to the floor. Eric reached up and unhooked the front catch of her bra, releasing her tits. She removed the bra and threw it on top of her shirt. Eric shucked his shirt as well. She then moved back into him. She brought herself up to kiss him again, dragging her tits on his belly and chest. The sensation was electric!

Sherry straddled Eric and kissed him ardently. She lifted one of his hands and placed it on her tit. She then moved the other hand to her ass. She then ran her fingernails up and down his chest and back as she kissed him.

Eric was in heaven. He broke the kiss, then lowered his head to one of her wonderful breasts. He judged them to be 34C, and they were a good mouthful. Sherry started to moan with need.

Eric lifted her to her feet. She disengaged from him and knelt down in front of him. She undid his belt, and slid his pants to the ground. Then she grabbed his underwear, hesitated a moment. Licked her lips, then dropped his underwear down. Eric stepped out of them.

Sherry brought her hands up and started to massage his cock and balls. Eric moaned with pleasure. Then she reached over to her glass and pulled out an ice cube. She cupped it in her hand and fondled his balls with it.

Eric went nuts! “OOH, that feels good!” he groaned.

Sherry continued massaging his cock and balls for a little bit. Then she put that ice cube in her mouth. Very slowly, she kissed and licked up the underside of his cock. When she got to the head, she put his cock in her mouth and plunged it in, taking his whole cock at once. The ice scraped it way down the side of his dick, sending shills of lust through him.

After two or three passes like this, Sherry backed off his cock and spit out the ice cube. She then returned to his cock, sucking it with smooth, velvety strokes of her mouth. It was all Eric could do not to cum at that moment. He noted with satisfaction that Sherry knew how to suck cock. Her technique was exquisite, as she would suck him until he was about to cum, then she would stop and let him subside. She did this four times before Eric stopped her.

“Hang on!” he panted. “If you do that again, I’m gonna shoot all over you!”

“Not yet, lover,” Sherry said, “I want you plowing my pussy first. THEN you can cum all over me!”

Sherry moved away, unzipped her skirt, and let it drop to the floor. Eric looked at her and whistled. She was wearing a black lace garter and sheer hose. Her white panties looked wet at the crotch. She reached down and took off her panties. She started to undo the catches around her hose.

“No,” Eric said, his cock getting harder, “leave them on.”

Sherry stood up. She then beckoned him with one finger. Her other hand went to her pussy and rubbed her clit.

“Come for it,” she purred, continuing to beckon him, “come get some. My cunt awaits your cock!”

Eric moved forward and scooped Sherry up in his arms. She giggled, and pointed down the hallway. Eric tromped down the hall to her bedroom and kicked open the door. He dumped her on her bed unceremoniously.

“Prepare to get thoroughly fucked, you little vixen,” he growled.

Sherry propped herself up on her elbows and spread her legs wide, bending a little at the knees. Eric looked at her pussy. It looked tight!

“Well, get that cock in here, stud,” she said sexily, pointing at her wet pussy.

Eric yelled and literally jumped into bed. He landed right between her legs. Sherry wrapped her arms and legs around him, and pushed her pussy on to his cock, taking it all the way in on the first thrust. Eric grunted. She WAS tight.

Sherry’s face showed pure lust. She looked directly at him as she thrusted her pussy on and off his cock. Eric did not need to move. She was doing it all. She started to thrust harder and harder. Eric started moving his hips, meeting her thrusts halfway. Slapping sounds emanated as their crotches met with rock shattering force. Sherry’s face grimaced in concentration as she pushed her cunt harder and harder on her boss’s prick.

It did not take long. Sherry’s clit had been rubbing against his cock with each stroke. Her body started to spasm with the throes of a mighty orgasm. Eric also felt his orgasm coming.



Eric managed to pull his cock out before he came. His first shot hit Sherry squarely in the face, splashing. Wave after wave of sperm coated her slim frame. Sherry had jammed her hand in her pussy, rubbing her clit to the spasms of her orgasm. Her other hand rubbed his cum into her skin, then took the excess and licked it up. She was in heaven. His cum was all over her, even in her hair. She knew she had a new fuck friend.

A few minutes later, Eric sat on the edge of the bed, feeling a little spent. He counted himself lucky; for he now has three tight pussies that he could fuck at any time. He looked over at Sherry, who smiled back at him.

“You were great,” she said.

“So were you,” he said. “Your cunt is so tight!”

“Well, your cock is one hell of a love tool. Think we’ll do this again?”


“I’m glad. I love fucking you.”

Eric kissed her, then went out to the living room and got dressed. Sherry came out, wearing a robe. She kissed him ardently as he left.


“Angela! Jennifer! I’m home!”

Angela came out of the kitchen. “Hello lover. Jennifer’s not here. She went to the mall with a couple of her girlfriends.”


“Oh, honey, I got news for you. I think I found someone for Jenny. His name is Jason, and—”

“Honey, do you think it’s wise to try and match make for her?”

“I know it’s risky, but I want her to have someone of her own that she can love as much as I love you. He’s coming over this Friday. You know, whatever you said to her the other night really got to her!”

“All we did was make love.”

“Well it was more than that to her, hon. She…” the smell of sex from Eric hit Angela. “Alright, Mr. Galloping Gonads, who’d you fuck?”

“Huh? Oh, um, it was Sherry from the office. You know, she actually cam on to me?”

“You mean finally?”

Eric looked strangely at her.

What did Angela mean by saying “finally”? How is Sherry involved? Will Jennifer like Jason? This sexy soap opera is getting more interesting every day! Find out the answer to these and other questions in the next chapter of the Adventures in Jennifer’s World!

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