Adventures with the Highway Patrol Part 2

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The officer led Rachel (the red head) and Sam (the blonde) into the Highway Patrol Department. He took them into a room that had two tables in it. As he was leaving them in there, he uncuffed them and took away there cloths. Stealing one lasting look at their lushes nude bodies, he left.
The two looked at each other and Sam asked, “What are they going to do?” “Probably fuck us,” Rachel replied. “Well,” Sam said, “Since you ate me out so well on the hood of the car, why don’t you do it on the table?” Rachel smiled and laid back on one of the tables. She let her legs dangle off of the table, revealing her hairless cunt. Sam got up on the table and straddled Rachel’s face.
Rachel grabbed Sam’s ass as she licked her pussy lips. Sam was twiddling her tits while Rachel’s tongue found her clit. Sam began to moan as Rachel sucked on her swollen clit.
The door opened behind the two, but they didn’t stop to look at how entered. But Rachel could here pants unzipping and got really excited. Before she knew what was happening, her legs were being spread apart and being tied to the table legs. She immediately got wet with anticipation. Then she felt a cock in her. The man didn’t even go slowly, but that’s how Rachel liked it. He thrust his cock in her pussy, making it half way in, pain seared through her. On the second thrust, he buried his entire 9 inch cock into her.
Sam was getting close to her orgasm. One more lick she thought, one more lick. That lick came and so did Sam. Her pussy juices flooded over Rachel’s face. Sam was lifted off of Rachel and laid on the other table and her legs tied just like Rachel’s. Within seconds a cock was buried deep inside her too.
Rachel started to look up to see who was fucking her, but a cock was shoved into her face. She couldn’t resist it. The big purple head longed to be sucked. She licked the head while another cock was placed in each of her hands. She began to jack these two off. The same was happening to Sam.
Rachel could feel an orgasm coming as the man at her pussy was pounding her harder and harder until she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her pussy clamped down on his prick and he unloaded his seed into her pussy. As the officer at her cunt pulled back, one of the men she was jacking off took his place and the limp cock reached her hand.
The man she was sucking off began to moan and unload his juices into her mouth. Some of the cum dribbled out of her mouth but she licked it up quickly. At the same time, the two cocks in her hand exploded all over the side of her face and her hair. The man who was buried in her cunt started to moan as well. Rachel couldn’t help but moan with him because she could feel a second orgasm coming. The two came at the same time.
All the men withdrew from Rachel and she looked over to see Sam in the same shape she was, covered in cum. But then another officer got on her belly. He told Rachel to hold her tits together, and in the small hole he thrust his cock. After about four minutes of pumping he came all over her face.
Then the two girls were untied and flipped on their bellies and their arms and legs spread out as far as possible and were tied to the four legs of the tables. The door opened once more and in walked the Sergeant who was 57 years old with a 12 inch cock as wide as a golf ball. He walked over to Sam first and spread apart her ass cheeks. She waited in anticipation as the cock hovered over her asshole. She relaxed her ass because she didn’t want it to hurt to badly.
The penis came in for the first hit and barely got his head in. Sam moaned and said, “That’s too fucking big.” The sergeant didn’t listen and assaulted her ass again and got a bigger moan, almost a cry. After a few moments, Sam’s ass took the cock and the sergeant came inside her.
Then the sergeant moved over to Rachel, who didn’t relax her ass, she liked it to hurt. It took the sergeant five hard thrusts to break her asshole and Rachel let out a scream. “Oh, ya! Fuck the shit out of my AAAASSSS!” The sergeant assaulted her ass again and again, his balls were slapping against her ass so hard the people outside the room could here it. Rachel closed her eyes and tears welled up, it was so huge. After ten minutes the sergeant managed to get half of his cock in Rachel’s ass.
Again and again the sergeant shoved his cock into her asshole. When he got the entire length of his member into her, she gasped and moaned loudly. Shortly after he came in her ass and the two girls were let loose and let back out side with their bikinis on.

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