All Stuffed Up 1

The doctor finished writing the prescription and tore the sheet from his pad. “Here you go,” he told his patient. “You understand that this is a new medication.”

Susan Hanson nodded as she took the prescription.

“And you understand the possible side effects? You understand that if you begin to feel any of these side effects, you should stop taking this medication and you should call me immediately?”

Again, Susan Hanson nodded.

“All right then. Off you go.”

Susan Hanson quickly found herself standing in line at her local pharmacy, the little paper prescription held tightly in her hand. Ever since she’d been a young child, it had seemed that she had always been susceptible to severe nasal congestion but this last week had been pure hell. She hoped that this prescription would do the trick.

A few minutes later, Susan Hanson was standing in her home with her newly acquired medication in hand. The little white pill didn’t look like much but Susan knew looks could be deceiving. She read the label and then she popped the pill in her mouth and she chased it down with a glass of water.

She hadn’t been sure how long she had been sitting on her couch when she heard the doorbell ring. The television was on but Susan had no idea what program was on. The medication hadn’t started to work yet but it hadn’t been that long. Expecting it to work that quickly would have been nearly miraculous.

And then there was that doorbell again.

Reluctantly, Susan pulled herself up off of the couch and padded her way to the front door. She knew she must look a mess in her pajamas and with her spiked hair but she didn’t care. She was going to get rid of whoever it was and then she was going to go off to bed and rest.

She opened the front door and there standing on her stoop was a delivery man. A very cute delivery man, Susan realized. A kind of hot delivery man. Susan could feel the passion stirring inside of her. A really hot delivery man.

“Are you Ms. Susan Hanson,” the man asked.

“Yeah, who wants to know?”

“I’ve got a package for you,” the man said.

Susan found herself staring at the man’s crotch. I’ll bet you do have a package for me, she thought. I’ll bet it’s a very nice package, a very big package, a very long package.

“I just need you to sign for it.”

Susan barely heard the man because already, she was dropping to her knees. Her hands were reaching out and then she was tugging at the man’s zipper.

“Ms. Hanson,” the delivery man said, his voice rising frantically as it became clear that she wasn’t listening to him. “Ms. Hanson. Ms. Hanson. You’re going to have to stop … oh fuck–“

Susan just moaned happily as she pulled the man’s cock free from his pants. Her hand stroked the man’s rigid member and then she stroked it again, and in the next instant, she was sliding her mouth down over the man’s rigid pole.

The delivery man moaned as Susan took him inside her and then he just kept right on moaning as Susan kept sucking his cock. He’d look over his shoulder almost as if he were trying to make sure no one was seeing him get his cock sucked and then his attention would return once again to Susan and he would moan again.

Susan knew what she was doing. She knew she was getting the man off, and more than that, she knew that if she kept doing what she was doing, she was going to get herself a mouth full of cum.

Susan kept sucking on that cock.

The man groaned. There was no longer any pretense of looking around to see who might be watching. His attention was now fully on Susan. The man groaned again. He was close. He was so close.

Susan felt it, the surge of cum as it filled up her mouth and still she kept on sucking on that cock. She swallowed the jizz in her mouth even as she readied herself for even more.

The delivery man didn’t disappoint. He grunted as he filled Susan’s mouth with another load of cum and then he grunted again as he made another delivery. His cock just kept on firing and Susan was there to suck and swallow and then suck and swallow some more.

Even after that cock had seemingly given up all that it had to give, Susan kept sucking on it and then sucking it harder and her efforts were being rewarded. Soon, the delivery man’s penis was regaining its hardness, and then it was getting even harder.

Susan kept on sucking on that cock but eventually, she pulled her mouth free and she looked up at the man even as her hand squeezed his slippery shaft. “I want you to fuck me,” she said. “I want you to fuck me right here and right now,” and then as if to put an even greater meaning to her words, she simply turned her body around and pulled off her pajama bottoms. Moments later, her panties were gone, too and then she was hanging her widely spread legs out of her front door. “Fuck me,” she said again. “Fuck me good.”

The delivery man looked down at the girl squirming on the ground with her hand between her legs and that was all it took. His cock was already out and it was hard and ready. The man bent down and moments later, he had his cock in Susan’s pussy.

Susan moaned as she took that cock and then she moaned again as the man shoved it even deeper inside of her. “Fuck me,” she panted. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

The man did, driving his cock into Susan’s pussy, and Susan kept right on moaning.

“Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me.”

The man just kept on fucking that tight, little pussy. There was no stopping him. His cock was right on the edge. He knew he was going to cum. The man groaned. Oh shit, he was going to cum in that tight, little pussy.

Susan moaned as she felt it and even as she felt it, she started to cum. The man was cumming in her cunt and it felt so good. Susan moaned again. Oh geez, it felt so good to have him cumming in her cunt. It felt so fucking good.

The delivery man left soon after that and Susan went off to bed just as she’d planned. She really needed to get some rest, she figured, if she was going to get over this cold once and for all.

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