After her romp with the pool man, who fucked her forcefully on the kitchen table, Allison’s life resumed its normal routine for awhile. She lunched with the girls, shopped, and went to the salon of Mister Charles to have her hair, face and nails done. One thing, however, was different: She lavished much affection on her husband, Lyle. She resumed fellating him and wished he would finish on her face as the pool man had done. But Lyle was too nice. Oh, well…

Allison hadn’t totally forgotten the pool man, either. How could she when he put in an appearance every week? She remained out of sight, observing him through her windows and standing well back so that he couldn’t see her. He was looking around. She knew what he was thinking. She could have had him again if she had just curled her finger. But no. She wasn’t infatuated with Bob. Her need was of a different kind.

This woman, who was born in poverty and married into ease, didn’t feel she deserved the benefits she enjoyed. She watched her Mexican maid, Margarita, bust her butt tidying the house for a pittance while Allison did nothing and had money to burn. Yet they were sisters under the skin, were they not? While she felt guilty and needed to be punished, she had a husband who treated her like a princess rather than the whore she secretly believed she was. That was all wrong.

Now finally she had embarked upon a course to make things right. Having proved with Bob that she could be nasty and get away with it, she was ready to branch out. She would pick a total stranger this time and make him treat her like a slut. And so it was Randy Jackman’s lucky day.

Randy was a construction worker. He was helping to renovate a building just down the street from Allison’s beauty salon, and she noticed him every time she walked past, to and from the parking lot. He never wore a shirt, and he had big rippling muscles without an ounce of fat on him, his skin tanned from the sun. His jeans always hung low, and the top of his boxer shorts usually showed. He wore boots. He had craggy features and a shock of dark blond hair.

Allison got a funny feeling between her legs each time she looked at him. It was like her body was preparing a place for him to stick his manhood. And now, with her newly found realization that such things were possible for her, she formed a plan:

She knew when he took his lunch break. She had seen him sitting with the guys, munching a sandwich. He had noticed her, and she had given him the eye. She even had smiled once, and he had seemed surprised, then had grinned back at her. He had good teeth. Everything about him was good, Allison felt sure. She imagined that he had a bull’s equipment in his pants.

Today she showed up at the construction site just before the hunk’s lunch break was due to start, and she was lucky to catch him when he was alone. He had just opened his lunch box, and the other guys were still ambling about. Allison walked over to where he was seated, and she looked terrific in a figure-hugging minidress with a low-cut front. She wore sleek nylons and heels.

“Well, hi there, pretty lady,” he drawled, grinning up at her. He had kind of a John Wayne quality about him. “What can I do for you?”

Allison’s nerves were thrumming. She was hot as a barbecue grill on the Fourth of July. She was going to do something really nasty today. She was going to be just as wanton as she had always dreamed she was.

“You can share your lunch with me–that is, if you want to.” Allison’s voice was tense, and she was breathing hard. “I can offer you a better place to eat it…like my car. It’s parked just around the corner.”

This was the make-or-break moment. Either Allison got the response she wanted and felt like the trash she knew herself to be, or else she was rebuffed and merely embarrassed. But this big, horny fellow wouldn’t do that to her, would he?

He looked at her closely, his eyes twinkling. “How much you gonna charge me?”

Oh WONDERFUL, Allison thought. He thinks I am a professional whore. That’s perfect!

“I’m not charging anything today,” she said, feeling bawdy as hell. “I’m giving out free samples. If you like what you get, tell your friends.”

“Shit, let’s go!” Randy sprang to his feet and grabbed her arm to hustle her away from the construction site. He left his lunchbox behind.

Allison noticed and asked merrily, “What’s the matter? Aren’t you going to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m going to eat YOU,” the stud said, and they were gone, leaving the other workmen gaping. He didn’t really intend to eat her, though. The thought of going down on a whore was not appetizing.

Allison drove a big Mercedes with a roomy back seat, and the lot where she parked it was self-serve with no attendant on duty. She always took two stalls way in back, placing the car at an angle so nobody could ding it.

“Holy shit!” Randy exclaimed when they reached the vehicle. “This is YOUR car? And who’re a fuckin’ prostitute?”

“That’s right–a fucking prostitute,” Allison echoed, feeling trashy indeed. “Sometimes just a cocksucking prostitute,” she said, heightening the thrill.

“But the damn car! Shit, it must be worth eighty thou!”

“I have no idea,” she said, unlocking the doors electronically. “A rich john gave it to me.”

“Man…” Randy admired the beautiful black vehicle, and Allison began to think that he liked the car better than her. She would get his mind back on target, she vowed.

They were in the shade of a tall office building that had many rows of windows, so the car was cool even on this warm day. Allison flung open the right-hand front door.

“Give me your shirt,” she ordered Randy, whose name she didn’t know.


“Your shirt! I want to kneel on it.”

“Yeah! Hey man, YEAH!” He stripped his t-shirt off and handed to her. She liked his brawny chest. Workmen turned Allison on,

She dropped the shirt on the paved surface of the parking lot. “Now sit!” she ordered, as if she were speaking to her pet dog.

Randy sat on the side of the seat, facing the open door, spreading his legs so Allison could kneel between them. She sank to her knees. She had decided merely to give the guy a blowjob and let him cum in her mouth. How slutty was THAT! She had loved it when Bob, the pool man, had blasted in her face, and it would be even better with this guy, someone she had never spoken to before. She thought about asking him his name, but decided she didn’t want to know. Whores didn’t ask the names of their customers, did they?

Allison clawed at the crotch of the workman’s jeans, discovering that he was already aroused, and she pulled his zipper down. Her delicate hand sneaked into his fly and encountered knitted briefs that were constricting his excitement. Her fingers located the opening, did some more snaking, and wrapped themselves around his thick sausage. She wrenched him out of the tight confinement, and her eyes widened appreciatively as she found her prediction about his endowment was exactly right. A fucking bull he was! His long, thick prick locked into a totally stiff erection that stuck up from his lap, pointing right toward her face.

“Jeeeez…” the guy breathed, and petted Allison’ dark-blond hair as she bowed her pretty head and began to lick him.

She twirled her tongue around the knob of the workman’s cock, and the absolute nastiness of her situation set her on fire. There she was, in a totally public place with people passing on the street just a short distance away and many working in the building that overlooked the lot where she knelt. At any moment, someone might walk onto the lot to get their car. Or someone in the building might step to a window to see how the city looked on that bright, beautiful day, and he would see Allison giving
head! Sweet, angelic Allison, respected suburban housewife. But no one who might see her here could identify her, she felt sure.
Her pink encircling lips nibbled their way from the pinnacle of the man’s upstanding cock, going down…down…almost to its base, taking most of his throbbing dick into her mouth and throat. He had a big one like Bob’s, maybe bigger. She gradually let it go, working her lips back up.

“Yeah, baby, SUCK it!” Randy exhorted and pressed the top of Allison’s head.

She pumped her mouth up and down, up and down on his dong. Oh, what a kick this was! She had the guy totally in her power, and she was doing what she was meant to do. She loved it!

It was her intention to suck the construction stud to a climax, bid him goodbye, and return to her husband’s arms in suburbia, feeling more relaxed and at peace with herself. But Randy had other ideas. Blowjobs were great, but he loved to fuck, and this beautiful whore was very fuckable.

He thrilled to the sucking of her warm, wet mouth as it moved up and down on his pecker, and he let her continue it for some time. But then he became anxious to see her body, which was still covered by her clothes. Also, he wanted to get on top of her and bang away.

When the time was right, he eased her off of him, and she looked up in surprise. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “Don’t you like the way I’m doing it?”

“You’re doin’ fine, baby,” Randy said. “You’re a hot little cocksucker, but I want something else now. Let’s climb in the back of the car.”

This spoiled Allison’s plan for a strictly oral act which wouldn’t muss up her clothes or anything, but the man seemed insistent, and she didn’t dare create a scene in a public place. Also, wasn’t the “customer” always right? She climbed into the spacious rear seat of the Mercedes, leaned back in the corner, and reached up under her skirt to pull her panties off.

Randy stopped her, saying, “Hey! I want to see your titties first.”

Oh God, he was asking her to get completely naked in the car, and that was a bit much. But a quick glance around confirmed that there was no one else in the parking lot at the time, and the occupants of the office building couldn’t see into the car from their angle. So Allison quickly lowered the top of her dress, got rid of her bra, and let her tits bob in naked freedom.

“Cute jugs!” Randy said, and settled down on them with his hungry mouth. He tugged at her rigid nipples in turn while squeezing and rolling her full, satiny breasts. Allison enjoyed herself, petting the man’s shaggy head.

He slid down, raising her skirt to rumple it at her middle, and he nuzzled her tummy in peachy-pink underpants with a narrow lace trim along the leg elastics and a flower applique at the side. Pretty fancy for a hooker, he thought. In fact, this woman didn’t ring true in any way at all. Still, he was not about to ask questions at this stage of the game.

He pulled down Allison’s panties and dropped them on the car floor. Her senses were thrumming now, and she was really getting into it. She watched as the man caressed her soft, velvety pussy with his thumbs and parted the little lips. He found she was moist inside, and he inserted his middle finger. His eyes locked with hers as he stroked his finger in and out, in and out, of her slippery narrow cunt.

“Ooh…ooh…ooh!” Allison panted, and the man was surprised. She really seemed to be excited and not just acting like a whore.

He inserted a second finger into her pussy, which gave Allison a fuller sense of being fucked, and she hissed, “YESSS!” Her eyes were closed, and she flopped her head from side to side.

Randy was about ready to believe she wasn’t a whore at all, but a respectable lady out for a wild time. Well, lady or whore, he was damned well going to use a rubber, and he pulled out his wallet to access one he had stashed there. Allison watched him roll it on, and she was glad. It made sense from her standpoint, too.

All this time, the man’s erection had been projecting out through the fly of his jeans and briefs. Now he pushed his clothes down, making his boner bounce, and he crawled forward on top of Allison, to the extent that the carseat allowed. His hand directed his cock to the right place, and he nudged it into the small mouth of her vagina. She was juiced up enough so that his cockhead, even with the rubber around it, slipped inside easily. Then it was just a matter of him thrusting his hips, and the hot lady claimed the entire length of his rod. As the man began to fuck her, Allison grooved with it, writhing and bumping against his incoming thrusts.

“Ooh, God yes!” she gasped. “Ooh shit! Oh, fuck me…fuck me…FUCK MEEEE!”

Randy hammered his hard dick into her, shaking her body and making her titties dance. Her eyes were shut and her lips were parted as she tossed her head from side to side. She seemed transported by the pleasure and the FACT of what was happening. She was being screwed by a total stranger in a public parking lot, and he thought she was a tramp. Well, she WAS!

A wave of heat rolled through Allison, making her whole body throb. Then suddenly her orgasm blossomed, and she let out a loud moan. Randy felt her cunt muscles ripple along his rod, clutching him. He jerked and growled. His cock spurted into the condom that he wore.

After he pulled out of Allison and removed the rubber, tossing it onto the parking lot, she clutched his wet dick and pulled it to her mouth. Randy was thrilled if a bit dismayed by the fact that she seemed compelled to taste his cum. She clamped onto the knob of his pecker and sucked hard, cleaning his pipe, after which she licked his cockhead and looked up at him with satisfied eyes.

From the third floor of the office building which stood next to the parking lot, another set of eyes–very lustful eyes–had been watching the scene in the lot below, and those eyes had also read the license number on the rear of the black Mercedes. The eyes smiled sardonically…

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