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Naughty Weekend Part 1

My name is Felecia, I am 38 years old with blonde hair past my shoulders and green eyes. My boobs are small C’s and not as perky or full as use to be thanks to 3 kids. Also, I am average build too thanks to the kiddos, but I been told by my husband and others that I still have a nice round ass. When my husband had posed the question to me of “If I had a weekend to myself with no responsibilities of caring for the family what would I want to do?” I was surprised by his question and didn’t know what to say or think. I asked him what he meant, and he explained his thought of giving me a weekend at a local casino resort where I could do or not do anything I wanted. He said “basically, you check in a Friday and you can pretend you are single and kidless till you come home to us Sunday.” I said ok, but I still didn’t know what I was going to do and for the next week I tried to process and think on it a little bit daily.

Then, one day as I was pondering it I received a message on Snapchat from a guy who I only messaged back and forth every few months and, we had never met in person. Hubby and I had met him through a naughty private group we were part of for a short time and, he was very sweet and flirty in the messages exchanged. Also, he was very sexy in the pics I had seen of him with his dark skin, brown eyes and gorgeous smile. I admit not normally am I attracted to black guys, but Chris I definitely found very hot. Chris’s message was normal hey, how you been sexy lady. Normally, our exchanges were a few cordial messages like that and that was it until he reached out again a month or so later. This time however, I don’t know why, but I continued our exchange daily while at my office for over a week. Then, during flirty banter one afternoon I sent the message “I am going to be staying by myself at a hotel for a weekend in a couple weeks. Would you possibly be interested and available to meet up for a drink”. My heat raced after I hit send and I couldn’t believe I had the nerve to send the message at all. I gasped when I read his reply “would love to meet you sexy. What are the dates you going, so I can check my calendar. My fingers trembled as I responded with the weekend dates to him. He responded the next day that he was available and that he had reserved a room too. I exchanged a few messages with him daily for the next two weeks, and a few times I almost talked myself out of agreeing to meet him. Then, as I would start to formulate a message canceling my brain would think (it’s only meeting for a drink That’s innocent enough and hubby said to act free).
Finally, it was the Friday morning and I got the kids off to school and hubby was at his office and, I began my suitcase for the weekend. I had gotten the normal toiletries, makeup, jeans and T-shirts, bra, swimsuit, socks and panties. It hit me, wait what am I going to wear to meet Chris for that drink, and I don’t know why but I grabbed a couple of skimpy dresses from the back of my closet and tossed them and some sexy panties in the suitcase and zipped it up. I guess I packed them to have as options if I wanted to. As I drove to the casino resort I was excited and nervous about my weekend away and of course even more about potentially meeting Chris. I was standing in the hotel check in line when from behind me I heard “Hello Felecia.” Immediately I whipped my head around to see who called my name and right behind me smiling I recognized Chris. He and I chatted briefly as we waited in line, and then we both ended up in elevator going to separate floors. Chris got to his floor first and said as he walked out of elevator said “you want to meet at the pool in a bit.” I smiled and said “sure I will be there in like 10 minutes.” The elevator door closed and then reopened at my floor and I found my room and my hands shook as I opened the door and went in.
I dug in my suitcase for my bathing suit and was excited when I remembered I had packed my sexy black one piece and not my mom comfortable shorts and tank top one. This swimsuit has some cute strings at top and it thinned put around my crotch and tucked nicely up my butt. I put it on and looked once in mirror for approval and thought to self hope Chris likes it and isn’t scared away by me in it. Then, I put on my cover up and slipped on my flip flops and headed for the pool.

When I arrived at the pool Chris was already there and he waved me over to an empty chair next to him. As I got over there I tried not to stare at his muscular chest and his teal trunks. I slowly pulled off my cover up and put it over the back of the chair and as I sat down and faced him he said “ sexy swimsuit on you.” I tried not to blush and softly responded” thanks. Nice to hear you like and you aren’t running off.” He laughed and said” why would I run you are sexy as can be and that swimsuit hugs in the best places.” Again I tried not to blush as I giggled, smiled and thanked him. We chatted for a bit and he purchased us both a cocktail from the pool area server. I drank half of it as we talked and, then I told him “I am going to use the restroom and then get in the pool.” He smiled and said “ok. I will sit here and probably watch and enjoy the view as you walk away.” I giggled and walked to restroom, and I even looked back twice to see him smiling and looking in my direction. Chris was sitting in the pool when I came back, and I proceeded to sit next him. However, I am not sure if it was me feeling my drink a bit or being clumsy, but I missed the pool ledge and sat on his lap instead. I was so embarrassed and was springing up to move over and sputtering “I didn’t mean to” when Chris wrapped his arms around my waist. He smiled and said “you can sit on me anytime.” I laughed and said “I hope you know that wasn’t my attention.” He laughed and responded “I know. But, now you aren’t moving and I don’t mind.” His arms around me felt so warm, and I swore I could feel his cock in his trunks too. As, I leaned back and turned my head to look back at his face and, he leaned his face forward and he kissed my lips. His lips were so soft and gentle and, I found myself kissing him back. We proceeded to go from soft kisses to tongue touches to making out for the next several minutes. Chris pulled back and asked “ do, you want to go up my room, so we can be alone and more comfortable?” I nodded my head and got off his lap and, we climbed out of the pool, dried off, gathered our stuff and headed for his room.

Once, we got in his room Chris grabbed me and began kissing me again. I ran my hand up and down his bare chest as we made out in the middle of the room. He slowly slid the straps off my swimsuit down my arms and past my boobs. Then, when my small tits were exposed he leaned his head down and began caressing my nipples. He told me “damn you have sexy nipples.” The way he licked them and sucked them felt so good. I reached my hand down the front of his trunks and began massaging his cock on my hand. Chris softly moaned and said “I have fantasized for so long about you. I have wanted to so bad!” I smiled and remarked” I have wanted you too!” Then, I knelt down infront of him and slowly pulled his trunks down to the floor. His big black cock was at face level,and I slowly began licking the head and shaft and rubbing his balls in my hand. Chris moaned “o yea baby!” Hearing him moan turned me on more and I began sucking his cock. His hands rested on my shoulders as he moaned louder and kept saying “that feels so good baby!”. Chris’s cock was getting so hard, and I couldn’t stop sucking it. I sucked and sucked until he exploded a load in my mouth and I swallowed it. When, I swallowed the last drip of his cum I pulled up my swimsuit sleeves, stood up and walked to the door. I turned back as I opened the door and smiled at him and said “See you later, hopefully.” He responded “Definetely!” I walked out the door and took elevator back to my room.

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