anne gets claire to work for her

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shrimpy arrived at the office, Anne and Carroll were in side, shrimp dick took all his cloths off, and knock on the door, Carroll opened it and looked down at him, yes dumbo what do you want, it here for work madam Carroll, oh are you shrimp dick, get in and make us coffee, and she spat in his face then rubbed it in with her leather gloves, his little dick went rock hard, Carroll laughed loud, Anne said i herd Steven took Suzanne out bugalugs, did they have a good time, yes madam Anne they did, good bugalugs, now lick my boots we have someone coming in for a job to work with me, bugalugs was licking away when the door bell went, right shrimp dick get the door, as he opened it Claire was standing there, Suzanne,s friend, she looked at him, oh my god you are a shrimp dick, its so tiny , ha ha ha ha, out the way shrimp dick, and she walked into see Anne, Anne called out bugalugs crawl in here now, as he did Carroll grabbed his ears come on dumbo, she pulled him in and shoved him under the desk, Claire was laughing, they were talking about Claire coming to work for them, Carroll looked down and Shawn Claire,s shoes, your shoes need a good clean Claire, oh they have had it, look they have holes in the bottom, i need new one,s, anne said i,ll buy you some today out of shrimp dicks wages, carroll said dumbo clean claires shoes now and spat in his face, he started licking, claire was laughing, come on shrimp dick shine my shoes,

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