another big night!!!!.

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well a week after the stripping adventure,i was invited back to have more fun,with 10 of the woman from the week you will recall the first story(what a night).i had quite a time..this time there was only ten ladies.who wanted to devour me..well they gave me a good stiff drink….blind folded me,and layed me down on a padded table,after taking my clothes off.they were all gathered around me rubbing my body all over…taking turns sucking,and stroking my cock.i was feeling thier bodies as they moved around..they loved how i was completly shaven,and rock hard…then one of the woman said she was going to put some lickable lotion on my big cock,it was banana,i could smell it.then i felt something hot,they were putting hot water on my cock it was awsome!!!they sucked and strocked slowly..then each one took a turn sitting on my face,letting me eat them into orgasms.this went on for quite some time…then as they were making each other cum,i came hard,and they went into a frenzy..and started slurping up my cum.when i was done they let me lay there with the blindfold on,relaxing.and i could hear them having wild passionate orgasms.then someone came over,sat me up and said they had a surprise for me.she walked me across the room,and told me to wait a second.she took the blindfold off,and sitting before me on a plush couch,was the most tanned,and built body builder i,have ever seen…..she was gorgeous from head to toe..the ladies informed me she had gone without cock for 2 yesrs…and they told her i liked feet!!.she raised both legs straight up put together..had her toes pointed,and the ladies told me to start licking!!!man she had some awsome feet,my cock started getting hard..then two ladies pulled her legs apart and held them,then to go down and eat her pussy…she was dripping wet,as i swirrled my tounge around her clit she started to squirt all over my face and in my mouth…it was sweet…she gushed hard all over!!!! then i was told to put my cock in her,and give it to her hard and deep…i slid my cock into her tight pussy,giving her most of my nine inches…she was cumming and screaming….the ladies had to hold her down!!!.i grabbed both of her ankles,and feverishly licked the bottoms of her feet,and i came inside her deep!!!!when i was done i pulled out and the woman took turns licking my cock off,and finished by licking her pussy,taking in both of our cum. wow i have to come back here again….

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