Another day at work

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Another day a work

Today was like any other day just waking up like the Monday before, getting up getting ready to go to work going to about to take a shower when some one was at my door knocking ” how’s there? I asked” no one answered so didn’t answer went back to try to take my shower again but again my door started to knock I went back and this time I opened the door but no one was there so I thought some one was playing ding dong ditch
So I said load if “I find out who you are, I will make you pay for making late to work”. Went back inside to take my shower finally. Got in oh it felt so good to take my shower every morning so good that I just started to play with my self and as I get started it was time for me to go to work so oh well, I’ll get to this tonight, not knowing what was going to happen to me that night.

Got to work it started just like any other day got my order for the day I got started on them right away so I could get them done and be on way hoping to leave early that day my boss said “you are on fire today ” I said ” yeah I don’t want to stay late tonight; ‘ oh really ” yeah I just want to get out of here on time and have a fantastic day. Ok lets go then we went at it for a good four hours and we got every thing done be fore we had to leave next thing he said would shock me, now that we were done he offered to leave early I took it and left early but before he said it we agreed to go and hang out at that bar. Cool we met up that bar I brought a friend so did he when I saw who he came with my jag dropped she was so hot that my ice in my glass just melted, so did my mind and I became a totally brain dead but I could not show it to much because my boss was there.
So night went on and we were having so much fun, we did not notices the time, it really late and we all had to go home that night because we had to work the next day yeah we even work on the weekend that’s suck but my boss changed his mind and said we are taking tomorrow off I could not say no but lets do it so we ended up staying till closing time witch was 2am. I got up went to the bathroom, coming out of the bathroom I ran in to my bosses date she took my hand and gave me a peace of paper, open it not knowing what it was, it ended up being her phone number asking me to call her tomorrow, at first I thought it was a trap by my boss but I look at him that night, he seemed pretty drunk, so I shook it off.
Went home that night of course went home by my self, look at the time when I walked in my house, it was about 3:30 am that morning and sleep sounded very good about to take my cloths off and claim in to bed when someone was at my door I went and answer, I figured that it was the same person that was playing ding dong dish so I was ready to fight that person, but came to see it was my bosses date that was at the door, I ask her what are you doing here, she said ” I just wanted to say hi ” ok my mind was still trying to make since of thing s until I figured it out she must live in the same apartment building as me , so ask her do you live here said ” yes I do I live down the hall ” I have been watching you for a while but have not had the courage to come up to you and ask for you’re name until tonight especially when I saw you at the bar and that knew “Pete” , “Boss”. Oh yeah so what are you doing here now that know who you are I came over to say hi and to fuck your brains out, I left the bar so horny that I want to suck your dick there but I knew I couldn’t because we both had dates. All night I have not stop think of you to and your prefect body. She said “like what ” after I asked her to come in so we won’t be standing there in the middle the hall way, started to tell her, your breast a nice B cup size, wanted to suck on them as well your lips so nice and pink to kiss all day and having them around my 9in dick oh god just think of it made my all hard and wanted to fuck then and there but I didn’t I held back and just looking at her so I stop for a sec. Them she started to talk I snap back and she why did you stop just like that I said I was just day dreaming about your naked body opts. Did I say that out load yeah she said it’s ok, I moved on in for a kiss from her I guess she did to so end kissing for a while then, she just made my dream come true. She reaches for my pants and try’s to open them up and takes my hard 9in dick out and starts to suck on it was feeling so good I almost came in her mouth but she stop right when I was going to and them I took off her skirt started to play with her nice pink lids of her pussy. Started to use my tongue to play with her lids of her pussy next thing I knew she moaning that don’t stop more oh god please more by then I stop we started to fuck like little bunny rabbits fast, long, and hard stopping for awhile just to catch of fresh air. That night I must came at least three times she must of came about good four to five times. She ended up calling in sick to her work that day.

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