Answering the Best Ad Ever!

I could not believe the ad I was reading. Wanted man to be my full time complete slutty wife. Duties are you keep me happy and my friends when I tell you to. No house hold chores, must love being dressed as a woman at all times.

I called the number right away and got an appointment after sending my pictures. I got dressed up and drove to the interview even getting a few whistles along the way. I wore my tight red dress and decided to go with no stockings as it was midsummer but wore my stilettos. Underneath I wore my black lace panties and matching bra. I had to be careful as my dress would ride up at times and show my ass. I put on my best wig and makeup even a little perfume as I knocked on the door.

‘Hello I am Tanya I am here for the interview.’ I said to the very large tall man who was at least a foot taller than I was. He invited me in and told me to stand against the wall holding my shoulders against the wall to enforce what he wanted.


He said so I stayed flat against the wall with my back feeling the cool of the air conditioning from it. He then reached down and put his hand on my bare legs feeling my thigh as he slowly moved up around as his fingers touched my ass cheek then around to the front where he gently felt my balls and soft cock thru my thong. He then stood up straight and grabbed me by my neck with his large hands and guided me to the living room where a man in a white suit was sitting on a large comfy chair.

‘Aw Tanya come in’ the man in the white suit said to me.’ I took a step in and he pointed to the floor in front of him. ‘Here Tanya’ I moved directly in front of him. ‘Hands behind your head’ I did as asked and then he ran his hands down each side of me until he moved below my dress. His hand moved from the outside of my thigh to the inside. ‘Spread your legs. I did as asked. He ran his hands down to my feet then back up. ‘Nice and smooth’ he continued to move up under my dress then cupped my balls and moved his finger around my thong and placed it on my hole rubbing it back and forth before pushing slowly in. ‘Very nice Tanya. I will enjoy fucking that and making you my whore’ he said as he pulled his finger out and stood up. He put his hands on my elbows and slowly ran them down into my armpits that I had shaved. ‘I like shaved pits too’ he informed me.

‘Turn around’ he ordered and I did keeping my hands above my head. He raised my dress up exposing my smooth ass. He let go of my dress but it stayed above my hips leaving his hands free. He slowly ran his hands over my smooth shaved cheeks. ‘What a beautiful ass you have Tanya’ then he put his thumbs together on the hole of my ass and gently pulled my cheeks apart. Once again he pushed a finger inside, this time much deeper than before. “This will make a good cunt for me to seed. Do you like to be seeded Tanya?’

‘Yes love it.’

‘Good. Can you take my cock now?’


He sat down and pulled out his cock. ‘Work it with your mouth.’ He ordered I got down on my knees and gratefully took his cock into my mouth. It tasted great and the pre-cum was just a tease for me. ‘Put your hands behind your back.’ He said and when I did the other man hand cuffed them, then the man in the white suit placed both of his hands on my head and began fucking my mouth. With each thrust it became deeper and harder but the pre-cum kept me wanting more. Finally he let go on my head and let me come up for much needed air. ‘You’re a good little whore, now take my cock in your boy pussy while you suck my friend to completion. You will swallow his load wont you?’

‘yes’ I answered. The other man stood behind me and lifted my dress off me over my head and I stood with my garters and stocking and matching bra and panties. My silk smooth soft skin only made them hornier then before. I turned around facing the other man and saw he was completely naked and his cock was rock hard and large. He lifted me up and placed me on the hard cock that waited for me. It slid into my hole with little resistance. He then took both of his hands and forced his cock down my throat making me gag over and over as my ass heated up from the hard fucking I endured.

Before I knew it cum filled my mouth and all though I tried to swallow the load it shot out on the sides of my mouth. I felt cum fill my ass as well but that only made me want more. When they were done a collar was put around my neck with “easy whore” on it. I wore it well.

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