Arenas arriving in the port of Holland

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Arriving at the port of Holland.

At last we’re at the port of Holland I’m really looking forward to meeting Sanera, to thank him for the invite to stay with him for the week-end, unfortunately we’re waiting to be given the ok to dock in the port due to the strike action. I’ve finished my full English breakfast and was feeling good, but a little worn from my encounter with my two stewardesses, who if I raised out of my seat can just see them both talking to a member of the crew from the window; I guess their talking about docking or the strike action. I dropped back into my seat, becoming aware of not having any panties on when I felt a wet patch had formed on the cushion which was very cold when I sat down, I gave a little ayah, Trev looking at me saying; what’s up Arenas, nothing I said, well I couldn’t tell him what I got up to last night could I?
Trev suggested a short walk around the deck in the early morning sun, what I didn’t realise was the cold wind, as we stepped onto the deck, the cold hit me between the leg’s, It felt like my pussy had frozen solid, I couldn’t take another step, it’s to cold for me Trev, I said; is there any shops you want to go to, hoping he takes the hit to go back inside. Yes ok; it’s a bit cold isn’t it, lets go back.
We walked over to the lanes that’s what the sign said, shopping lanes, the first shop was selling jeans, shorts socks, so I picked out a pair of jeans, at £17 not cheap but essential, then ladies panties, a set of three at £8. I tried the jeans on knowing they would fit, and with my new panties I felt warmer, ready to face the cold outside, only I didn’t know Trev, the perv, was looking while I tried the panties and jeans on, he could see I was naked under my short skirt.
Do you always spy on people I asked, only when they want me too, looking at me with a smile; you left the curtain open Arenas not me, so I took it as an invite to look; what I saw was great, lovely pussy, very clean shaven; said Trev. I didn’t think about the cubical curtain so I accepted it’s my fault, any man would of looked, I even know some women who would have taken that opportunity to spy. Remember I have a cabin Arenas, if you’re cold, or want to get some privacy, it’s mine until we dock, want to see it. Of course I new why he’d suggested it, the thought of seeing my pussy had made him hard, the bulge was there for all to see, ok; I said is it far. We stepped into Trev’s cabin, it’s small just a bed, with a sink, but warm and cosy. I felt Trev instantly touch my bottom, and kiss my neck, I gave a little shiver of approval, turned and kissed him on the mouth, his hands where everywhere, on my tits, down my waist, between my legs, pushing and probing, while our lips remained locked. I started to pull his jeans down, and his cock popped out as soon as the zip was opened, I dropped to my knees, I have this enormous cock in my mouth, salty, thick, and hard I’m sucking and licking, pulling his fore skin back as far as it could go, then licking his knob, while working my hands up and down the thick shaft. Thinking he would cum quick like the time on the coach, I sucked hard and long, but not this time, I was lifted to the bed, my jeans came off, and Trev dropped his head between my legs, and started to lick and suck at my now very wet cunt, I reached out and took his cock in my mouth again, we’re in the 69 position, great.

I’m shaking my legs are like jelly, Trev’s tongue seems as big as his cock, it’s right up me, nearly touching my G spot, Trev I screamed fuck me, fuck my cunt now please? Trev turned his face wet, and shiny looking at me, I opened my legs, and he dropped between them slipping his huge cock into my cunt, filling it up instantly, making me push back with my bottom, then the thrust forward brought me what I wanted ‘ecstasy’, I’m cumming you bastard I shouted, fuck me I’m cumming Trev, not yet babe; said Trev who started going faster with more rhythm, and thrusting, I felt like I really was being fucked, not just entered by a man, but being pleasured, both of us were pushing into each others hips, I could feel his balls hitting my butt hole, he kissed me again on the mouth I could taste my cunt, sticky sweet, the wetness was running from my cunt to my butt hole lubricating it ready for Trev to enter, I whispered in his ear, fuck my ass, please. Not stopping his rhythm, his cock, slipped from my cunt into my ass, Ayee I shouted, but that didn’t stop or slow Trev down, he started fucking my ass as fast as before, then took it out and pushed his thick cock back into my cunt, making me instantly feel fuller than ever, he did this again and again, my ass hole was as wide as my cunt, and just as wet, I’m really going to cum Trev; I screamed, just as he started to moan, OooH, I started to push and tried opening my legs wider for the rush of ecstasy to come, Trev seemed to raise himself up, and pushed his thick cock, as far into my cunt as possible and screamed take that you bitch, every fucking drop.
I felt his hot cum hit me deep inside my cunt, gushing and squelching; god I thought he’s filling me up with cum, nothing could stop Trev now, he was pushing and holding himself stiff, while the cum squirted from him, I’ve never seen a man in so much pleasure, wow darling Arena’s your good babe. My cunt gripped his cock, throbbing between my legs I could feel my insides contract, then open, just to contract again, gripping Trev’s cock making him jerk, with me squeezing my cunt, taking every drop of cum from Trev, I’m really wet inside and could feel the cum starting to make it’s way out of me, I felt like I wanted to hold on to it, making a sudden tightness come inside, then Trev said let me go, I can feel you pulling me back in, I relaxed, Trev relaxed on top of me, I new I’d been really fucked, and had taken all Trev could give.
The loud speaker on the wall made us both jump as it blurted out in a voice I recognised. WE WILL BE DOCKING IN THE PORT OF HOLLAND in one hour.
To be continued

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