The Arrival Of The Replacement

So I got my wife, Carry, an Ipad for her birthday, to keep up with the kids. Then come to find out, she had been getting all kinds of messages from all kind of guys wanting to enjoy the greatness of her perfect sweet cunt! Of course I should not complain, I’ve been the one receiving ALL the benefits of getting the enjoyment of fucking that sweet juicy cunt daily!
Then she visits with one guy from across the country that just will not take no as an answer. He makes plans to fly in anyway, regardless that she tells him that she is happily married and only does the internet thing to get warmed up for her hubby!
The doorbell rings, and we both look at each other. I shake make head. I guess that’s my replacement? I’ll get the door, Honey!

I open the door and there is Cal, about my height, a little thinner, and darker hair to about the middle of his back. I look at him and say, “Well come in, I guess you’re here to take my place?”

He looks at me and says, “Yes, I am.”

He enters and sees Carry and goes right to her and hugs her and puts a big kiss on her lips and even sticks his tongue in her mouth, and she returns her tongue to him, right there in front to me. Then we all sit down and make small talk.

Finally I say, “What is it going to take to get you to leave, and to leave MY wife alone?”

Cal replies, “I want to fuck your wife real good, then she can decide when I should leave.”

I say, “Let’s do it then,” and Carry was already headed to the bedroom!

Once we all arrive to the bedroom there wasn’t much romancing, it was down to the nitty gritty of getting it on. Carry was naked and was helping Cal get naked. She pulled out his cock and it was about like he said it was, about 7 inches, and she started sucking on it. Cal then started rubbing Carry’s cunt which I could see was already soaking wet, and dripping a little juice. Cal had his fingers in her cunt working them back and forth when I heard Carry let out a moan and a light cry, I could tell she just came for the first time, I knew that sound too well.

Carry then laid on her back as Cal crawled up on her and he slid his cock into her well lubed cunt and started fucking her easy at first, then he started slamming her hard and fast, and I heard her moan louder this time and I knew she had just cum real hard on that one! Cal then rolled off and Carry got up on Cal and slid his cock in her cunt and started riding him. I then came up from behind Carry and started rubbing her asshole; I took some of her juices and rubbed it into her asshole and eased my finger in gently, to the first knuckle, then to the second knuckle where I heard Carry start moaning really loud and I could feel Cal’s cock inside my wife’s cunt as he fucked her.

Then I slid my finger all the way in, this pushed Carry over the top and she really let loose some cum as I finger fucked her asshole while Cal fucked her cunt! After she came, I pulled my finger out and I crawled up and eased my cock into her asshole and started fucking her ass. I could feel Cal’s cock with my cock as we fucked my wife until she screamed so loud we were afraid the neighbors would call the cops. Cal and I both blow our loads in Carry’s cunt and ass at the same time, as she was cumming. We then just laid there in amazement.
We still fuck Carry when we get together, I just haven’t been completely replaced yet!

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