Ashleigh Again

The warm spring wind that blew around indicated the ensuing summer. It was a fine sunny afternoon. Shirtless, I was jogging up the verdant waterside park. Hudson River flowed through its course, presenting a splendid view of Mother Nature. The scenery gave anybody a summer-like impression as some New Yorkers tanned in the grass, either reading books under the shade or riding bicycles. The sound of racing vehicles, the musky aroma permeating the air, and the warmth was a reminder always had me in high spirits. Yeah! No other city is like New York!

“I love it when the weather is warm here.” I said to myself. “It motivates me to never deviate from my set routine. Lately, I haven’t missed a beat.”

The perspiration was pouring down my body. The wetness had my muscular build look exotic. I noticed bystanders who stood in awe and some women secretly taking a picture of me with their smartphones. I knew what was on their minds because I was an eye-catching New Yorker!

Walking back to my residence, I saw Ashleigh standing there clad in admiralty-blue fitted capris, matching run bra, and New Balance running shoes. She had her platinum-blonde hair tied in a ponytail to accentuate her alluring facial features. I have not seen her since we did a sex tape some years ago. I immediately caught up with her to chat.


“Hello, Maré.”

I kissed her on the cheek and asked. “How are you? Do you live around here?”

“Yes, I’m renting my friend’s apartment in that building on Perry Street.” She answered. “He spends more time in Miami than he does in New York so he agreed to let me stay at his place for the summer.”

“Cool, babe! I live on the top floor in the building on Charles Street, next to yours. This is so weird to run into you like this!”

“It is. I just thought to go with you to drink something cold to drink and chill?”

“Sure, let us do some catch up.” I said, grinning. “That’ll be cool to sit back and relax in a shady place and… have a hot companion. Remind me not to put any of this sweat on his couch.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Ashleigh chuckled.


We went inside the luxury Perry Street apartment. The sun gave the spacious living room an awe-inspiring brightness, which made it life-like. The striking views of Manhattan skylines and New Jersey riverfront gave this place the enviable luster of luxury and sophistication as compared to other West Village homes. Ashleigh handed me a glass of ice-cold Turkey Hill mango lemonade.

“This is really a nice place.” I spoke, as we sat on the leather couch. “I like the glass interior, state-of-the art entertainment system, and chandeliers! I can see my penthouse from here.”

“I’ll be staying here until late summer.” Ashleigh told me. “Then I’ll move to California. Actually, I love the weather out there. So tell me, what have you been up to lately?”

“Well, I started my new digital magazine, Maré, which is about my lifestyle. It features fashion tips for sexes, my short erotic stories, and photographs of hot nude women around the world.”

Ashleigh laughed. “That’s great! You were always the ladies’ man. Your cock almost ruined my girl.”

“How? It was your idea to make a sex tape for you boyfriend then.”

“Yes, but he wasn’t expecting me to have a go with some black superhero.”

I laughed. “Oh, don’t tell me he went like Donald Sterling on you.”

“No, it wasn’t like that.” Ashleigh continued. “He enjoyed the sex tape, because we watched it numerous times. I just found it hard to get off from regular sized dicks. Your cock made me into girth. I never craved big cocks before I met you. It is such a turn on being filled up to the hilt!”

“You know I am a sex god, baby girl!” I said, smiling wryly.

“Ah, shut up!” Ashleigh said, playfully hitting me in the chest. “You are a big monster!”

“I know you love it.” I said, chuckling. “I always had a crush on you. You were one of the hottest girls I ever met!”

“How do you feel about me now?” She asked, giving me a sultry look.

“I still think you’re hot.”

“Then let us get into some action.” Ashleigh suggested.


We went to the bathroom and stripped like a shot. Ashleigh’s toned body looked as sensual as it was before. I turned on the shower, and we hopped under the running water. It did not take us long to began soaping each other up.

“I know you love this!” Ashleigh said, grinning broadly.

“You know I am, baby girl.” I told her.

I lathered up her flat tummy and juicy tits, tickled her skin and erect nipples playfully. Ashleigh giggled. The wet adventure already had me aroused. Ashleigh soaped up my dick and began jacking it.

“I love big, hard cocks.” She crooned salaciously.

“I know that baby girl!” I said.

Then Ashleigh rinsed my dick off, knelt down, and began performing fellatio on me. Her warm mouth excited every nerve of my dick. I loved the way she licked and sucked it, while staring at me with her big green lusty eyes.

“You are a dirty bitch!” I croaked.

As she continued blowing me, my hands roamed all over her body. Ashleigh was moaning as she licked her way up and down my dick, over the wild maze of thick protruding veins. When she got to the head of my dick, she sucked the mushroom tip and licked the precum at its opening. She was greedily swallowing it all. I was getting delirious, wanting to cum deep down her throat but she managed to get the head past her lips! She was kissing my dick all over, still jerking it up and down, and using two hands now.

I yanked Ashleigh up, grabbing her by her ass cheeks as she grabbed the shower rod. This was something new for me to try with her. The sturdy shower rod was fixed in the wall; and did not give way as I jammed my cock into her receptive sloppy cunt!

“Let’s go in the bedroom and fuck!” Ashleigh quavered as I drove my weapon into her canal.

“Let’s do this, girl!”


We raced to the red bedroom. A camcorder was pointing directly at the bed. Once Ashleigh turned it on, we jumped in the bed. With our lips locked, we kissed deeply. Then I began an appetizing tour of Ashleigh’s supple body with my tongue. I stopped at her wet clit and held it in suction. Ashleigh moaned passionately as her pussy walls quivered and stomach muscles contracted for the pleasure that brimmed her vitals. I looked up. She was too preoccupied in lust to open her eyes as I continued lapping up her musky flower.

“Oh, shit!” Ashleigh screamed as she seized my head, and pushed it against her wet pussy.

I tickled, licked, and sucked Ashleigh’s clit pleasuring her to an ultimate orgasm. Ashleigh’s body shivered as she spurted her juices on my mouth. The aroma of inflamed pussy had me incited to embark on kissing her tummy and sucking her taunt nipples.

“Nothing can be compared to a sexy wench who moans out her climax.” I murmured.

Ashleigh stared at my dick and smiled with anticipation. She began massaging her pussy getting it ready for a good fuck. Erotically enough, the juices coated her fingers.

I hovered above her, deliberately letting the head of my cock kiss her pussy, “Are you ready for this bad girl?”

“Yes, as ready as your monster cock.”

I pushed my shaft into her canal. I could feel her pussy lips opened around my hard cock, letting it glide into her lubed cunt. I knew I had her pussy lips engorge to the max. The pleasure apparently stole over her beautiful face. She splayed her thighs further apart, facilitating opening the thrusts down to her hilt.

“Oh yes, oh God yes!” Ashleigh cried. “Oh baby, don’t stop!”

My dick filled every inch of her wet pussy, and I continued jamming into her. We were very engrossed in the bliss!

Ashleigh’s pussy quivered, milking every drop of my cum out. She hugged me tight, clenching her thighs around my hips. She crooned. “Oh, Maré! My pussy…belongs to you! I belong to you!”

“Fucking you is my passion. I love fucking you so much.”

Ashleigh moaned, digging her nails into the skin of my back. Her voice exuded raw lust. She was destined to be a sex machine!  The untamed sex we were having was reminiscent of a classic 1980s porno scene. Our bodies drenched and glistened with perspiration as I continued my assault on her with a building tempo.

“I want to ride that monster cock, superhero!” Ashleigh yelled, looking crazed.

I lay on my back and Ashleigh straddled me. Then she lowered herself on my dick and began riding me. We instantly developed the very frantic fucking pace. I reached up and pinched Ashleigh’s hard nipples. She laughed, raking the skin on my chest.

“Yes, fuck me like a wild whore, baby girl.” I begged. “Work that fucking pussy like there is no end!”

“I’ll be riding this monster until it falls off.” She cooed. “Oh, I love the feel of your rod in my pussy!”

Ashleigh bounced up and down my dick. Her chest heaved and she moaned, which I knew was a clear indication of a mind-shattering climax. The next instant, she shrieked squirting over my erect pole. Her quivered violently around my dick as she cummed. I pulled her over me and began sucking her sweaty tits.

“I want you to fuck my ass!” She ordered.

“Say no more.” I replied.

I took my time working my dick into her ass. As I slid deeper, Ashleigh began rubbing her pussy. I started thrusting her ass fast and hard. The sex sounds that me made echoed through the bedroom. Her ass smacked against my pelvis as I continued pushing into her rear. Spanking her, I grabbed her cheeks and kept up with the good work.

“Yes, fuck my ass!” Ashleigh screamed.

I looked up at the camera that recorded our venture, smiling wryly. Then I looked down and saw red imprints of spanking on her ass cheeks. I pulled Ashleigh by her long blonde hair, developing a smooth rhythm.

“You love this, don’t you bad girl?” I murmured. “You love being fucked like a slut?”

“Yes!” She responded.

Intensifying my thrusts, I kept working Ashleigh’s ass like never before. I knew I was hitting the right spot leading her to the edge. She moaned aloud and rubbed her wet cunt. The wild sexual act had me nearing an orgasm. I wanted to keep myself from cumming but I could not hold it any longer. My torso strained and with one final deep thrust, I filled her rectum with my golden cum. Then I collapsed on her sweaty back and we fell on the mattress, lying down in each other’s arms and restoring some vitality.

None of us spoke for a while until Ashleigh got up and turned the camera off. She went to the bathroom to clean herself off. I looked up at the glass ceiling with my hands under my head, contented sexually. Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” serenaded in my head as I closed my eyes and smiled.

Ashleigh walked back to the bed and lay down beside me. The fragrant wafts of soap hit my nostrils.

“Fuck, that was good,” she muttered. “I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I was itching for a great butt-fucking!”

“It was great indeed,” I said, “better than the sex tape we did some years back. We should have recorded ourselves in the shower, especially when you grabbed the shower rod.”

“Yeah, we missed that,” Ashleigh admitted.”

“I’m glad you didn’t break your neck.”

“I know.” Ashleigh chuckled. “Do you want to watch the tape?”

“Sure, I can finally critique my performance in the bedroom.” I smiled.

We watched our sex tape that played on the flat screen Samsung TV. It wasn’t bad! Our expression and sounds that we made was comically obscene. I had another hard-on and touched her. She was wet and ready. We fucked once again, forgetting to add some scenes to the recorded video.

What an amazing afternoon it was! I hope we do another sex tape this summer.


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