Until I met her, I never considered myself bi-curious. But now, well you have to meet Ashley to understand.

I met her in a chat room, and as chats would go everyone was aware of the fact that she was a lesbian, who happened to be into a D/s lifestyle. She was tough as nails and did not mess around and made it very clear she was only interested in women, particularly rubenesque women.

I checked out her profile and was I in for a surprise. Here was this gorgeous creature of a woman, standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, with long flowing brunette hair, green eyes and a figure to die for, nice pert tits, a flat stomach and a bush to match her head hair, and my first thoughts were that she was breaking a lot of men’s hearts and I thought no way could she be a Domme but I could also tell by her picture, she was not a woman to be controlled either. She was way too feminine looking to be a Domme and it was blowing my mind.

So, I started a conversation with her, just in the chat room at first and that led to other chats outside the chat room. We chatted about different things – jobs, every day things and sex. I guess I was more curious than I could admit. I had to know how this beautiful woman could be only into woman and not men; I had to know how she worked, what made her tick. So, the questions started, the answers came and the dream that made me write this – no explanation, just a dream that needed to be written.

I chatted with her online for a long while. We became pretty good friends. We actually developed a closeness I had only experienced with a handful of women whom I consider my best friend. So we talked online, wrote letters back and forth, exchanged phone calls and then it happened, we knew we had to meet face to face. We made our plans to meet and it seemed as if time would not move any faster for that day to come.

THE DAY OF THE MEET: I don’t know why I was so nervous about meeting Ashley, as we had become close friends, but I was nervous the whole day. I was excited about meeting a good friend and yet nervous thinking of what might transpire between us and all the what ifs. There were so many unknowns but I knew I had to meet Ashley and make the relationship more real than it was, the personal interaction of face to face is what we both needed.

We were meeting for dinner at a nice restaurant and I had so much to do before going to dinner, had to get my hair fixed, buy a new dress and shoes and really just let myself go; I really felt more like I was preparing for a first blind date than meeting a good friend. I treated myself to a spa treatment, something I usually did not splurge on but felt it was a necessity today and as it turned out, it really did work wonders for me as I felt like a new woman. Then had my hair fixed, trimmed and styled in a very nice becoming style that I had never had before. I was pleased with the hairdresser for flattering my facial features with this new style as I had let my hair grow too long before having it cut. I decided to keep the length but just have a very nice style and trim done. So after I had my hair fixed and all, it was time to shop for the dress. I didn’t want to give the impression I was looking for sex with Ashley as I really was not but yet I did not want her to think that I didn’t think of her as a good friend; I wanted to impress her and yet be casual around her at the same time. I had made up my mind on the type of dress I wanted, a simple black jacket dress, the type that looks like a coat over a dress and wears well dressed up or down. I had owned one many years ago and it worked well for me, being that I am a full figured woman and all. And the shoes had to be simple pumps as heels and I do not work well, being I am short as well as full figured.

Almost feeling drunk and giddy now, I got dressed and got ready to go to the restaurant and meet Ashley. I am desirous and yet nervous and at the same time questioning over and over again what ifs.

I arrive to the restaurant and get a table, informing the maitre’d that I am expecting a friend so he knows to seat her when she arrives. He seats me in a corner area of the restaurant, which has a very nice ambiance and I start to relax just a little. Wishing I were a bit of a drinker, wanting to order a drink, I decide not to, needing to keep my wits about me for the evening. So, I order water and wait. Five minutes pass, 10 minutes and then 15 and I start thinking she isn’t going to show; she changed her mind and decided us meeting was not going to work. So I sit and wait. Finally, I decided that maybe I had better leave and go home, feeling a bit depressed and let down from this. But then she walks in and immediately, our eyes meet. I feel relieved she did come to meet me but also I start feeling more excited and nervous and titillated at the same time. I cannot help the feelings rushing through me. This gorgeous woman with such confidence and control has me under a spell and we haven’t even gotten to the first word of hello or anything.

She advances toward the table where I am seated. As she reached the table, I stood and we hugged, actually feeling somewhat relieved that we are both there now. The hug seemed to last a long time but I wasn’t pulling away. It felt very good to be embraced by her and to finally be there face to face with her that I didn’t want to let go. But alas, we finally separated and took our seats at the table and ordered our dinner and chatted. She was visiting from another state and I was looking forward to the after dinner events of some night clubbing, dancing, and who knew what else. Dinner was delicious but I don’t for the life of me remember what I ate since we were chatting like two friends who had not seen each other in years and were finally reunited, albeit this was our first meet. There were sparks flying between us and it was such an electrical feeling, this meeting.

After dinner was finished, we left and headed out to the clubs, leaving her car at the restaurant to be picked up later. The first club I had chosen was a nice little discreet very privately located club. I had been brought to this spot on several of my regular dates and enjoyed the very casual feeling yet knowing it was private enough that no one would notice me or know me enough to know my business. She ordered a drink but I don’t remember what she drank because I was too involved in trying to keep my wits about me and not let myself go completely to show how Ashley had me melting like a popsicle on a hot summer day, and I ordered a Sprite, as I knew if I started drinking I wouldn’t be much company and also the fact that I was driving. We found a nice little corner booth and sat down for a while, observing the crowd, and watching each other at the same time, smiling, giggling like two lovers.

A song that we both like started playing and we both kind of let the music take us over. She got up and asked me to dance with her and I feel I can not resist any request she makes. I felt so unsure of myself, not knowing where this dance would lead to and yet at the same time, I felt very much under her control, knowing that whatever happened would be the most wonderful experience I had ever had in my life.

But Ashley has me mesmerized and I can’t help but getting up and dancing, feeling close to her. We dance as close as two long time lovers do and her hands on my back feel so nice. She is so strong yet so gentle. She leans over and whispers in my ear and tells me she wants me. She starts nibbling on my earlobe and I get giggly as my ears are sensitive. She nuzzles my neck and I feel her hot breath on me and I am getting excited, although I have never been with a woman and had never considered myself bisexual but the pleasure she was delivering to me went so deep that I knew I was goner and that the dancing would not last very long.

Ashley whispers again, “Can we ditch the dancing and go back to my hotel to spend some time

And I can only nod in agreement, feel
ing that there is no turning back now. Once we are alone, the sexual escapade will begin and there will be no other experience like this ever. So we got off the dance floor and picked up the check for our drinks and left the bar.

As soon as we got in the car, she grabs me and starts kissing me full on the mouth, but I am not resisting although part of me says this is not the way it is supposed to be. I know I am attracted to men but with Ashley, I feel so wanton of her and desirous of her every touch that I can only reciprocate the kiss, our tongues meeting and dancing, our hands exploring each other’s bodies, touching each other’s breasts through our blouses and bras, feeling the nipples harden at the touch.

Finally, after a few minutes of such a passionate embrace and kiss, we had to break off the kiss because we realized we had not even left the parking lot yet and that we really needed to be alone in a setting that was more comfortable to each of us. We went back to the restaurant and picked up her car so that I could follow her back to her hotel.

As we entered her room, the passion was again high and we immediately embraced again, kissing each other deeply, each knowing what we wanted without even speaking a word. We were like two animals in heat, unable to stop what was happening or going to happen between us. The desires were strong and as she kissed down my neck and removed my dress and started kissing down places that only men had touched on me, I knew then that whatever Ashley wanted, Ashley would get. I could tell in her touches and kisses that she knew she had me and I would give everything I had to her.

She shows her appreciation for my undergarments as a man would, knowing I dressed this way to please her in the hopes that I would be taken by Ashley. She sucks on my heaving breasts through my bra, and brings my nipples to attention. She undoes my bra and sucks on my breasts, taking each in her mouth, admiring, adoring, loving on them. She has me so hot I beg her to not stop but she does and she moves her mouth lower, heading towards my belly and towards my privates.

Her fingers still are exploring me, touching me everywhere she has kissed me or licked me and making me feel so alive. She moves me over to the bed and pushes me down on my back. She kneels on the floor and spreads my legs, running her hands up and down all over my stocking clad legs. Pushes my legs up and then I feel her breath, hot and heavy and so sweet and delicate. She spreads my legs even more and puts her head between my legs and starts working her tongue over all my sensitive and erotic spots.

As Ashley’s hot breath hits my mons and labia and her fingers are exploring, I can’t help myself and let out moans of satisfaction. But the feeling of her tongue inside me and her fingers and hands pulling me too her, make me feel lightheaded and I feel as if I may pass out from the excitement.

I asked Ashley if we could please move to the bed as I don’t want to pass out on her like this. She is agreeable and we moved to the bed and Ashley continued her tongue lashing of my dripping, moist pussy, never missing a beat.

She brought me off so many times with her tongue and fingers, I lost count. I was really amazed with Ashley’s ability, her gentleness and caring ability to do to me what I thought only a man could do.

After a short rest and some cuddling and touching, Ashley decides it is my turn to learn. She directs me on how to touch her and suck on her breasts and slowly kiss my way down to her moistness. She tells me exactly how to use my tongue and fingers to get her off as she had done me.

I was a bit hesitant at first, not really knowing what I was doing and hoping I could pleasure Ashley as she had already done to me but the minute my tongue reached her clitoris and I heard her gasp and let out her breath, I knew what to do. I knew that all I had to do was tease her clit and tongue her sweet pussy just as I would want done to me or as I had done to me by Ashley. I let my fingers explore the depths of her pussy, while my tongue and mouth worked her clitoris up, causing it to expand like a mini erection. Her moans and touches on my head were enough for me to know that what I was doing was indeed the right thing.

I used my tongue deep within the folds of her pink box in conjunction with my fingers, feeling her hips arching up to meet my tongue thrusts. My tongue probed deeper and harder, like a small cock thrusting in and out of her, her hips arching to meet my tongue thrusts and her breathing becoming more raspy. I could feel her body tense up as her climax worked over her. When she exploded, I more intently worked my tongue up inside her, trying to catch all her sweet nectar.

Ashley is like a boy scout because she came prepared. She brought her toys with her, a nice 8 inch strap-on, some anal probes, nipple clamps and a few items of bondage. From all our conversations, Ashley knew I was basically a virgin in the sexual exploration department but she was in control and knew what to do; she used her toys with such expertise that I completely gave myself over to her that night, not questioning anything she did to me, totally abandoning all my thoughts on how sex should be with a man only.

We spent the night and the whole next day together, exploring each other, learning about each other’s needs and wants and desires and making sweet love to each other, using the toys and items of bondage to heighten the sexual pleasure, and just enjoying the sensation of being with each other, knowing that this was the beginning of something very deep and beautiful.

That evening when we were parting, we knew without words being spoken that we were only say so long for now as we would be taking this newfound friendship to another level, we would have to meet as often as we could to give each other satisfaction. We were totally exhausted from the lack of sleep but knew we must part ways as our lives needed to continue in the normal ways until we met again. We hugged and kissed and without words walked out of the hotel to our cars. We exchanged another hug and deep kiss in the parking lot at our cars, with a giggle and a smile, knowing that we would see each other again and again.

I cried all the way home because I missed Ashley so much and wanted her to stay with me longer, to teach me more and use me to her satisfaction. When I reached my house, it was so dark and lonely that I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming about the things Ashley and I had shared in the day we had spent together, dreaming of her touches, her tongue all over my body and her using her toys on me to totally take me.

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