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The Lunatic

Janice was one of the recent hires at a lawyer firm in Midtown Manhattan. In her early 30’s, she was a light skin African American with a beautiful mane of natural curly hair and kind of amber colored eyes. She had a chubby face that was not super pretty, but it gave her a younger appearance, something you forgot when you looked at her banging body. An athlete since her childhood, Janice kept in great shape instructing children in Gymnastics during her spare time. Her breasts were on the smaller side, but her butt was small, round and tight. Her thighs were to die for – toned without being overly muscular and seemed to be the perfect pillow to rest.

All that aside, we need to describe Jesus, our lunatic.

Jesus was one of the lawyer’s clients. He was a well known artist – painter, sculptor, and product designer. The guy was considered a modern day Da Vinci due to his talent and genius designs. But what Jesus had in talent, he also had in eccentric behavior. Although being young – he was just 35 -, his eccentricity made him look way older. To begin, he dressed in very unconventional ways. You could see him walking the streets one day wearing a tux while barefoot or signing a contract wearing a t-shirt, basketball shorts, a bath robe and flip flops. He also allowed his hair and facial hair to grow, looking like a hippie Albert Einstein. If you did not know him, you thought the guy was crazy – which was exactly what happened one day at the lawyers’ office. He went there to talk with his lawyer and childhood friend, Mr. Jones, and he was not there (Jesus went the wrong day). Jesus made a scene, and a veteran secretary dealt with him, making him realize his mistake. The younger secretaries, including Janice, labeled him as a lunatic which became his nickname.

One morning, Janice was late to work and in her hurry, she went straight to one of the elevators without noticing the “Out of Service” sign. In reality, the elevator was working but only reached some lower floors which did not include the ones where the lawyers office was. Right when Janice pressed the button for the 20th floor, another passenger got inside the elevator. It was Jesus.

As was his custom, Jesus was looking like a mental hospital patient. Imagine a guy wearing a purple blazer, a printed shirt, bright blue necktie, old jeans with some paint smudges here and there and shoes that did not match. Adding to his “fashion” style, he had his long hair in a messy pony tail and he had recently shaved his beard, but left his mustache styled like a 19th Century villain and had a red velvet top hat. He was a sight to behold!

Jesus got into the elevator without even greeting Janice. Although she considered him as a “dangerous lunatic”, she knew he was a client, so she contained her nerves when the doors closed and the elevator started going up. Everything was okay until they had just passed the 11th floor and the elevator simply stopped between floors. Janice was already scared, and she almost fainted when she turned to see Jesus. His face showed anger bordering on rage. He hated using elevators (he was a little bit claustrophobic), but because he thought he was going to arrive late to his appointment, he took the elevator. His eyes were almost out of the sockets when he tried to open the doors and they did not budge, pressing the alarm button and keeping it pressed for minutes until the building’s superintendent knocked at the door. The super told them he had already contacted the maintenance company and that a mechanic was on their way. Janice found the strength to ask if he had called 911, but the super told her he did, but unless there was a life-threatening emergency, 911 would not dispatch emergency personnel. They had to wait for the elevator mechanic.

After a couple of minutes that felt like a decade to both Janice and Jesus, the mechanic arrived. He let know the passengers he would fix it, but it could take him about an hour to fix the problem and let them out. Those were not reassuring words for Janice who already was fearing for her life next to the wild looking man trapped with her.

Realizing she needed to keep this guy entertained, she tried to start a conversation with Jesus, but he kept silent, with his hands inside the jeans pockets. She noticed he was fondling something in one of the pockets and she feared it was a knife. Meanwhile, Jesus was paying attention to something he recognized. Janice was wearing a lapel pin in the shape of a jeweled hummingbird and Jesus recognized it as a piece he designed when he was still a teenager. It was one of the first pieces he ever designed, with only five of them actually made and he was intrigued on how this young woman had acquired it. Due to his eccentric behavior, instead of just asking, he removed a hand from his pant pocket and started signaling Janice…

Janice, noticing this scary guy signaling her with his finger, thought he wanted her to undress. After a few seconds of consideration, she decided to comply with the non existent demand, since she was afraid of being attacked by this guy. Without looking at Jesus face, she started to undress. Quickly, she was totally nude in front of the eccentric artist, mentally praying for her safety…

Meanwhile, Jesus was completely lost at the situation. When the young woman started undressing without a word, he was confused, but also panicked in his own way. He was not a virgin, but his eccentricities had erased his romantic life. He would occasionally fuck a model here and there during gallery exhibitions, but they would never return after seeing him in his natural environment. In fact, he had not have any sex besides his hand during the last five months, and seeing this naked woman was getting the expected reaction. Yes, she was not as pretty as the models he would fuck, but her body was a masterpiece. Noticing her flat belly with the hint of defined abs, her perky B cups breasts, and her butt and thighs, his penis began to get hard. His erection was already becoming uncomfortable, so he placed his hand inside the pants pocket to fix his cock.

Looking with the corner of her eyes, Janice noticed the maneuver – and she also noticed the size of the package inside the man’s jeans. It was an impressive size, she estimating it to be easily 9 inches long with an inch and a half wide. Definitively it was bigger than her last boyfriend’s cock, and she felt her mouth opening slightly in surprise. After all, she had broken with her boyfriend three months earlier after catching him cheating on her with an older woman from Park Avenue. She had not dated anyone since then and seeing the piece that the lunatic was carrying was a surprise, but also a reminder her holes needed some TLC.

Jesus noticed she was looking at him and turned to see her. In his mind, he wanted to tell her to please dress up, but turning had the effect of making his erection to get to its full effect. He left a low moan, part frustration, part lust, and part longing for a woman. Janice heard the moan and mistakenly took it as an order to suck his cock, so fearing the worst, she knelt in front of Jesus, who remained there, immobile and silent.

Janice took this as a demand for her to free his member, so she slowly lose his belt and the jeans’ button as well as lowered the pant zipper. She carefully lowered his pants and underwear, freeing his massive erection. As she had thought, this cock was huge! It was as long and thick as her forearm, veiny to the point of being pulsating on its own, with the tip in a purplish tone. Ironically, the man’s genital area was nicely trimmed, with his massive testicles being basically hairless. Right then, Janice looked up to his face, and with his eyes, he gave his approval. She took the massive rod in her hand and slowly put it in her mouth. She was expecting for him to smell awful, but in reality, she liked his smell. He smelled of pine, earth, and a trace of paint- smells she found very masculine and strangely arousing. Slowly, she started a rhythmic up and down on his cock, savoring having such a huge specimen in her mouth.

Jesus could not believe what was happening. At this stage of his life, an unknown woman was giving him oral sex in an elevator… and he was enjoying it. Slowly, he placed his hands on her head, guiding it to keep a regular pace. As this happened, Janice started to finger her already soaked pussy. She did not realize she was doing it until her hand graced her engorged clitoris, making her moan a deep, primal sound.

As if they had known each other for a lifetime, Jesus took his cock out of her mouth and looked directly to her eyes. Without a word, Janice turned around, and still kneeling, offered her back to him. Without missing a beat, Jesus penetrated her pussy, slowly at first, but increasing his tempo and force until Janice had to support herself placing her hands on one of the elevator’s walls. She was enjoying this silent fuck so much that her initial moans of pleasure became pleasure screams as Jesus increased his thrusts.

Both were in such an ecstasy they did not notice when the elevator began moving upward. Jesus was grabbing Janice’s hips, fucking her with all the lust and impulse of a horny teenager and Janice’s face was a mask of a person lost in pleasure and happiness. Neither one realized the elevator doors had opened at the lawyers’ office and that a small crowd had formed after hearing the pleasure noises. Jesus kept pumping her from behind until exploding inside Janice’s hungry pussy screaming in pleasure, giving her another hard orgasm. They were in their own world until the small crowd began clapping as if they had watched a performance, with some of them even hollering in approval.

When they noticed the public, they separated and got out of the elevator running – Jesus to Mr. Jones’ private office and Janice to the ladies’ room. The show being over, Jesus dressed and told his lawyer (and friend) what had happened from his point of view. Janice was inside the ladies’ room, totally mortified and ashamed. She stayed there until after everyone had left the office, but outside the bathroom was Jesus and Mr. Jones, waiting for her. Mr. Jones heard Janice’s version of the events and helped both of them to clear the misunderstanding and formally introduced them…

Since that day, Janice and Jesus are a couple. The lawyer lost a secretary, but Jesus won a new model, inspiration, and wife… also, he does not look or behave like a lunatic anymore…

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