At her house, On her couch

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I gave Kayla a call the next day, to see if she wanted to hang out, seeing as I was really damn horny. She said she was just lounging around in her pajamas watching movies on the couch, but if I wanted to come over I was more than welcome to. She gave me directions to her house and I told he I’d be there in about 20 minutes. I got to her house and she answered the door in a tank top and some sweat pants. She told me she was just about to start watching the movie The Notebook. I sighed, recognizing the title as a chick flick, but oh well I was hear for ass, not a good movie.
I crawled onto the couch and she laid down in front of me, and she told me her mom was sleeping over on the other side of the house. She pressed play on the DVD player, and snuggled up against me. We were both laying sideways, and I was laying behind her. I put one arm over her and throughout the first half of the movie just caressed her thigh up to her shoulder and back. I moved my arm back and slid my hand between her legs, rubbing her inner thigh. I moved my way up to her pussy and started rubbing her through her sweat pants. She started breathing heavy and reached behind her to rub me through my pants. I was getting really horny.
I took out my pocket knife and cut a hole In the crotch of her pants, no point in taking them off it’s easier to hide when all she has to do is close her legs instead of pull up her pants and underwear. I started fingering her through the whole in her sweats until she was really wet. She undid my zipper and started rubbing the head of my dick with her thumb, getting it covered In my pre-cum. I started to nibble on her hear and when she was about to cum I whispered in her ear “I’m going to fuck you.” Than I slammed my dick into her pussy and she came, biting the couch cushion to muffle a scream.
I started thrusting into her while she was cumming, and she told me that she loves the way my dick feels inside of her. I smiled and told her to get on her stomach and up on her knees. I stopped humping for a second so she could comply. I pulled out and pulled her pants down enough to show her pussy. I got down and stuck my tongue in her dripping pussy. After a few minutes I shoved my dick back into her. I kept on humping her until I was about to cum, then I pulled out, flipped her over, and aimed at her face. She started giving me a hand job to finish me off and I came all over her mouth and chin. She licked it all off and spit it out onto my dick and started to jack me off again. Then she said “Fuck me again, but this time when you come I want it inside me.” I asked if she was on the pill and she said yes, so I agreed.
I started fucking her missionary this time, and was fucking her hard. She pulled her shirt up and started playing with her tits, moaning and squirming. I rolled over on my back and she jumped on top of me, pulling my dick back inside of her. She jumped up and down on my dick until she came, her pussy clamping down on my dick. That’s what pushed me over the edge, and I buried my dick inside of her, filling her with my cum. She let out a deep satisfied moan, and collapsed next to me. She looked over and smiled, then said “Wow you are great I bed, I’m glad my boyfriend is a good fuck, unlike my last one.”
I kind of raised my eyebrow at the mention of me being her boyfriend, but if she let me keep fucking her I’d let her believe whatever. She told me she couldn’t wait to introduce me to her friends…

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