Attraction Watching You

Speeding through the dark streets, Ian’s ego was getting the best of him, still pissed yet stealing glances at me from the corner of his eye. Quickly he reached over grabbed my thigh and jerked my legs apart. Still speeding through the streets his fingers found my clit and coax it to attention. My wetness instantly returned and his fingers slip up and down my slit and back to my clit massaging it hard. I closed my eyes and let the sensation take me over pulled my blouse open and played with my tits. “Oh God!” I whispered hoarsely. Ian intensified the clit stimulation then slid his finger past my engorged lips; first one then two and then a third. My hips involuntarily start to thrust on his fingers as I pinch my nipples. My thighs start to shaking uncontrollably, my moans escalated, and I squirted thick and hot on his fingers. He yanked his hand from between my legs and rubbed my cum over my tits. The car came to a screeching stop; Ian slammed it into park, killed the engine and got out in a hurry. I looked out the window through blurry eyes trying to get my bearings. He snatched my door open, grabbed my arm and yanked me from the car. Pulling my blouse close he guided me into the lobby. My legs weak, my heart still racing, I gave in to his bullying. Waiting for the elevator he stood behind me pressing his body close and I felt his dick hard against my ass. Electricity shot through every nerve ending in my body as he wrapped his arms around me tight and bit my neck.

The elevator doors slide open and he rushed me inside. As soon as the doors close his mouth was at my nipples sucking and biting. He slammed me up against the back wall his breathing heavy and hot. I reach for his belt unbuckling it with shaky hands. The elevator doors slide open we raced to his door and he struggling to get the door unlocked. We tumbled through the open door into his apartment, lips locked in rough, biting kisses. Clawing and pawing at each other he ripped my blouse off and with a rough yank my bra followed. Reaching behind me he unzipped my skirt, it fell to the ground as I stumble out of it. I reach down tearing at his pants pulling them down as he wrestled out of his shirt popping buttons as he did. From my knees I look up and marvel at his toned, ripped body and flat stomach. “Fucking gorgeous!” I thought. I reached up placed my palms on his chest, feeling his heart pounding beneath his ribs and I slowly dragged my nails down to his stomach leaving little pink trails on his skin as he groaned. On all fours I circle him brushing against his legs cat-like licking his thighs, teasing him purposely knowing he had enough teasing for one night. The shadows and light from the sliding glass doors play on our bodies; I circle behind him licking the backs of his thighs, digging my claws into his back marking him and licking his tight ass. Tasting his skin and smelling his scent my heart pounded against my ribs. Rubbing my tits against his ass, kissing and licking his back I reach around and grab his rock hard dick; tightening my grip, sliding my hand on its length feeling the veins pulsing, stroking him as he groaned.

I hungered for his taste, crawled to his front as my mouth watered in anticipation of his thick nine inches. The tip of my tongue circled his head tasting pre-cum. I licked his cock length getting it slick and wet. I took his thickness into my mouth hungrily sucking and swallowing grabbing his tight ass as he forced me to take him deeper with his hands tangled in my hair. His groans echoing in the silence, exciting me more as I swallow his dick deeper, sucking harder as he starts thrusting down my throat. Suddenly he pulls out of my mouth, yanks me up from the floor and faces me towards the glass doors. His dick pressed hard against my ass. I arched my back wanting him inside me. He wrapped his hand around my neck and whispers in my ear “Look, he’s watching you”. The man across the way had his eyes glued on me and wicked excitement burned the center of my being. Ian reached around and started to massage my tits as he pressed his cock against my ass. “Show him your pussy” he commanded as he snatched a chair and slammed it in front of the glass doors. I sat spreading my legs wide so the man could get a good look. “Rub your clit slowly for him. Spread your legs more” Ian commanded. I fingered my clit in slow circular motions while I stared back at the man. The man started to rub his crotch through his jeans and I slid my hips down the chair so he could get a better look. Ian flicked on a lamp allowing the man to get a clear view of my pussy. I heard Ian talking to someone “Yeah come up right now and bring your toys” he said and slapped his cell closed.

I watched the man tug his jeans off and he stood there in his boxer his hard dick strained against the material. He licked his bottom lip and slid open his balcony door as he watched me thrust my fingers in and out of my pussy. I heard voices behind me but kept my eyes on the man. “Look at her she’s fucking hot. Eat her pussy” Ian commanded. Next thing I knew I felt soft hands on my shoulders gliding down my arms and softly grabbing my tits. I could smell jasmine and feel silky hair brushing against my shoulders and back. The soft hands massaged my tits and rolled my hard nipples in delicate fingers. I heard movement and suddenly the man was no longer in view; instead a naked, curvy Asian stood in front me a dragon tattoo started from her right nipple down her side, wrapped around her waist down her stomach and disappeared in her shaved snatch. She whipped her hair back and got on her knees in front of me. My anticipation tingled through every nerve in my body setting me on fire. Her small, soft hand brushed my hand away from my pussy and she placed her head between my legs. I could feel her warm tongue licking my clit and then gently sucking it as I started to drip. Ian grabbed me by the neck, titled my head back “meet Yuki” he whispered and entered my mouth with his tongue. Yuki started to trace my wet pussy lips with her tongue gliding her tongue across my slit. Ian handed her a vibrator. She sucked at my juices as she played the tip of the vibrator on my anus. I moaned loudly wriggling my hips in the chair as Ian played with my nipples and moved to stuck on them. I could now see the man across the way, his hard dick in his hand as he stroked it long and slow. “He wasn’t half bad. Mmmm look at him stroke his dick” I mused.

Ian and Yuki were both moaning and groaning loudly as they pleasured me. I felt the vibrator tip slid into my anus, I was so hot it went in easy and she feed more in my ass as she turned up the vibration and sucked my pussy. The man started to jerk his dick faster and harder gliding his thumb over his thick head as his hand slid down his shaft. The orgasmic wave hit me hard and I shot my juices into Yuki’s mouth as she swallowed. She sat back on the floor licking her lips, her chin glistened with my juices as Ian pulled the chair away and bent me over deep. The man shot his load over the balcony as his hips jerked; I could hear him grunt and groan. Ian rubbed my pussy with the head of his cock and Yuki offered me her perfectly round tits. Her nipples were erect and plump. I sucked on one and then the other as she pleasured herself a bright red dildo. Ian pushed his thick cock head against my anus and worked it inside. He pushed his thick cock deeper in my ass, stretching me wider to take him as Yuki slid on the floor under me lying on her back and spread her legs wide. I bent down close to her and our mouths lock in passionate kisses our tongues snaked together. Ian’s slow thrusts became urgent as he began to pound my ass hard and forced his dick deep to his balls. My knees buckled and I sunk down onto top of Yuki. She spread her legs and lifted her heels on my shoulders. “Damn she’s like a circus freak!” I laughed in my head. Ian repositioned himself on his knees behind me thrusting deep in my ass as she slipped one hand to my clit massaging it with her delicate fingers while the other plunged the dildo deeper in her sweetness. I could smell the scent of her pussy and Ian’s sweat mingled scents of jasmine, earthy musk, and metallic salt. I wanted to jump out of my skin the sensation was so intense!

Suddenly Ian pulled out of my deliciously aching ass, pulled the dildo out of Yuki and thrust into her wet pussy. The gushy, slurping sound as he fucked her made my pussy throb. He pulled out and hammered deep into my throbbing wetness alternating between our throbbing wetness as our moans intensified. We both begged for his dick each time he pulled out and fuck the other. Our bodies were slick with sweat I could feel the sweat dripping from Ian’s chest onto my back. All of my senses were overloaded as I drifted on pure bliss. Ian stopped thrusting and gyrating, grabbed my waist and pull me down Yuki’s body until my face stopped between her legs. He pushed my face to her waiting pussy and I ate her ravenously as she squirmed, wiggled her hips on my face. Ian positioned himself behind sliding his nine inches inside of my throbbing sweetness to finish me off. All three of us seconds from wicked orgasms. Ian slammed hard into me and found the point of no return.

My walls clamped down on his cock so hard he stopped thrusting feeling the spasms on his dick. Yuki’s thighs shook uncontrollably as she gushed on my face digging her finger nails into the carpet and arching her back. Ian recovered, ramming into me fast and hard. I came with a white hot fury biting Yuki’s inner thigh hard as Ian took one last deep thrust and shot his hot load into my depths. I could feel him swell inside me as he squirted until he was spent. Ian and I collapsed on the floor, rolled on our back grasping for air with Yuki lying between us. I slide my fingers in Yuki’s waiting pussy while Ian sucked on her tits; a throaty cry escaped her lips as we both brought her to her end. The three of us sunk into the coolness of the carpet completely exhausted. I could still feel my juices leaking out of me as my throat burned with each snatched breath. I turned my head to see if the man was still watching; he was standing on his balcony nude from the waste down his dick glisten with his own cum his arms limp at his side and his chest heaving as he caught his breath. What a rush!


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