Aunt and nephew have a little secret

I don’t know how you are, but when I cruise porn sites, I like those sites where amateurs submit their own photos. I don’t know what it is, I guess it’s just the feeling that I’m looking at my next door neighbor. I seem to click on familiar names a lot. I guess it’s kind of a fantasy of mine to run across someone I know.
Can you believe it? I was looking through this “liberated women” section where somewhat older women pose for the first time and submit their picks. Well, I found my aunt. She’s always been in good shape. I guess I just never looked at her in a sexual context before. Now, I was looking at her in a sexual context. I was as horny as can be. My fantasy had happened. I found someone I knew quite well, exposing some of her most private parts.
I couldn’t stop there. I started emailing her, at the private email address that she left on that site. I started suggesting poses for her to submit. Some she would try, some she wouldn’t. Then I started suggesting that you pose in particular places in her home. I got more and more specific with each request. I finally got so specific that she realized that I had been in her house before. Well, she had just moved, and we had helped her. There were areas in her home that few people knew about.
Finally, she wanted to know who I was. “What makes you think we know each other?” I asked. “Just some of the things you know about me”, she replied. I told her that I would expose my identity to her, if she would expose herself completely to me in person. It took her a couple of days to think about it. I knew she was uncomfortable. But I also knew that the curiosity would kill her. Finally she agreed.
We set up a time to meet. She would come home for lunch one day, and I would just stop by. I told her that she couldn’t have any underwear on, and she had to be wearing a thin blouse when she came to the door. She agreed.
I stopped by that afternoon, and I brought with me something that we had borrowed from her a few weeks back. I went to the door, and presented her with the borrowed item, and just kind of played it off. Then I asked if I could use her restroom. I could tell that at first she suspected me, but now she was unsure. I could see her erect nipples as I passed by her. She had followed my instructions. When I returned from the bathroom, I stayed with standard conversation, so not to let on. She was so horny, and so unsure if I was the one. She couldn’t hide her nipples behind that blouse. Finally, I reached out, moved my hand ever so close to her breasts, and asked if she was expecting someone this afternoon. I slowly started to unbutton her blouse. At this point she was to far gone. She couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled her clothes completely off. It was so much better than the pictures. Oh, I wanted to touch. What the heck, I reached out. She said, “No, no, no. You’re overdressed”. I said, “If you see a problem, you need to help correct it”. Well it didn’t take long for her to strip me naked. I fell back as she pulled my pants from my legs. She fell right over on top of me. She straddled me, and just fucked my brains out. She leaned forward so that I could suck those nipples. I turned her over doggy style and fucked her for a while. We started thinking of creative areas in her house that we could fuck some more.
When we were through, she said “Now I have a secret on you too. That may help you keep yours.” I’ve never told anyone of the web site that I found. And she’s never told anyone of the afternoon that we spent together. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t renew our commitment to each other…

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  1. good

    give it better details. make a sequel

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