Back Alley Stranger

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As Barbara left the social club that night, a little intoxicated, not from the alcohol that she had consumed, more of the thoughts that were running through her mind. the young couples that were dancing, kissing, fondling each other made her jealous. If she could only find a man who would make her body feel alive again. But alas it was not to be.
She would go home, change into her nightgown, then watch a soft porn video, play with her own ample tits, then masturbate, then climb into bed as she had done for the past two years. Barbara was so frustrated by the lack of sex, her partner had lost all interest, all he did was work sleep and shun her sexual advances.
As Barbara walked across the car park, she became aware that she was not alone, she was not unduly frightened , it was a well lit car park. then she heard a voice was it in her head , or did someone say something , there it it was again!. Barbara stopped in her tracks turned slowly round and came face to face with a man, who at first glance looked in his late forties, maybe a little older.
He said I could not help but notice that you were on your own and were looking a little sad, could he be any assistance. Barbara replied oh it’s alright.
My name is Rod what is yours , he was persistent, Barbara came the reply.
Well Barbara I think I have got something for you that will make you happy not sad. Oh yeah what is that asked Barbara. It was then that she was aware that she was on the far side of the car park where it was a lot darker, then she felt Rod’s arm moving across her shoulder, it felt comforting and good, Barbara had been surprised with herself she was not normally as forward as this, even when Rod lent over and kissed her on the cheek she did not shy away, in fact she did the opposite and cuddled closer.
This stranger Rod or who ever he was had made her feel good and very horny and wished he would kiss her again, even be more adventuress Barbara did not have to wait long , Rod had swung around in front of her and began kissing her hard on the lips, Barbara responded as if he had read her mind. They kissed long and hard their tongues intertwining tasting each other.
Then Barbara felt the top three buttons of her dress being undone, as Rod slid his right hand around her left breast squeezing it gently feeling its fullness. Barbara pulled him in to the adjacent alley, it was very dark Barbara did not care she liked the sexual feeling this stranger was sending her..
Still fumbling in the dark , Barbara undid the rest of her buttons and her dress was fully open and hanging from her shoulders, she then placed Rod’s hands on both her breasts. As he caressed and kissed them running his tongue into her cleavage, then he slowly pushed his left hand around to the clasp on the back of her bra and released it, Barbara’s tits lurched forward and quickly, Rod had pushed her bra up and released her tits, holding one in his left hand he began to pull at her ever hardening nipple, to Barbara it felt fantastic. When he bent his head and took her other nipple into his mouth and began to suck Barbara could not contain her self any longer She slid her hand down to the waistband of his trousers unfastened it, and was tugging his fly open , her hand was inside his jockey shorts Barbara began to fondle his balls, then she ran her fingers up its length. Barbara had to have a taste of this erect cock ,as she pulled herself away from Rod’s mouth that was busy slurping on her nipples, Barbara was on her knees taking the length of Rod’s throbbing cock into her mouth, Oh how she had dreamt of this moment for such a long time, the taste of a salty cock once more in her mouth, mmmmmm, she would try and make it last. It did not take long until Rod had to pull away from her, as Barbara had got him so worked up ,he would have cum in her mouth, reluctantly Barbara let it go.
Rod was down on his knees and tugging down Barbara’s knickers, pulling them down over her knees and onto the cobbles of the alley floor, Barbara lifted one leg and Rod pulled them free. In one swift movement he had Barbara’s left leg over his shoulder and was pushing his face into Barbara’s downy pubes, she was wet with anticipation her sex lips began to swell as Rod’s tongue began to trace the outline of her clitoris , then Barbara felt two fingers slide into her, as Rod parted her lips and buried his face in her juicy love hole .
Rod’s tongue quickly found her quivering spot and began to nibble on it. Barbara put her hands behind his head and pulled him into her , now Rod’s tongue, teeth and nose were deeply imbedded in her pussy, masturbating every crevice of her wanton vagina . Barbara was pushing and pulling and writhing against Rod’s face, then her body tightened as spasms of pure ecstasy flooded from her body, her orgasm had been so intense that her liquid sex had nearly drowned poor Rod , when her body had relaxed a bit she released his head , he was fighting for air . She had nearly suffocated him.
Barbara was totally naked ,she did not care that she was lying in a dirty dark back alley all she wanted was to feel Rod’s hard cock push deep inside.
Lying on her back Barbara guided Rod into her sopping wet pussy,Rod’s cock slid in deeper until his ball sack hit off her bum. Barbara had felt it go deeper than anyone else had done, then she tightened her muscles around it and Rod began to fuck her, fuck her like she had always dreamt of being fucked, slow to start with then fast, then slow again, making sure that on every in stroke it went deeper making Barbara groan with delight.
They were both building up to orgasm’s that they could hardly control, Barbara started to writhe about grinding her hips into Rod’s thrusts, Rod could feel his own pressure building up as fluid began to drip from his knob end. They were now at boiling point then, when Rod raised Barbara’s bum off the cold cobbles and pushed one finger right up into Barbara’s bum hole , Barbara screamed with delight as her whole body erupted as her orgasm ripped through her body the sensation was electrifying and it seemed to last for ages, then she felt Rod’s gush of what felt like gallons of cum spurt deep inside, filling her up and oozing out.
They lay for a while Rod sucking at Barbara’s nipples . When Barbara released her muscles Rod pulled himself free, Barbara licked Rod’s cock clean of their mixed cocktail of cum, she needed to savour the taste of her strangers cum, then Rod reciprocated by licking Barbara’s pussy clean, both thoroughly cleansed they dressed the best they could in the dark Barbara eventually found her bra, she never did find her knickers.
Rod walked her back into the light, kissed Barbara goodbye and disappeared into the night.
As Barbara walked home she could feel the residue of Rod’s cum running down her legs, it felt wonderful, as Barbara reached her gate she began to straighten her clothes, her knees were skinned from the abrasion of the cobbles, she did not care.
As Barbara opened her front door her partner remarked pissed again, Barbara ignored his sarcasm, climbed the stairs to the bathroom picking up towels and her night clothes from a cupboard at the top of the stairs ,locked herself in the bathroom, sat on the toilet seat as her bath filled up, thinking to herself She had been sucked ,fucked and sucked again and again by a stranger and she loved every minute , As she climbed into the bath it was not to wash away the scent of her illicit sex she just needed to get warm and be alone with her thoughts, She had been sucking on a cock which tasted better than any beer in the club. Barbara hoped it would happen again, maybe next week.

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    Quite exciting, looking forward for more..

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