Back Home Again

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As the years went by only to look back at some of my wild adventures when I was in college and sometimes wondering what ever happen to some of the guys that I went to school with and still remembering that one night in particular, that I can say that was truly the first blowjob and bisexual experience that I have ever had. So after receiving an invitation back to the school for a reunion after 20-years. The letter had a phone number to where I was suppose to call when I got into town, so as my wife told me to have a good time.So as I headed up the mountain thinking about the reunion and before I knew it, I was heading into town, and as I checked into the hotel I quickly phoned the number on the invitation and after several rings, someone picked up and said that it was about time that I called, so finally figuring out who I was talking too, the voice on the other end told me that we were all meeting at this bar, and to be there around 9-oclock. So as I headed out to the bar being a little nervous, finally entering the bar I immediately saw several guys that I remembered from school. After sitting down with having several drinks and chit-chatting about our school days. After several minutes the nervousness left, and I felt comfortable just sitting there drinking one, two,then several more drinks I was finally getting a little buz, so as most of the guys finally had left telling me that they would see me tommorrow, and around midnight a face I hadn’t seen came strolling up the table. This guy I knew quiet well because he lived in my town, but not seeing much of him, asking him where did he come from, and looking at his posture he was feeling no pain. As he tried to tell me that he had just gotten into town, not knowing where he was going to stay, and without any pause told him that he could stay with me in my room.So as we had a few more drinks I told him that I was headed to the room, so as we finally get back to the hotel(somehow) we both landing on the couch being exhausted and tired from all the drinking we chit-chatted a little before both of us passed out. As I woke up the next morning with a little hangover I noticed when Rick woke up he was doing just fine, so as I headed towards the shower he was sitting there drinking coffee in his shorts.So as I felt the hot water on my back and neck trying to revive myself a little, putting on my shorts and heading out to the where the the TV was telling Rick that I had a major headache.And as I sat there trying to down some coffee Rick comes out of the bathroom wearing nothing and with a major hard on, trying not to notice, but he was at full attention walking past me in saying something but I didn’t hear him as I was looking at his full cock, and feeling my cock comming to attention, he started to tell me that he had not had sex in years, so as he came over to me grabbing my hand pulling me towards the bedroom pushing me down onto the bed on my back with now my cock was at full attention, and as he said it looked like that we both had a problem and in the meantime had gotten on the bed stradling my face with his cock and went on to tell me that he wanted me to suck him off, so as he grabbed my cock into his mouth he began to suck me off, thinking I was going to cum in a few seconds, and then when felt me geting ready to cum he backed off,grabbing my head onto his cock. He must have had at least 9-inches which was now pounding my face and as he pushed into farther down my throat, he had turned to where only his cock was going in and out of my mouth then he grabbed my head and pushed even more down my throat, hearing him moan alittle more each time he was pounding me even harder by now, saying oh how good that felt, telling me to suck harder, moaning even more, as his juices began to flow, some started to come out the corners of my mouth, but that slow him down pumping me harder and harder feeling the bulge in my mouth getting bigger and bigger continually pounding his cock in and out of my mouth, and as he begin to pant he pulls out and sprays me with his juices, cumming all over my face thinking that he was not going to stop, until finally he grasped one last time, then telling me that it was my turn, so as he turned around and seeing his awaiting ass, I had enough pre-cum to use as a lubricant so easing my now stiff cock, first slowly and then picking up speed, and the more I poked his ass the easier it felt while screwing him so as he began to maon again, I picked up the pace feeling his tight ass around my cock filling his hole with now full length and as we both moaned, and as the slapping noise began as my cock pounded his ass, I felt a huge relief when I emptied my juices into his ass, and wven when I was done shooting my cum into him I continued to pound his ass until he had shot a second load onto the bed, and as he pulled off of me, we both fell onto to bed, and both fell asleep, sleeping on into the evening.And to think that this was just the first day.End of Part 1

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