Back Yard Adventure – Part II

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I was not the only one that enjoyed the show that night. Had I not been distracted by her stepping onto the deck from inside, I would have seen that the glimpse of something in the yard earlier was the woman who lived next door…

Darlene has lived in the house next door since before we moved in. Her ex left her for another woman – I’m still not sure why – even though she is a few years older than us, she is great looking and has a body to die for! Since the divorce, Darlene doesn’t seem to go out much. She doesn’t work, she can easily live off the alimony he pays her, and she doesn’t seem to have many friends. She spends most of the time by her pool sunbathing and reading.

Sandra and I were now relaxing on the lounge chairs beside the hot tub when Darlene appeared out of the darkness and stepped up onto the deck. She had made herself comfortable by the time I returned with her drink. As I sat back down, she told us she had come over earlier to invite us for a swim. She readily admitted she hadn’t just arrived – that she had been in a chair in the yard since our “show” started. She had thought about leaving but was too intrigued by what was happening on the deck in front of her so she stayed in the darkness and enjoyed everything she had seen. Darlene was quite frank when she told us she had not had sex with a partner since her divorce. She was not into the bar scene and found it difficult to meet people since she rarely left the house except to shop. I was more than surprised when she said it was really Sandra she enjoyed watching that night. As she was talking, I couldn’t help notice that her nipples were protruding from the bikini top she was wearing and that they were extremely hard. Darlene told us she had never been with another woman but had often fantasized about it while masturbating, especially since her husband had been gone. She told Sandra how hot it had made her tonight when she had seen her tits and ass through the sheer nightie she’d been wearing. I noticed that Sandra was starting to blush a little but didn’t seem to mind listening to what Darlene was saying. Darlene then turned to me and asked if I would mind sharing Sandra with her. Unsure of what my wife would say, I told her, whatever was OK with Sandra, was OK with me. To my shock, Sandra agreed! At that point, Darlene put down her drink, rose from the chair and walked over to Sandra. She bent over in front of my wife, which gave me a great view of her ass in the bikini bottom. As she leaned forward, she gently took Sandra by the back of the head and pulled her forward. She gave her a long, slow kiss which I’m sure included tongue, but I couldn’t see from where I was sitting. I could tell Sandra was responding as her nipples were starting to poke out of the T-shirt she was now wearing. Darlene then stood up and took Sandra’s hands in hers and pulled her to her feet. She started to caress Sandra’s arms but quickly moved her hands to my wife’s tits and ass. As she caressed her, they were kissing each other’s lips and darting their tongues in and out of their mouths. The site of my wife being kissed and fondled by another woman created an instant erection inside my PJ bottoms and I couldn’t help but start to play with myself while I watched. The girls noticed this and decided, without words, to take it to the next level. They each slipped off their own clothes which exposed my wife’s cleanly shaven pussy and Darlene’s trimmed, V shaped muff. Darlene slowly lowered herself to her knees, along the way she licked, kissed and sucked Sandra’s tits and nipples then made her way directly to Sandra’s clit. I could see her tongue teasing my wife’s clit, something I loved to do too. Sandra was beginning to moan and, for the second time that night, I could see her juices starting to glisten and drip from her pussy. This was apparently evident to Darlene as well because at that moment she slid her tongue from the clit down to where she could taste the hot pussy drippings that were now running down my wife’s inner thighs. Once she had cleaned up all of that, she forcefully slid her tongue inside Sandra’s now burning, aching pussy. After what seemed like an eternity to me, Darlene told Sandra to lie down on the lounger and positioned it so I had a perfect view of the action that was about to happen. After making sure Sandra was comfortable, Darlene got on her in the classic 69 position. As if on cue, both girls started touching and licking each other. I felt like I was at a tennis match as my head moved back and forth so as not to miss anything that was going on. Not knowing if Sandra had ever been with another woman before, it was easy to see she was a natural at it. Her long slender fingers gently slid Darlene’s lips apart, making way for her tongue to enter her pussy. She made slow, deliberate licks with her tongue, at first just touching the edges of the pussy, but then making sure that every possible bit of her tongue was as far in Darlene as possible. All the while, Darlene was mirroring what Sandra was doing to her. Both girls were now breathing hard and moaning. Just as I could feel that it wasn’t going to be too much longer before I blew my load, Sandra glanced my way, her mouth still gently sucking on Darlene’s clit, and shook her head in a side-to-side motion. She momentarily removed her mouth from the pussy that she was obviously enjoying and told me to stop masturbating, that “they” would take care of me soon. I knew that it would only take a few more strokes on my rock hard cock to get me off so I did what I was told for the second time that night. I don’t ever remember my wife being so forceful with me but I was certainly enjoying it! So, I just relaxed in my chair and continued to watch my wife being treated to something that I never imagined I would ever see, other than in my fantasies. After only a few more minutes of watching, I could see and hear that they both were getting ready to cum. Sandra’s back was arching even though Darlene was on top of her. And Darlene was moaning so much and so loudly that it, on its own, almost made me cum. Just as I was about to take myself in hand again because I couldn’t stand it any longer, Sandra moaned and screamed out that she was going to cum. This must have done if for Darlene because I saw squirt her juices all over my wife’s face as she had what seemed like a three minute orgasm. I had heard about but never seen a “squirter” before – what a turn-on it was for me to see another woman’s pussy juice all over my wife’s face. Sandra surprised me one more time when she not only tasted Darlene’s juices but licked up every ounce that was on her cheeks and the rest of her face!

The girls must have known that I couldn’t stand too much more of this so immediately after they had finished their orgasms, the both made their way over to my chair and started on me. I had my wife on my left side and Darlene on my right. Darlene gave a quick glance to Sandra to make sure she had her approval before she pulled my PJ bottoms off. Sandra took the lead by grabbing my cock at the base and started to slowly lick all the up to the head of my cock. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, Darlene gently stroked my balls while licking the other side of my cock, making sure that I could see her tongue touch my wife’s as they both moved their way up and down my shaft. Darlene was the first to notice the pre-cum oozing from the head of my cock so she licked right up to the head then slid her mouth over my entire cock, even taking Sandra’s fingers into her mouth at the same time. After having seen my wife being pleasured by another woman then having two women on my cock at the same time, it was time for me to let go. The surge of cum from my balls was hadn’t made its way out of my cock yet because Sandra was acting as a human cock ring. She now had tight grip on the base of my cock and only released it once she had positioned her mouth close to Darlene’s. At the moment she released her grip on my cock, what seemed like a quart
of cum blasted
out of my cock into Darlene’s mouth. Not wanting to be greedy, she immediately gave Sandra a deep, hard kiss so that they both could enjoy the taste of my cum. I was sure that at any minute I would wake up from what was the best dream I had ever had but I wasn’t sleeping! When they had finished kissing and swallowing everything in their mouths, Sandra took my now wilting cock in her mouth to clean up the remaining cum.

I hadn’t noticed that Darlene had now stood up and was getting her bikini back on. Once she finished dressing, she leaned over and gave Sandra a gentle kiss on the lips and thanked her for what she described as the “best night of sex” she had enjoyed in a long, long time. As she walked off the deck, she turned then thanked me for sharing my wife with her. I told her it was my pleasure and that, with Sandra’s permission, she was welcome back anytime and, judging by the look on my wife’s face, this wasn’t going to be the only night we would have with Darlene.

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