Back Yard Adventure

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I sat sipping my extra spicy Caesar looking out over the end of the deck into the dark night. The only lights I could see were several candles she had strategically placed around the hot tub so I knew what she was going to be doing later on. Since the backyard was fairly isolated from all of the neighbours, our privacy was almost always guaranteed. I could barely make out the lawn furniture in the yard just a few yards from where I sat. The night was warm but the sky was cloudy so even the stars weren’t visible. Just as my eye caught a glimpse of something in the yard, the patio door opened and I turned to see her step out onto the deck. As she slowly walked up to the hot tub, I noticed she was only wearing a very sheer and sexy nightie, and as she passed in front of the candles, I could see right through and the sight of her nice tits started something stirring in my pants. I never wore underwear with my PJ bottoms so there was nothing to constrict the growing cock inside. She turned to catch me staring at her hot little ass and then untied the silky belt which was the only thing keeping the nightie together in the front. She knew exactly what she was doing when she reached over in front of me to the table where her drink was waiting. She liked Caesars too but once told me too many of them made the deck a bit unsteady. As she reached across, her nipple just slightly, but intentionally, brushed across my arm which immediately made my cock grow that much harder. Noticing the growing bulge in my pants, she asked me if I was up for a little fun. Never wanting to turn down an opportunity I nodded and quietly asked her what she had in mind. She told me she had to be in complete control and I was to do whatever she wanted without question. After assuring her that she was the boss, she took the belt from around her waist and gently tied my hands behind my back to the chair I was sitting in. She pulled a lounger across the deck and made sure it was in exactly the right spot so that the candle light illuminated the front of her when she laid back. And as she reclined, her nightie fell open and her tits were fully exposed and I could see that her nipples were already hard. She started to slowly caress her tits as her head tilted back and I saw her eyes close. The cock in my pants was now fully erect and hard as a rock. As I watched her gently squeeze and rub her tits and nipples, one hand started slowly makings its way down across her stomach and slip past the top of where her pubic hair would have been if she hadn’t shaved her pussy completely. As the hand slid further down, her legs slid apart to expose her entire pussy to me. All I could do was watch as her fingers worked her pussy lips until I could see a glistening of moisture both on her finger and pussy. I’m sure I let out a loud moan as her finger disappeared into her now dripping wet pussy. And as she slid it out and up to tease her clit, I know the inside of my pants was now getting wet from the pre-cum emerging from the end of my cock. She knew that this would drive me to the point of wanting to rip the belt from my hands and rush over there and slide my cock into her but she had not yet given me permission to do so. Damn, she was a great tease! After what seemed an eternity she had fingered herself to the point of orgasm. I was sure that before she finished she would slide off the lounge chair, stroll over and slip my pants off and mount herself directly on my cock and give me the ride of a lifetime. I was wrong – she finished herself right then and there and it was all I could do not to blow my load in my pants. I wanted so bad to put my face into her pussy and taste her hot, wet juices that were now flowing from her pussy down her thighs. I wanted to start at her knees and slide my tongue up her leg, making sure I got every drop of her nectar on my way up and not stop until my tongue was deep into her pussy – but it wasn’t going to be that way tonight. She got up from the lounger and slowly walked over to where I was tied to the chair. As she got close, she made sure I could see her slide her finger into her pussy again and when it was completely covered with her juice, she slipped it into my mouth. She tasted so good that I could feel the cum inside my balls start making its way to the end of my now aching cock. After I had licked and sucked all the juices from her finger, she backed up to the end of my chair and grabbed my pants at my feet and ripped them from my body. She then lowered herself onto her knees in front of me and placed each of my legs on her shoulders. She slid her head forward, grabbed my cock by the base and slowly lowered her mouth onto the head. I could feel her hot tongue lick all the pre-cum from my cock and then gently but firmly slide my entire cock into her mouth. After watching her tease show, tasting her pussy juice from her finger and feeling the head of my cock touch the back of her mouth, I couldn’t hold on any longer. In an instant, all of the cum that had been making its way from my balls to the head of my cock was now blasting into her mouth. I was wrong to think this would make her pull away – instead, she sealed her lips around my cock and took every ounce of my hot juice down her throat. I collapsed in the chair as I watched her sip from her glass and smile at me – as I said before, she knew exactly what she was doing.

I was not the only one that enjoyed the show that night. Had I not been distracted by her stepping onto the deck from inside, I would have seen that the glimpse of something in the yard earlier was the woman who lived next door…

to be continued…

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