Bar room Bathroom Ecstacy

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I dont believe this has happened again!
I’m spending another Saturday night with Jack Daniels.
I’m suppose to be at the neighborhood bowling Alley with my bestfriend Crystal but as usual I was stood up.
Instead of being in my boring apartment I decide to go out for a drink at my favorite bar,Tuckers Spot.
To my surprise this place is crowded…just the way I like it full of men! As I enter wearing a form fitting red sleeveless mini dress all eyes are my way.
I can feel my pussy jumping with anxiety!
I take a seat at the bar and order my first shot of old Jack Daniels. The alcohol rolls down my tongue and I lick my lips at the familiar, refreshing beverage.

Am soon accousted by two aging men who are determined to get my number (not going to happen)I excuse myself by lying that I have to use the ladies room.I lock the door behind me (or so I thought)and check my hair and make-up.
I’m was about to walk out the door when Mr. Tall, Sexy and Handsome walks in. Derek, a friend I met some three years ago but we never got a chance to hook up. I look at him with a confusing stare, but was real glad that he did get confused with the wrong door.
Then it happened.
He lift me off my feet and placed me on the counter, he then slid his hands up my dress to find a drencehed cum filled pussy. (I hope he’s the kind of brotha that eats is what I’m thinking).He gets down on his knees and my thoughts become a reality. He pulls my lacy red thong to the side and dives in. I try to conrol myself but it was useless. His
wet, long tongue is being pushed deeper and deeper in me. As I moan it seems to get him even more aroused. He soon lifts me down and removes his pants.
Oh my god! was the only thing I said.
His cock was HUGE. I’m not exaggerating it was really HUGE!
He turned me over and began to ‘hit it’ from the back. Stroke after stroke I screamed out in not only pain but enjoyment.

As I was about to climax we were interrupted by a short pretty girl, who seemed excited by what we were doing. She locked the door behind her and proceeded to undress. With her round breast and nipples already hard she began to finger fuck Derek in his ass. He didn’t seem to enjoy it at first but soon he cant control himself and begins to fuck me harder. Harder, harder I scream out and he pulls his magic stick out of me and cums all over my ass.
It’s now our new friends time. She lays down on the gound and Derek enters her. I crawl over her face and place my pussy in her mouth.
This is some talented girl, she eats me like a pro. Soon it happens again…i’m cuming. I begin to get up not to cum in her mouth but to my surprise she lowers me back onto her mouth.
This is some night i think to myself…but like all good things it had to come to an end. The manager of the Bar knocks on the door and asks if all is well. ‘Yes’ we all scream in unison, then we get up and get dress again. We exchange numbers and make plans to meet at my place the following night. L.S.

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  1. creameater`

    sounds like a good time.

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