Barbara and I part 2 by Rick

Barbara and I part 2
By Rick

The first part of this story ended on Saturday night (see Barbara and I finally connect ) part 2 starts Sunday morning .
5:30 Sunday morning I heard Barbara getting up I thought that she just had to use the bathroom . But She was getting dressed . I turned on the light and asked if I had offended her by farting in my sleep. No she said It’s Sunday . Well I said that’s true but it’s very early Sunday . I have to go to church this morning and I didn’t think you would want to go . I said you were right but why so early ? I have to go home shower and dress and pick my mother up in time for the 7 o’clock mass . Shit I said I would rather sleep . Barbara reached over and stroked my cock a couple of times . I think you would rather do something else . Caught again I said .She smiled me to so I’ll be back before lunch probably around 10 I have to take my mother to breakfast and then home again . Cool I said I’ll be ready . Barbara laughed and said I’m sure you will. She left and I went back to sleep . I woke up again at 7 and had a hard on . Damn I thought then showered and shaved and dressed and made breakfast . There wasn’t anything on TV so I did some more work on the video I was working on . Barbara came back shortly before 10 and found me working on the editing of the video . The lady in the video was sucking on her boyfriends cock . Barbara said who would have thought that she would do that . I smiled and said apparently not you ! Barbara said you don’t understand what a prim and proper lady that she pretends to be . The boyfriend said I’m going to cum ! the lady took his cock out of her mouth and said cool ! Then she sucked on his cock again and he came she sucked it all down . She licked his cock clean and then licked is balls as well . She looked at the camera and said I love the taste of cum ! Barbara laughed. I hit the pause button . You know that if you tell anyone that you saw this I’ll be in deep shit don’t you ? She smiled and said I know and won’t say a thing . Will you show me how to use these machines so I can edit my Alaska tapes ? We had gone to Alaska a few years before together but stayed in separate rooms . How many hours of tape do you have I asked ?
About 16 she said . It will take you a lot of time to edit them down I said . That’s ok she said I know it will take time but I think it will be worth it . Will the editing damage the originals ? She asked . No I said they will not be changed at all . We spent the next hour finishing the editing of the video I was working on . I explained how everything worked . Cool she said but I can see why it takes time to make a good video . Barbara said I still can’t believe that She , referring to the lady on the tape we just finished is the same woman I know . I couldn’t believe it when she let that guy fuck her in the ass like that with out even using a condom ! I laughed and said well she swallowed all of his cum so if he had anything she was already exposed . That’s another thing Barbara said I can’t believe that she would give someone a blow job at work she cleans her coffee cup between refills ! Now I’m so horny that I need some attention she said and kissed me hard and actually picked me off the ground as if I was a toy . Pretty strong for a lady on the wrong side of 60. We went to the living room and were making out on the sofa . I was removing her bra when the door bell rang . She blushed and ran to the bedroom . I zipped up my pants after I put my cock back in . Then I went to the door . It was the lady in the tape that I had just finished editing . Hello Rick she said did you finish the tape yet ? Yes I just finished it a few minutes ago I was going to call you tomorrow . Well I was driving by and thought I would check .Who’s truck is that in front of yours it looks familiar . I looked out and said I’m not sure I think they are visiting someone in the trailer next to mine. Oh she said it isn’t important can I have the tape ? Sure I said . Since she had prepaid I got it and the originals and gave them to her . Thank you she said I can hardly wait to see the edited version . I’d give you a blow job for a tip but I have to get to the 12 o’clock mass ! No problem I said . She left and I heard her car start up before I called to Barbara she’s gone . Barbara came back in to the room her face was as red as a beet . Thank you for not telling her that I was here . No problem I said . If she asks you where you were today you can say you were visiting a friend and had a hard time finding a place to park because of all the snow . Good Idea she said . Now where were we I asked ? You know darn well she grinned and she blushed again . I have an idea I said and put a porno tape on . We started to make out again . I had her top off and was sucking on one of her nipples when the door bell rang again . Sorry I said as she rushed into the bed room again. I zipped up again and answered the door . This time it was one of my neighbors who wanted to borrow my snow shovel . It’s right there I said pointing to the corner of my deck just bring it back when your done and no need to tell me I trust you . She smiled and said thanks mine broke I never should have bought a plastic shovel . Ok Bye I said . I called Barbara and asked would you like to try again? She came out of the bedroom again and said yes just don’t answer the door bell until we finish I’m hotter than a two dollar pistol . She had not put her top back on so I pushed the play button on the VCR and started to suck on her nipple again . I fingered her pussy through her panties before removing her jeans and panties . I then took off all of my clothes and licked the inside of her thighs . Damn you tease me she said . Yep I said I do . I licked and sucked on her clit as I fingered her wet cunt . She came and bucked and made a guttural moan and came again . I put a condom on and slipped my cock in her pussy . She wrapped her long , strong legs around my back and pulled me into her. YES she said I need that right now . Neither of us heard the door open or saw the lady from the video walk in. The first either one of us knew that she was there was when she said Barbara I thought that was your truck ! Oh shit Barbara said ! Continue on Lucy said I’ll just watch . Damn you Barbara said to Lucy . Oh relax I won’t tell anyone Lucy said I just want to watch for now. I was almost in a state of shock . I kept on humping and came a few second later at the same time that Barbara did. I pulled out and turned around the condom still on my cock and said to Lucy . You should not have come in here like that . It is extremely rude and totally uncalled for. Oh relax Lucy said and pulled the condom off my cock and tossed it into a waste basket . I just knew that was Barbara’s truck and wondered what she could be doing here . Barbara just sat there naked angry as hell . How dare you do something like this? Barbara asked Lucy . Jesus calm down Barb Lucy said I was just curious .I looked at Lucy and said I think you should leave now before Barbara and I call the police . Ok but be assured that I won’t tell anybody . If you do I’ll kill you Barbara said . Whoa slow down there Barbara Lucy said . I’ll tell you what I’ll let Rick show you this tape and we will be even . You can bring it to work tomorrow . She tossed the tape to Barbara and left. A few seconds later Barbara started to laugh . I guess we showed her Barbara said . I guess we did I said . Shit I’m horny again Barbara said lets watch this tape and do it again. Sounds good to me I said and put Lucy’s tape in the VCR and went to the front door and locked it .

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