Barbie Pays Off Her Poker Debt

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Well, I had lost my ass (literally) at poker and now it was time to pay off my debt. Joel led me into the living room, wearing nothing but my heels, I got to my knees………the guys got out their cocks and I began sucking them off in turn. I’m sure the guys would have been happy to have me finish them off right there, but I wanted a cock inside me, especially Joel’s! I got up and went over to the couch and laid down, spreading my legs and giving them finally a good view of my smooth shaved pussy. Glenn, my lecherous 50 year old neighbor dived right in and buried his face between my legs and began tonguing away. Joel and Jim moved in on either side of me and while Glenn licked away, I alternated sucking Joel and Jim’s cock. Glenn came up for air and I said……..”well if you’re going to fuck me you need to get some condoms!” Joel disappeared and returned a minute later with a handful of condoms. Glenn and Jim had stripped by then and Glenn was the first one to get a condom on and put his cock inside me. I know he had been wanting to fuck me ever since he first laid eyes on me and it didn’t take long before he was getting ready to cum. I said……”don’t you dare cum inside me you bastard, take your condom off and cum on me……I want to see you cum! Glenn did as I demanded and shot his load of cum all over my breasts. Jim fucked me next and did as Glenn had done and shot his load all over me. Now it was Joel’s turn, I had been anticipating his big stiff cock and I got up and got on my knees on the couch and Joel slipped his big cock into me from behind. God he felt good! He put his hand on my ass cheeks and really gave me a good deep fucking. Then I felt him work a finger up my crack and he pushed his finger into my ass………..”hey, I said, what do you think you are doing?” Joel responded, “I’m getting you ready for an ass fucking………… lost your ass at poker and now it’s payback time, Barbie!” Wait a minute, I said………..that wasn’t part of deal!” Oh yes it was Joel said…….you bet your ass and there’s still over an hour left………pay up, Barbie! Well, I could have left right then and there, I’m sure………but I really DID want Joel to fuck me in the ass………Jim too for that matter, but Glenn……that lecherous bastard would want to fuck me there as well. Oh what the hell, I had several GT’s by that point and really was past the point of caring who fucked me where……..all I knew was that I wanted more cock. The guys had seen me naked, I had sucked all their dicks and they had all fucked me……….it really didn’t matter at that point, I figured.

“Well, quit teasing me then and put it where you want”, I said to Joel. Joel had brought out a small bottle of lube with the condoms and he now took his cock out of my pussy and spread several drops of lube on the head of his cock. “Ready?”, he said. Oh yeah, I replied. (actually I had been ready for some time), I REALLY wanted Joel’s cock in my ass now and I reached back with my hands and spread my ass cheeks while Joel guided his stiff prick into my ass. Inch by inch he fed it in until he was buried balls deep and then he began to slowly fuck my in the ass. I reached underneath and began rubbing my clit with my finger while Glenn and Jim watched. With Joel’s big dick in my ass and my clit properly stimulated it wasn’t long before I started cumming…………God I came hard, nearly passing out and collapsing on the couch. Joel pulled out, stripped off his condom and shot a huge load of cum all over my ass. Glenn, piped up and said……..Barbie, you naughty little slut……I never would have thought you would be so…….

So what? I said…….horny? Don’t just stand there with your mouth hanging open you big dumb lug……get over here and give me what I deserve!” Glenn came over and put his tool in my ass and I ended up sucking Jim as Glenn fucked me in the ass. Jim and Glenn ended up alternating fucking me in the ass, before both cumming again. After a brief rest period they all ended up fucking me again……..I may have lost at poker, but in the end, I was the winner……….I had gotten myself fucked silly and I never had to leave the neighborhood!

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