Battlestar Erotica: Loose Lips Sink Ships

No fleet can run forever without putting into some port, somewhere. Ships need to be maintained. Supplies need to be replenished, and people need to relax.

So it was with the rag tag band of ships led by the Battlestar Erotica. That their home port was no longer available to them and never would be was of little consequence. The fleet still needed to find a place where it could stop and rest.

That resting place turned out to be a non-descript planet orbiting around a small non-descript sun. As planets go, it had a rather small population but it did have a large number of resources that the fleet needed to replenish itself, and that was good enough to make it a logical stopping place. The various ships of the fleet assumed orbit above the planet and shore leave was authorized.

Kendra Blake, call sign Bingo, was not the first Viper pilot to find the pub nor would she be the last. She was just another in a long line of new customers that the pub owner greeted. This, he thought, would be a very good year.

Like many of her compatriots, Bingo was looking for some action. There were already some Viper pilots gathered around, but Bingo wanted soemthing different. Hell, she’d had half the Viper pilots in the pub already and the ones she hadn’t had, well there was a reason she hadn’t wanted them.

No, she wanted something different.

As it turned out, something different found her, first.

“Buy you an ale, babe?” the man asked.

Kendra turned and looked at the man. He was rough looking, rough and dangerous. Bingo could feel her pussy wettening up nicely. Yeah, this one might do very nicely.

Kendra smiled at the man. “Babe, huh? Do you call all the women you meet, babe?”

The man grinned as he took an ale from the bar keep. “Nope. Only the babes. You want that ale or not?”

“Sure,” said Kendra, and right then and there, she decided she was going to let this man pick fuck her.

Kendra and the man found there way into a nice quiet corner. It turned out that the man, whose name was Muncie, was a privateer. He’d run anything for anyone as long as the price was right.

Kendra didn’t say much about what she did but then, hey, if Muncie was half the goods runner he claimed to be, he should have recognized the uniform of a Viper pilot.

Muncie threw back the last of his ale and he leered at Kendra. “My ship’s kind of cramped,” he told the girl, “but I think maybe we can move the party back there, if you want.”

Kendra just leered back. “Cramped is fine with me just so long as you don’t mind being in tight places yourself.”

The privateer’s ship was just as travel worn as its owner. It was tight, but Kendra liked it.

The man offered Kendra some more ale but she declined. “We both know why we’re here,” she told the man, “so let’s not waste important time just fucking around.”

The man looked at the Viper pilot. Straight and to the point. He liked that.

Kendra was already opening the clips at the front of her flight jacket and then she was dropping it on the floor even as the trader was taking off his own jacket. Kendra slid her pants down her slim legs and again, the trader did the same.

Kendra knew she had the man’s attention as she stood there in just her panties, a bra and a light t-shirt. She liked this part. She liked it a lot. She liked to have men watch and she liked to see them admire her body, and if they didn’t admire her, well then, fuck them!

Kendra pulled the t-shirt up and over her head. She dropped the shirt on the floor and then she undid the clasp at the front of the bra and soon it was lying on top of her shirt. Her hands kneaded her tits as she watched the man watching her and then her hands slid down and ran her panties down her legs.

The man licked his lips as he looked at the Viper pilot’s slender body. “Nice,” was his pronouncement, and that one word said it all.

The man finished undressing himself and then it was Kendra’s turn to exclaim. She stepped forward as she wrapped a hand around the man’s shaft and she gave him a squeeze. “Very nice,” she purred and then she squeezed him again. “I can’t wait to have this inside me.”

“Why wait then,” the man said and with a quick move of the hands, he’d turned the Viper pilot around. His hands pushed her hard in the back and suddenly, Kendra found herself leaning forward with her hands against the wall and with the man’s hands on her little round ass.

“Don’t just play with it,” she taunted the man as he continued to fondle her butt. “If you’re going to do something, then do it. Fuck me!”

That was all the invitation that the privateer needed. He stepped forward and then Kendra felt the man sliding between her legs. She felt the head of the man’s cock slide past her lips, and then she moaned long and hard as she felt the length of him slide deep inside her wet and waiting cunt.

“Oh yeah,” she groaned, “oh yeah. That’s it. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“You like this,” the man taunted her. “Is this cock good enough for you?”

“Oh yeah,” the woman moaned. “It’s good. It’s fucking good.”

The man gave Kendra’s little round, butt a nice slap. Damn, he thought, if there was anything he liked, it was nice tight pussies and firm round butts, qualities that this woman had in ample proportions.

Kendra just kept on moaning as the man fucked her pussy. She was here on shore leave and that meant she was here to get some nice, fresh cock. This guy could fuck her all night long and that would be just fine with her.

The man kept pounding away at Kendra’s pussy and Kendra kept moaning. He seemed to be relentless with that cock and the harder he fucked, the more she liked it.

Kendra’s head would flop down only to pop back up again. That cock was relentless and it was starting to get to her. Oh geez, it felt so good, so very good. Just a little more, she thought. Just a little more would be all she would need.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh … oh … oh yeah!!!” Her pussy clamped down on that driving cock. “Oh yeah!!!” she exclaimed again. “Oh yeah!!!”

The man just held himself inside her as the Viper pilot continued to cum. He was still long and hard Kendra thought, and that was good because she needed to cum again.

She felt the man pull his cock from her hungry, little pussy, and in that instant, Kendra knew it was her turn to turn the tables on him.

She pushed the man to the floor and then she straddled his cock. She reached between her legs and she stroked the long, hard member that she found there. “I see you know what to do with this,” she told the man even as she gave his cock a squeeze, and then she was leading him to her hungry cunt, leading the head of his cock right to her soft, little lips.

“But now,” she continued, “we’re going to see what I can do with it,” and with that, she mashed her pussy down on the guy’s cock.

The man groaned as the woman took the length of him in one single downward plunge, and then he was moaning again and again as the woman lifted her pussy up only to mash it down on his cock again and again and again.

“How do you like this?” Kendra taunted the man. “How do you like getting fucked like this?”

The man could only groan as his cock took more and more of that wanton pussy. She was in control now as she pummeled his cock and there was nothing he could do but give in to that wonderful pussy.

Kendra was moaning again with every downward thrust of her pussy. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.” She loved the feel of that cock inside her.

The man groaned as his cock suddenly erupted, sending a shower of hot cum surging up into the young woman’s pussy and once it started, it just kept cumming and cumming. He moaned even louder as he felt the Viper pilot’s pussy constrict around his cock and then he w
as sending even more of his cum deep inside her cunt.

Man and woman continued to cum until finally there was nothing more to give but that didn’t mean Kendra was done,
and she hoped that Muncie wasn’t done either, at least not just yet.

She knelt beside the man and she grabbed his flaccid member. She gave it a squeeze and then she started to pull on his cock. “What do you say?” she asked with a smile. “What do you say?” she asked as she pulled on his cock. “Are you ready to give it to me again, or is one shot all you’ve got?”

The man moaned but there was no doubt about it. His cock was responding to Kendra’s hands.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to see,” the Viper pilot told him as she continued to work his cock. “I want to see you getting this nice and hard for me again. Can you do that for me?”

The man groaned but his cock was getting harder.

Kendra continued to stroke that hardened shaft. “That’s it,” she purred. “That’s what I want to see. Get that cock all nice and hard for me. Get that cock all nice and hard so you can fuck me hard. Is that what you want to do? Do you want to fuck me hard? Sure you do.”

The man was hard again but still Kendra continued to stroke him.

“Yeah, I know you,” the Viper pilot purred. “You want to fuck me real hard. You want to show me who’s boss. You want to stick this cock in my cunt and fuck me as hard as you can because you’re a man and that’s what men do. They fuck little cunts like me. Is that what you want? Do you want to fuck me? Of course, you do.”

The Viper pilot continued to stroke the man’s shaft as she stood there on her hands and knees.

“Look at me,” Kendra cooed. “I’m standing here on my hands and knees just waiting for someone to stick his big, hard cock in my hungry, little cunt. Do you have a big, hard cock? Sure you do? Do you want to stick it my cunt? Sure you do. Do you want to teach this little bitch a lesson? Absolutely!”

The man was up and Kendra wriggled her ass tantalizingly at the man.

“Just look at that pussy,” Kendra told the man, “all wet and waiting just for you. Look at that pussy just begging to be fucked. Look at that pussy, needing a cock. Needing your cock. Do you have the cock for the job? Oh yeah, I know you do. Do you want to fuck this pussy? Oh yeah, I know you do. I know you want to fuck this pussy. I know you want to fuck it so hard. Come on, fuck that pussy. Don’t make me wait. Fuck that pussy and make me cum.”

The man growled even as he buried his cock in Kendra’s pussy. Kendra moaned with pleasure as she took the length of him. This guy really didn’t need to be told what to do with his cock. He knew what to do with it.

Kendra moaned again. Fuck, that guy was good. She loved the way his hands gripped her ass and she loved the way that cock kept coming at her, coming and coming and coming.

It wouldn’t take that much more to push her over the edge, Kendra realized even as she rubbed her clit. Just a little bit more and that’s all it would take. Just a little bit more.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned as her body rocked to the rhythm of that cock. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.” Damn, she loved that cock. “Oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh yeah.” Just a little bit more.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “oh yeah.” Here it comes, Kendra thought as she swallowed hard and then she was cumming again. “Oh yeah!!!,” she enthused as her pussy clamped down on that cock. “Oh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! Oh fucking yeah-h-h-h-h-h-h!!!”

The man was still hard as Kendra’s pussy retreated from that orgasmic high and his cock still pounded her pussy. Kendra’s body was pressed up against some meshing as the man fucked her again and again and again.

“You like this cock, don’t you?” the man asked.

“Oh yeah,” Kendra enthused, “I love it. It’s fucking great. Give it to me. I want more. Give it to me now.”

The man grunted as he continued to pound his cock into Kendra’s willing pussy and then he left it there, and even as Kendra’s pussy closed in on his cock, the man grunted again and suddenly he was cumming again and filling the Viper pilot with his seed.

Kendra took it all, every last drop. Her body was nearly limp as the man squeezed her ass and as his cock continued to pour even more and more of his cum into her hungry, little cunt.

“You know,” said Muncie as Kendra’s cunt continued to squeeze the very last drops of cum from his cock, “I get around quite a bit. We might want to do this again, right?”

Kendra moaned even as her pussy squeezed the man’s cock. “Oh yeah,” she moaned. “That would be good.”

“So I was just wondering where you might happen to be, just in case, you know, I might be making a run out that way.”

“You mean that?”

The man gave Kendra’s ass a hard slap. “For a piece of ass like this,” he said, “absolutely.”

Kendra groaned as she felt the cum oozing from her cunt. “Oh geez, we’re … fuck that’s good … we’re going through the Jandawan nebula and then on towards Tarsensus. Fuck, that’s good.”

“Jandawan and Tarsensus,” the trader said. “I’ll see what I can do to get some runs along that way and who knows, we might run into each other again.”

Kendra moaned again. “Oh geez, I’d like that.”

Muncie poured himself another ale after Kendra had left and then he went and sat at the ship’s helm. He’d drained about half the mug before he pressed a contact.

“Yes,” said a voice.

“I have news for you. Does the offer still stand?”

“It does. If the information is good, you will be paid as agreed.”

“Good. The humans are going through the Jandawan nebula and towards the Tarsensus system.”

“Excellent,” said the voice and the connection went dead.

Muncie took another swig of ale. He didn’t know what the humans had done to piss off the Sx’Nons, but whatever it was, the Sx’Nons were willing to pay to even the score.


“And?” asked the debriefing officer as Kendra returned.

“I told him through the Jandawan nebula towards Tarsensus.”

“Good girl.”

Kendra hoped that Muncie hadn’t hoped to be paid for that misinformation. Sure, he was a damned good fuck, but then he should have known, when it came to lips, any lips, tighter was always better than looser.

to be continued …

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