Beach Boinking

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I love the beach. Everything about it is wonderful, the heat of the sun, the sea smell, the waves, the sand, and the idea that all of these people are laying out partially nude. There is something that the sun does to me. I will lay there and it hits my solar plexis and it feels so soothing and nice, the sun also seems to hit right between my legs and it warms me up to the point that I am sexually aroused.
I love to wear pretty bikinis, I don’t wear thongs, I want the skin on my ass to stay white and virgin-like smooth.
I have laid out at many beaches and have had many interesting things happen.
A few summers back I had an interesting experience. I was laying there minding my own business in a out of the way area of a beach when a guy just laid near me, there were like 4 feet between us. At first I was pissed, I mean couldn’t he tell that I chose a secluded spot? I mean I was hidden in the valley between two dunes. I laid there pissed.
He seemed to not even notice me, which was fine by me. I decided to turn over the sun was at a slightly different angle so I turned my body, now he if he looked up, he would be seeing right up my legs.
I laid there and started feeling horny, I had no idea why. I looked behind me and was floored to see him looking right up between my legs and ass. He had repositioned himself to get a good look. It turned me on. I slightly lifted up my hips so my ass and pussy were up in the air then I placed myself back down. I started getting pretty wet.
I looked back and he had his face in his hands and was smiling and staring, he was pretty brash he did not even try to hide in interest. Ohhh that spurred me on. I reached behind me and lifting my ass up, I hooked my finger in my crotch and flashed him my pussy, I was wet and I wondered if he could see my shiny wetness in my slit.I had my knees holding me up. I kept my crotch pulled over for a short but horny time and then I covered myself up, I looked back and he was now sitting up with his legs out in front, he had his hard dick in his hand and he was wiggling it at me. Damn that looked good and raunchy! I smiled and got on my knees and with my ass and pussy aimed at him, I slowly and deliberately pulled down my bikini over my hips, my ass cheeks, my crack, my pussy lips, over the backs of my thighs and I left them around my knees. I knew I had a very white ass and my I imagined very red warm wet pussy lips. As I did this I smiled back at him. “Ohhh yeah!’ he said. I left my bikini bottom around my knees I starting moving my ass, hips and pussy back and forth, seducing him with my naughty raunchy display. I kept looking back, he stood up and pulled off his trunks. I saw his dick, it shined in the sun, it was so sexy, it had a big head that had precum sitting at the slit opening and the middle of his shaft was thicker that the top part and bottom of his shaft. I gulped and felt that warm whoosh in my lower tummy like when I drove quickly over and down a steep hill; he had a cock just like the first guy I ever screwed I remembered exactly how that cock felt, it was easy getting in then, ouch in a good way that thick center would stretch my inner silky pussy tissues out then the thinner part of his shaft at the base would get in so the thicker part was higher inside me stretching me there and the thinner part felt almost soothing since I did not have to stretch as much inside to accomodate it. Mmmm I wanted to feel this guy’s cock so badly my pussy had an achy feeling when I saw that cock, a feeling that I really needed to have that cock embedded in my pussy.
I started rubbing my pussy in the front, rolling my clit, then I reached under me,I opened my thighs wider and V-split my pussy lips with my fingers just for him from underneath me. I heard him moan almost like a hungry dog, and he just licked his lips staring at my erotic nudity, mmmmm my pussy liked that.
I watched him come over his dick was hard and was standing out, not up, just straight out, but hard as hell. He had a nice full bush of hairs, mmm so masculine and so dangerous looking, my pussy was virtually hairless, it looked so innocent and feminine and pure, so ready to be violated and dominated by a hairy based hard cock.
He got behind me and tried to push my knees apart, my bikini bottom would not allow him, so he straightened my legs while he held me around my lower tummy, he held me back against him, my ass was against his groin I felt his long pubes on my ass and a little on my pussy lips from behind, it sexually tickled me, he laid me down and removed my bikini bottom,I loved feeling him just pulling then down over the full length of my legs and then over my ankles and finally over my little bare upturned feet. I turned around to see him sniffing my bikini bottoms and then he sucked on the crotch, damn my pussy went wilde for that, I swear my pussy gulped a few times.He was sucking on them and chewing like a wild animal, oh man I knew I was in for an incredible fuck session with this guy. He took my bikini bottoms and rubbed them all over my white ass.
He then put them to the side, he took his rock rigid dick and placed it between my ass cheeks, he just pushed it there, not inside my asshole, just butted up against it, the heat I was giving from off there was intense, as he kept his cock there in my ass cleft, I felt like he was doing that to hold me still, and yes I stayed still though I puckered a few times, he unclasped my bikini top and he pushed it off my shoulders and from underneath me in the front off of my breasts. Mmmm I was nude and so was he, I could not wait for what was coming next. He left his cock against my asshole for a short time and then he removed it, I almost missed it not being there. The heat was not there after he left. He rolled me over and stood above me, I looked up to see his cock and balls wild, hairy pubes and part of his ass crack above me, he looked down and I started rubbing my very untanned white breasts and squeezing my already hardened nipples. Mmm he stroked his shaft as I played with my tits, then I ran my hand down to my pussy, damn I was soaking wet, I mean slippery and drenched and I was so silky and warm, I love how silky and warm I get when I am turned on. He lowered down to me and pressed his hard cock onto my tummy, we kissed, pressed against each other mmm it felt so good to feel his hardness on my soft tummy. he kinda humped my tummy with his cock. He laid on my tits and with his chest he squished them and moved them around, it felt great. He stopped and slightly stood up and pushed my legs apart, he just looked at me with my legs wide open my pussy horny for him and totally exposed to his eyes, I was very vulnerable positioned like that, he put the backs of my thighs on his shoulders and licked and tongued my pussy, damn he was good, he would dart his tongue in and out of my pussy hole and with the palm of his hand he’ld lay it flat over my pussy and clit and massage me, then he would do flat out tongue long laps then back to the pointy tongues, so many sensations I was feeling! I thought I was going to faint, I rubbed his head sexily scratching his scalp, I knew that made him tingle, I know just the spots on the scalp that will cause that to happen. He got up and I saw his nose, mouth and chin were shining with my wetness, my pussy again gulped in excitement, I played a little with my pussy after feeling that and seeing him.
He held my legs by my ankles and pushed them back over my head, my toes were touching the sand, I knew my pussy lips were elongated in that position, I knew he saw my ass crack, maybe my asshole too. He held my legs and moved around behind me so that his feet were near my feet, he got on top of me putting the fronts of his thighs against the backs of mine, wow that felt so sexy. He plunged his cock in my tight wet hot pussy hole, damn it was amazing he went in really deep, it kind of hurt, but I like how he was pushing my pussy open, then whoosh, he pulled completely out, my pussy was pulsing, he pushed his full length all the way in and again wh
oosh he pulled it all ou
t, all the way in hard, all the way out quick, over and over he pummeled my pussy with his dick shaft, his balls were slapping against my lower back I was moaning and starting to gasp everytime he plunged in me, my pussy was tightening a lot each new time he’ld plunge in, he yell'”Shiiiit!” everytime he plunged deep in me and I’d moan over and over as he plunged into my silky saturated humid pussy, over and over he fucked me sometimes he’ld stop and spank my ass while he was in me, oh my gosh I had never been spanked or fucked at the angle and I loved it. While he spanked my ass my pussy reacted by doing short hard grips and releases around his hard cock that was deep in my silk. The weight of his legs kept my legs back down, sometimes I would feel like my legs needed to be back on the sand and it was like he sensed it so he would put more weight on them and while his cock was deep in my pussy he would hump my ass and pussy moving sensually up and down on it pressed tight.He did that erractically I never knew when he was going to hump me like that, but everytime he did I swooned it was like I was getting the most erotic massage on my ass and pussy all while being filled up with his cock. My pussy felt like it was a broiler, the force of his cock pumping heated my pussy up to a feverish level, he did two or three achingly slow pull outs and re-enteries, he pulled all the way out and spanked my pussy with his cock and I think fingers, I heard my wetness as he did that, sounding like someone smacking their lips, I knew he was just staring at me, nude, angled erotically in the sun, this was making me wild with horny lust. He then once again plunged his hard hot wet from me cock deep into my narrow pussy and came a long hard cum. at that angle I felt it shoot in me,it was like a warm spray from a water hose in me. Mmmmm he and I were just moaning, he got out and keeping me in that position he found my clit and rubbed it over and over, it started to hurt but he kept going and then splat I orgasmed and my pussy spit out his cum,I trembled and shuddered by the sensation “Ohhhh yeah..oh yeah baby….that is fucking hot! Spit out my cum, pussy , spit it out! Shiiiiit!” He moaned. I layed there totally satisfied and hot, his sticky cum was dripping down out of me, my breathing was hard and fast, and my pussy was sore, he released my legs and as they went back down to the blanket on the sand more of his cum came out. Mmmmm I think the beach is the most sensual place on Earth.

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