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i went to my boyfriends flat and i knocked on his door just wearing my underwear under a long leather coat and he answered the door and he let me in and he sat down and then i bent over to kiss him and he pulled me on top of him and when i managed to stand back up i undone my coat to show off my hot pink lacy matching underwear and he got an instant stiffy and he got up and he took my hand and he pulled me along to the bedroom and as soon as we got into the bedroom he pinned me up against the wall and he slid my thongs down and took them off and he started kissing me then he moved down to my neck and then he undone my bra and my nipples went really hard and he started sucking one of them and was playing with the other one and then he started playing with my pussy and then as soon as he’d put two fingers up there and i go even wetter and then i came and then he slid his 9inch rock hard cock up into my pussy he held one of my legs up against his waist so he could get inside me deeper and he could squeeze my arse and so he could put a finger or dildo up my arse and he then came up inside me and then he turned me around to fuck me against the wall but this time he would put it up my arse and i was pushing against the wall so it would go in deeper and he put the dildo up my pussy and then he was kissing the back of my neck and we both came together.

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