Best Friends Part 2

“You know how I got a new business partner – well I do indeed but there’s something I haven’t told you.” Scott said. “If you turn around you will see that he has arrived and you’ll see who it is.” When I turned around, I got the surprise of my life that absolutely left me almost speachless. There in front of me stood a handsome man, and there was no mistaking who it was. “Hi Katie.” he said. “How are you?” “Fine, This is a surprise, “J”.

Well with out much talking from there, he sat down and we enjoyed our dinner. My husband and “J” talk some business and when we were done, we thought we go and take in a movie. So off to the theater we went. Scott dropped “J” and I at the door while he went and parked our car so for a few moments we were left alone.

“I hadn’t heard from you in a while. Did you get my last…” I started to say. “Yes I got your last email” he exclaimed. I was lost for words. They were there, and I had plenty to say but couldn’t get them out. As if sensing my fears, he told me not to “sweat it!”.

A few days later, as I was sun bathing nude in the back yard, enjoying the nice weather, I most of dozed off. I say that because I didn’t hear anyone come out to the back yard and when I open my eyes after fantasing about a certain person, there stood my husband and “J”. Naturally I grab the towel and tried to cover up. “Hey, you could of let me know you were coming home and with “J” before just showing up here.” I told Scott. “We wanted to surprise you and I guess we did, didn’t we Scott?” “J” exclaimed.

As I got up and started to walk up to the house, suddenly I had two sets of hands grabbing at me. I wasn’t too sure of what was going on but didn’t fight it. I turned around and “J” pressed his lips to mine while Scott’s hand roam thier way around my body. Then Scott and “J” looked and nodded to each other and stripped off thier clothes. I was dumbfounded and shocked to see what was happening. I stood thier frozen with shock until Scott led me to the blanket that I was laying on. “J” followed us and they layed me down. Both of thier rods were big and hard. Scott kissed his way down to my snatch, while “J” sucked my tits. I wanted this and was enjoying it tremenously. Then “J” positioned himself so his cock was right in front of my face. I had always wanted to taste him so I did. I sucked his rod like it was the best tasting lolipop that I had ever had. All the while I was close to my own orgasm for the wonderful job my husband was doing. Just as my orgasm peaked and I was cumming, “J” just shot his load into me. Then after our orgasms subsided, the guys switched positions. While I had Scott in my mouth, I had my best friend where I had only dreamt of before now. It was so good to feel the attention my body was now recieving. As Scott was being sucked he played with my nipples and then lower his head to suck and nip at them. “J” continued to lick and finger me. Then he started to lick around my bum hole and put a finger up there and finger me. At first it kind of hurt (no one had ever touch me there before) but with him licking and fingering both holes, I was getting so hot. I brought Scott off and then WHAM!, my whole body shooked as my own orgasm exploded through me. It was nothing like I had ever felt before. What came next was even more surprising and even a bit scary. “J” layed on his back and Scott told me to mount him but to lay out straight over him, so I did.His cock felt so big as it entered me. I was unsure if I could get it all in, which I could not . The feel of my best friend’s cock in me felt so heavenly as I rested my head on his chest. Then there was no movement and I was starting to wonder why, and then I felt warm coconut smelling stuff being worked around my bum hole. I had a feeling what Scott was about to do and it scared me. I went to try to get up and they held me down on “J”. “J” took his hand to my face and made me look up at him, and said it was going to be ok and drew my lips to his. His kiss eveloped me and had me burning with desire. He started moving his cock a bit, while my husband fingered my other hole. I was getting so hot again and then I felt Scott position him self over me. “J” stopped his movement so Scott could enter my bum hole. He entered me as gently as he could but it still was very painful and scary. I begged him stop but he didn’t. “J” said it was going to be ok and tried to calm me. Once Scott got what he could in me, he just stay motionless for a minute to try to get me to calm down a bit and get used to it. Then both guys started to move in rythem. It was painful at first but then I couldn’t believe the feeling I was getting. I started to get hot all over again. Soon I was moaning and screaming out of pure pleasure. I was going to out of my head with the pleasure I was feeling. Then I could feel boys guys rods swell up in me as they came, but the didn’t stop. They came and continued to bring me to my orgasm. And what an orgasm that was! I came so hard and strong that I actually passed out.

When I came through, the three of us was in our guest bedroom. I was naturally confused about how I had got there and they explained all that had happened. I asked them how this all came about in the first place. I found out, Scott had read my letter and made contact with “J” and they discussed things. “J” wanted a change in life and when Scott offered him the job, he jumped at the oppertunity. That’s when they decided what to do with me. They were sneaky.

Since that day in the back yard, “J” has moved in and the three of us have a wonderfully,healthy sex relationship going on. “J’ and I are still best of friends and always will be. My husband Scott and I are still totally in love and our marraige continues to grow strong.The three of us couldn’t be happier.

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