Best Kidnap Story

I met the man in a bar. He seemed nice enough and then he invited me to meet his girl friend and have some dinner. I accepted and we went to his place. When we arrived he told me she stepped out and would be back some then offered me a drink. I was given a beer and we sat on the patio and drank. After my first beer I was feeling kind of drunk. He said it must be the heat and we went inside to cool off. Then I started to slur my words. He stood up and said. ‘It’s time we got naked.’ He took my clothes off me as each passing minute I was becoming paralyzed, although I could breathe and move a little I was more or less helpless.

He had me naked on the floor then carried me to the bedroom and put me on the bed. He had me face down and he moved his hand all over my ass then began to rub oil all over it. His hand moved up and down between my crack of my ass then he began using both hands rubbing my ass and spreading them apart while his finger played with my hole. He then rolled me over placing my hands above my head then place my feet side by side. He applied oil to my balls letting the oils run between my legs. He took my cock into his mouth and with his tongue played with it. His hand gently rubbed under my balls and his finger slid outside my hole back and forth. I began to get hard as he began to move his head up and down my shaft all the while his finger playing with my hole.

He began to get more aggressive with my cock, taking it deeper into his mouth and now pushing his finger into my hole that gave no resistance at all. ‘I know you are a whore, I can taste it and your ass wants my finger.’ He then rolled me back over onto my stomach. Once again he applied oil to my ass and rubbed it spreading the cheeks but this time his thumbs pushed into my hole. ‘See Slut you want it.’ He said all the while I could not talk or move. He sunk his finger deep into my hole pushing it as far as it would go. ‘Oh ya you want it!’ he rolled my back over my cock now hard popping up at him. ‘See you’re hard you want it, but I want you to want me even if you are not horny.’ He began sucking my cock and fingering my ass with two fingers. I was going to explode when he stopped and began jerking my cock hard and with lots of oil on his hand. I soon shot. My load shooting up to my chin. He rubbed my seed into my chest along with some oil. ‘See you were so horny you came so fast.’ He said while slowly pumping my cock for the last reminisces of my seed.

He rolled me over once again and again started playing with my ass, this time pushing his fingers deep into it, then he crawled on top of me and rubbed his cock up and down my crack. ‘Mmmm that feels good doesn’t it?’ he said and then pushed his cock into my hole. ‘No resistance there you must want it bad.’ He began fucking my hole hard and fast and then when I though he was going to fill me he pulled out and moved his cock into my face while he pumped it. Then he shot all over my face. I was unable to move but was able to shut my eyes as his seed went up my nose and in my mouth and all over my face. He squeezed the last of his seed out of his cock then got back on top of me and started to rub his cock in my crack again. He had his full body weight on me and his hand rubbed the seed into my face and all over my lips as he whispered. A whore smells like cock all the time.’ Then he took a deep breath. ‘Aw masters going to love you.’

He moved off me leaving me face down with my arms above my head. ‘He walked over to the bedroom door. ‘Master he’s ready for you’. I heard a man walk to the door and walked to the side of the bed but my head was turned away from. He pulled my hair back and sniff.

‘I love the smell of a whore in the morning.’ He laughed then walked around the bed in front of me. The man who I met in the bar was behind him with his oiled hands working his master black cock. I could see the man’s cock was long about eight to ten inches as the white man worked it sliding his hands up and down the shaft. The black man’s hands ran smoothly over my smooth cheeks. Then he applied some more oil to his hands and began rubbing my ass pulling the cheeks apart and pushing his fingers into my relaxed hole.

I could see the other man pumping his cock and licking the black man’s ass and the black man was getting hard. His uncut cock sprouted forth his mushroom head like a giant sunflower. He pushed the man away told him to wait at the door and he did so. The black man laid on top of me rubbing his cock between my cheeks as the man did before him then gently pushed his massive head into my hole that gave no sign or resistance to him. Slowly he pushed it ever deeper until he went so far I let out a squeal. Then he stopped it there and laid completely down on me. I could hardly breathe. ‘I see you like a long cock in that ass of yours. I like your ass too and the way you smell like a whore is a real turn on.’ He said as he began to move in and out of my hole each time pushing just enough to have me squeal no matter how hard I tried not to. Then he began fucking me hard and deep. I squealed and tried to move but was still unable to as he fuck me then he pulled part way out and I could feel him shooting his load deep inside my hole, a few more thrusts then he pulled out and got up. The man came back in and the black cock was forced between my lips as his cock was carefully squeezed to get the last bit of seed into my mouth. The black man never touched his own cock. ‘When you are able to move you can have the prize as all whore want this prize, isn’t that right?’ he asked and the man said yes. ‘It is a great ass and I will enjoy it again.’

After the black man left the room the other man tied my hands above my head placing me on my back my feet were tied together and to the bottom of the bed then he left. Slowly I could feel me starting to move on my own again, but there was no strength yet. The man came back in the room. ‘Ok it’s been an hour I bet your ready for milking.’ He said getting on his knees and began sucking my cock once again. Then he forced his hand between my legs and pushed his finger into my hole, it still was unable to stop him. As he rubbed between my hole and balls and sucked on my cock I became hard in no time. He stopped and got some nipple suckers out and put them on me then went back to doing what he was doing to me. I exploded a second time this time in his mouth he moved to my chest and spit it out then rubbed my cum into my chest. ‘Another good load, good for you whore.’ He praised me. He rolled me over keeping me tide up when the black man came in. not saying a word he moved on top of me and mounted my ass. This time I could feel the size of the man as he spread my hole with his massive black cock. Once again he pushed it to its limit and made me squeal all over again. He fucked me hard and long and left a second load deep inside my ass. Then got up and like before the other man gently squeezed the remaining seed out of his cock and into my mouth. Then they both left, leaving me on my stomach.

Another hour past and I could move a bit more. I tried to fight my way free but was still to week to do so. Then the white man came back in. ‘Not again.’ I tried to say but nothing but slurs came out. He took the oil and slathered it all over my back. His hands expertly rubbed me paying special attention to my ass and inner thigh. He moved his finger in and out of my hole with no resistance at all from my body.  He then untied me from the top of the bed leaving my hands tied and moved me onto my knees. He removed the nipple cups and rubbed them with oil as they now stuck out. Using his knees he spread my legs apart and reached under to fondle my balls, then his cock moved into my hole while he held onto my balls. He began to fuck me and jerked my cock with his oily hand. Well his other hand played with my nipple. ‘You’re going to be daddy’s good little girl?’ he asked as he set me onto his hard cock. He bounced me like a father would a girl on his lap making me take his hard cock a deep as it would go. After a few minutes of this he pulls out of me setting me down carefully. Then moved to the top of the bed and sat down and placed my mouth around his cock. I could move my tongue and tried to get his cock out of my mouth but it only excited him and he became very hard. He then grabbed my head and began fucking my face until he exploded in my mouth. He moved my lip head and rubbed my face all in his cum, then laid me out on my back. He untied my hands then retied them outstretch side to side. He then untied my feet and left them free. He played with my cock for a bit sucking it and jerking it, then a man came to the door. A different man that looked like a biker type. He walked over and the first man began sucking his cock and fondling his balls. When the biker was hard he pushed the man away. He moved onto the bottom of the bed and took hold of both of my feet. He slowly moved them apart then bent them at the knees to expose my balls and cock. He reached under me and pushed his finger into my hole.

‘I have been told you have a great fucking ass.’ He said as I look down towards him I see a large mushroom cock bouncing between my legs. He pushes my knees up to my chest and pushes his cock into my hole. It began to hurt a little as he was thicker than the black man but not as long. Once he was all the way in, it did not hurt so much. My knees were held by his arms as he began to fuck me and kiss me on the lips. I began to cum. What he was doing to me was making me excited. It was only at this moment, being helpless, unable to defend myself and the strong taste of cum in my mouth made me want it even more than ever.

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