Best of Friends

It was the middle of the night when I knocked at his door. He answered wearing nothing but his tight blue jeans.

-“Can i kiss you right now?” … I said to him.

-“please do!” … was his response, with a slightly confused look on his face.

I drew myself closer to him, grabbed his head and gave him the sweetest kiss I could offer. He pulled away looked at me and said “is that it?”

A few seconds later he kissed me sliding his tongue against mine softly.

-“Well that was a little better then mine!!”..I had to admit.

He then licked his lips and then moved over to me and licked mine. And replied
“if you’re going to kiss me i might as well return it at the next level “

“ Should i return it at the NEXT level too?”… I said with an innocent smile on my face.

“That’s up to you dollface”.

So I pulled him close to me and slid my tongue in his mouth, kissing him hard while running my fingers through his hair.

He sucked on my tongue while his hand glided over my ass and teased down between the back of my legs*

Hmmmmmm I liked that a lot.

I slid my hand up his shirt and rubed his chest while kissing him even harder

He moaned into my mouth while playing with my hair and caressing my sides

I ripped off his shirt and ran my tongue over his nipples

“oohhh fuck I want you soo bad Liz!”

“i want you too baby!”

He tore my pants off threw them to the floor while rubbing my pussy through my panties

“God… you’re getting me so wet Cale. “
·I gave his ass a little squeeze.

“Hmmmmmm”, came from his throat as he slid a finger in my panties getting it covered in my cum. He then took it out and put it up to his lips, looking in my eyes as he licked it off

“Oh Cale thats such a turn on! “
I pulled his face close to mine and kissed him after he licked my finger, so i could get a taste of my own juices

He pulled my panties down, took my hand down to my pussy and helped me start fingering myself.

I slid my finger in as far as it went… took it out and put in my mouth sucking on it while looking him in the eyes*

“ohhh baby using my own trick against me. damnn!!! “ Was the reaction I got.

He took my hand back down to my wet cunt and pushed it back in … got down on his knees and pushed his tongue in with my finger

“what else could i possibly use against you ?” Was what I said to him as I
pushed my pelvis against his face and spread my legs wider to let his warm tongue in deeper

“mmmm! my face is already dripping wet from trying to lick your finger inside your pussy”

“hmm you should come up here and kiss me then
let me clean it off for you”

He kissed a trail up my body to my lips letting his wet and sticky tongue cover my lips

“hmmmmm tastes sweet!”

“very! i could eat you out all day if i could”

I would be in heaven if he ever did… and i’d return the favor of course

He pressed his hips up against mine as i cleaned his face with my tongue

“hmm whats that big lump i feel putting pressure on my pussy?”

“Well i’m not sure, he said, maybe you should let it out and see .

I unbuttoned his pants with my teeth and slid them down to the floor, “ hmm just as i thought……..”

“ohhh looks like he’s excited to see you” was the only thing Cale could think of saying.

Could i blame him……of course not.I rubbed his dick on top of his boxers….” how does that feel baby?

“oh god, that feels wonderful!!”
I kissed it gently then slowly pulled down his boxers and kissed it again

“mmmmmmmmm your lips are so soft” he said to me

“hmmm that they are…..but only for you”
I gaves his dick a nice long lick from the base of his shaft tall the way up his pink head.

“You taste so good!” I said to him

He ran his hand through my hair over my head.

I wrapped my lips around his cock and gave it a gentle suckle

He let out a gasp of breath. I loved making him feel this way.

I pushed his cock deeper in my mouth while running my hands over his chest and squeezing his nipples.

He reached down and played with his balls while i sucked on his shaft.

I looked him in the eyes while sucking his dick. I knew he would enjoy that as much as I did.

I bobbed my head up and down along his hard cock sucking on it a little faster.

He slowed down his hips, took my chin with his finger and brought my lips back up to his while he let his cock rub on my thigh.

I felt chills running down my spine as he kissed me.

He moved his dick slowly up my thighs, then i closed my legs together on it letting it tease my pussy, less than an inch away from being soaked in my sweet cum.

“hmm i want your cock inside me so bad baby!” I yelled out to him.

He held my hips in his hands and very slowly and gently rubbed his dick on my clit … then ohhhh soooo slowly pressed it up into me just a little bit at a time, inch by inch slowly filling my wet hole*

He’s such a tease. I loved it!
I pushed my hips closer to his body letting his cock in deeper inside me.

“i love to see you squirm!! “ he whispered to me while he pushed his hips closer towards me until his cock wouldn’t go any further, and just held it there for several seconds.

I squeezed my pussy tighter around his cock as he moved his around slowly inside me.

“hmmm fuck me baby! fuck me with your hard cock” I let out yelling.

He pressed his hips to mine slowly and then away, then just started thrusting into my pussy HARD!!!

“ohhhh fuck!! that feels soo good.”
I dug my nails into his back while moving along with him pushing his cock into my pussy faster and letting it penetrate deeper.

“ohhhhhh god fuck me harder make me cum baby!!”

He couldn’t hold his orgasm much longer and he just had to let go. I could feel his cum flowing inside my body. “ ohhhh fuck yes!!!!! Cum for me baby!!!! cum hard!! all over my dick!!!”

i soaked his hard cock with my cum.

“ its all over you now!!!!!!” I said to him smiling.

“Oh yessss….i love the feeling of you melting all over me.”

“ahhhh that was GREAT!!!” were the next words to come out of his mouth.

“of course it was!! isn’t it always!”

It had been too long since we’d done that! But that just made it so much better.
Better and more intense! :)

“Well sexy.. i hate to say this but i really need to run.” I didn’t really have anywhere to go, I just figured. Us being friends and all.. we shouldn’t get TOO close and intimate with each other. And cuddling in bed after some great fucking would be just that.

“Yeah, i’m not about to stop you from finding mister perfect. Sweet dreams babe!”

“Goodnight.. One last kiss before i go?” I cuddled up to him and gave him a nice soft kiss on the lips*

“hehe awww you are so sweet!” And he blew me a kiss as I shut the door and walked away/

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