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They met accidentally in the parking lot. Her name was Beth and his was Sam. Sam worked for the city a police officer and she worked for a consulting firm. They stood and talked for an hour till she realised that she should be getting home. “Why, do you have a husband or kids at home,” asked Sam. Hoping that she was unattached and childless. “No, it’s just me and the cat,” she said blushing and looking down at the ground. She gave him her number and jumped in the car to go home. That night Sam could not get Beth out of his head as he watched tv that night every girl on the tv look liked her and every time thought of her he would get arouses and have to please himself. He finally gave up watching tv and thought that if he just went to sleep he would be ok. That was the furthest thing from the truth. As he slept, he dreamed of all the things that he would do with Beth. He could not get Beth out of his mind all night. So first thing the next day he phoned and asked her out for dinner that night.

Little did he know that Beth had just as bad of night too. All she could think about was Sam and he could do to her. It got so bad that as she was watching TV she started to get all wet by just thinking about him. As she watched TV she was playing with her breast and then slowly she went down to her clit and started to rub her fingers back and forth till she was wet and a little relaxed. When she went to bed all, she thought about was Sam and what he would do to her.

As Beth waited for Sam to pick her up, she showered and played with her self again to get her wet and ready for him. As she was getting dressed, she was very careful to pick out a pair of matching bra and panties. As she put the bra and panties she was thinking of him and got wet and horny. She picked out a black dress and stockings and some 3″ high heels. Just as she finished getting dress, the door bell rang. As she went to get the door she took one last look in the mirror and decided that she was ready for whatever happens tonight. “Hi, how are you doing Sam?” She grabbed her purse and locked the door.

In the car she was feeling naughty and decided to, she if she was brave enough to do the unthinkable and touch Sam as he drove to the restaurant. Beth reached over and lightly touched his legs, and slowly moved up till he squirmed under her touch. Just before they reached the restaurant he turned to her and said, “if you continue to do that we won’t make it to dinner.” Beth just smiled and turned toward the road. At the restaurant they talked about many different things that they have done and what they hoped to do. After dinner they went back to her house for wine and a movie.

As they watched the movie he leaned into her for a kiss and started to rub his hand up and down her back and up and down her leg till she slowly opened her legs a little so he could get a glimpse and feel of how wet she was for him. As he slid his hand up her dress, she opened her legs even wider and started to open the top of her dress to reveal her red bra. She slipped off her bra and showed her hard pink nipples, she started to play with her breast as Sam slowly lifted her dress and slowly removed her panties and kissed her legs up till he was right in front of her wet throbbing clitoris. He preceded to kiss and lick her clit till she could no longer take it anymore and started to squirm. Just as she thought that she could not take it anymore he lifted himself up till he stood with his erect penis was right at her mouth. She grabbed his man hood in her mouth and slowly slid her mouth till all of his 8 inches were in her mouth and slide his cock out just till she reached the tip and them precede to repeat the whole thing again. She was total into and did not hear when he said that he was about to cum. He started to cum just as she slide his cock out of her mouth and just let him cum all over her. She grabbed his man hood and rubbed herself over it. She pushed him down to the couch and stripped her dress off and slowly slide herself down till his cock was just within inches of her vagina. She kissed him as he pushed her down till he was inside of her and started to pump slowly at first and got faster and faster till she started to scream his name. He kept kissing and sucking her breast one at a time till he could feel he cumming and that he let himself go till he was soft and exhausted. As she kissed him he continued to grow again and was ready for another round.

He carried her to the bed room and layed her down on the bed. She told him to open the draw and he was shocked to find that if was full of many different sex toys. As he pulled a finger vibrator out he was shocked to find that she had many different size vibrators in many different colours. Some of them were shots and some were as long as 14 inches. As she laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide he turned the vibrator on and placed it on her clit and watched her enjoy her pleasure. He started to stroke his own penis slowly then got fast, he kept his finger on her clit till she cam and grab his cock and shoved it in her mouth.

She never thought that she would like to give a man a blow job after his cock had been in her vagina, but wow she like the way it tasted and the way he was so forceful. She was always the passive lover always making love never just having sex or fucking like she is tonight.

He shoved it so forcefully that she was caught off guard and forgot to breath. He let it out a bit so she could breath and waited till she was ready before he shoved it in harder and harder till she moaned and till he cam in her mouth. She swallowed the cum and he was very impressed because all the other girls he has been with would spit it out or not let him cum in there mouth. But she impressed herself as well, she had never allowed anybody to do that to her.

After they layed there for a few minutes, she suggested that they have a shower and was off all the mess. He agreed and they walked to the bathroom where she turned on the water and stepped in the shower, he wanted to join her but she said, “No, not yet let me wash and show your what I like.” He was shocked but stood back and watched as she went under the water to get all wet.. She started to lather up the soap on a puff she slowly started to wash her arms and then went down to her breast and washed them till he was hard as a rock and so arouse just watching. She went till she was just above her hair line he could not take it any longer he opened the shower do and grabbed the puff and dropped it on the floor. He went down on his knees and pusher her back till she was leaning against the wall and lifted one of her legs and started to lick her from front to back. He sucked and bit lightly till she moaned with desire and entered her with his tong, he sucked her still she screamed for more till she had another orgasm. She grabbed a wash cloth and started to was his face, went down to his chest and washed each of his nipples after sucking them and biting them lightly. She went down to his penis and stroked it till it grew with excitement, she bent down towards his cock and placed her mouth over his head and slide down till he grabbed her hair roughly and slide back so her tongue could flick back and forth. She did this till the pre-cum came out and then finished washing his legs. He lifted her up and kissed her hard on the lips. They went back to the bed to dry off and rest. They had to get up in a few hours.

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