Beyond Fantasy

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Beyond Fantasy

Shirley and Clive had both had too much too drink: their speech was slurred and more drink went down their fronts than into their mouths.

“So Clive, tell me your favourite fantasy.”

Clive sobered up a bit- he knew that whatever he told Shirley was sure to be spread all across college, but what the heck he was fed up being called the ‘straight stooge’.

“Well Shirley it goes like this.”

“I’m walking home and I’m down a dark alley and suddenly I hear footsteps behind me, so I walk faster and so does the person behind me. I keep this up for a bit and then I turn around to confront the person. When I do turn around there is the most gorgeous woman behind me. She has long red hair and she just looks at me. I ask her if she needs any help but she starts to walk towards me and suddenly my back is against a wall.

She keeps on walking towards me and when she reaches me she undoes my flies and takes my prick out and begins to give me the best blowjob of my life. I come straight into her mouth I thought my prick was going to explode.

Slowly she stands and I begin to tell her my gratitude but she shakes her head and begins to take down my trousers, in a flash she me turned around and spat my come in between my arse cheeks. ‘This is payment’ she says and then thrusts something up my arse; the pain is unbelievable but from somewhere came a spark of pleasure and it grew, as it grew I couldn’t stop myself from groaning.

It suddenly dawns on me that she is a man and then she/he then comes right up my arse. She then walks off leaving me there with my trousers around my ankles and spunk dripping down my leg.”

Clive paused.

“I must say I quite enjoyed the experience”.

Clive stopped suddenly, realising his mistake. He looked across at Shirley. Clive chuckled for Shirley’s face was a picture, shock and arousal marred her pretty face. Clive only smiled and topped up his drink. He thought of that night when he was lonely.

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