Big Red

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Big Red
By Ron
All the names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I had read her profile on an adult dating sight. She was interested in meeting men for anal sex! She called herself Janet the red menace. She was a Big Bold Red headed woman that wanted to have a dildo up her cunt and a cock up her ass! The best part was that she was only about 50 miles away! I was all excited and sent her a message. She sent me her instant messenger name and we connected with in a few days on our messengers. I was all excited and so was she. I agreed to meet her in a hour and we connected at the mall. We had coffee and went directly to her place. Her husband was out of town for a few days which was cool with me.
“I want you to tie me up and fuck my ass while the big dildo in on and up my pussy.”
“Sounds good to me! You don’t want any fore play?”
“No just tie me up and fuck my ass!”
Not being completely stupid I got the rope from the bed and tied her up. Then I pulled her panties down and pushed her skirt up and slid the huge dildo in her cunt and turned it’s vibrator on and put on a pre-lubed condom on and pushed my hard cock up her ass.
“That’s it now call me nasty names and fuck the shit out of me.”
“You dirty fucking whore you deserve to have your fucking ass fucked. You aren’t worth the effort but I’m horny.”
“Yes that’s perfect I’m Cumming!”
“Your Cumming because you’re a fucking whore and you love a stranger fucking your big fat ass.” By this time I was sweating and enjoying her nice tight ass. She was moving it around in small circles and Cumming a lot. “That’s it you fucking ass whore move your big fat ass you love being raped in your hairy ass. When I cum I’m going to squirt all over your nice clean skirt and wiped my cock clean on your hair. You whores like that sort of things don’t you?”
“Oh shit that’s great I love it yes cum on my dress!”
She came so hard that the dildo popped out of her cunt and I laughed.
“Yes I’m laughing at you. Your cunt is so big you couldn’t keep a fucking horse sized dildo in it!”
I pulled my cock out of her ass and pulled the condom off and came on her dress and wiped my cock off on her red hair.
I untied her and she kissed me and thanked me for such a good time! Then she said that she didn’t ever want to see me again because it just wasn’t the same the second time around!
Strange but awesome.

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