birds story

on friday evening i checked into a room for the weekend, it was a nice and quite room with a large king size bed and a small living area. i went out the evening and got pretty fucked up, i wanted some company so i called a friend of mines over. he was not really willing to come being that he just got home from being out himself and the drive to me would be about a another 20 mins. john had told me that i should be naked and leave the door open for him, and that he would hope that i was ready for what he had instore for me. once he arrived i just got my friends out the door and i was not ready liked he asked me to be. he knock on the door of the room and as i opened it i was smacked to the floor and asked why was i not ready like he told me to. i got to my knees and before i knew it i had a very large,long dick in my face and a hand on my head shoving the dick into my mouth. i was told to suck on it right just like daddy liked it and for some reason i was not doing it right and got slapped hard as hell again. i didn’t cry the felling of him slapping me was actually turn me on, i not gotten undressed yet but that did not matter. john told me i would not get any dick in me until i suck it the right way. i sucked and sucked i gaged and threw up on his dick a couple of times mbut everytime i came up for air i was slapped again and again. so i decided to do it the way he like it. i have this 9 in cock deep in the bad of my mouth i could feel my gag reflex giving away. but i did not let that stop me. i suck and slurped on that did for about 30mins..

john then told me to get on the table, on my hands and knees and hold my ass open for him to see the hole. and when i let it closed i was spanked on the ass so hard that i thought fire went through me. so i did what i was told and held my ass open. john stepped in front of me and stuck in hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck it but to stay in the position i was in. i sucked and sucked as he leaned over me and stuck his finger in my ass. i didn’t know what to do i just sucked on that dick like a lil girl with a melting pop slice.

then john told me to turn around on the table and lay back onto the couch that was right behind me, to put my legs back to my head and stay that was. i felt his strong hands touch and trace my pussy, i could not wait for that big rock hard dick to slam down in my pussy. and as soon i was waondering what was taking so long. it happen he it the bottem in second that made me scream with suchforce that he slapped me again and told me to shut up, i felt that big dick sliding in and out of me over and over again. he would get up and change position and i would try to relax my legs but i was slapped each and everytime i moved. but the time i was about to cum all over his dick he got up and told me not to move i felt a very cold sensation in my pussy hole and then a hard force in my hole. i looked up and he was fucking me with a half full beer bottle and i was amazed how far it was going in and the force he was using. i began to scream from the pain and the pressure, i asked him to stop and beg for him to stop. but he didn’t just when the bottle was empty. he told me to get up and stand with my legs apart so he could se it pour out of me as i stood there i could feel the beer making it’s way down my legs and the burn from the beer was so painful. when he was done watching me do that he made me get back on my knees and suck him until he came and was told not to swollow until he seen what was in my mouth.. as i was done doing that i felt kind of shame that besides the beating that he gave me that he fucked me with a bottle and made me push it out of me ..

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