Birthday Part 2

Cyndy had lifted her skirt and showed a neatly trimmed pussy coming down onto my face. She lowered herself slowly saying ” I don’t want to suffocate you.”
She was very wet and tasted great. At first she remained still while I licked her clit and pussy. Then she began moving back and forth on my face. Just enough so that every once and a while her little ass hit my tongue. Finally I stopped her movement and plunged my tongue into her ass. She actually giggled and said, ” I always wondered how that felt.” I was surprised she never had that and kept going. She reached down and started playing with her clit. I could feel her orgrasm rip through her body. She stopped for a moment and siad, “You’re not done yet!” Turned herself around and we were instantly in 69 position. I never thought I was particularly big, but Cyndy commented on the size of my cock. Nevertheless she took as much in her mouth as she could. I kept eating her pussy and ass until she finally said, ” I can’t concentrate on you if you keep doing that.”
Then she stuck her finger in my ass and said, “Your turn.” I couldn’t believe it and was just about to cum when she stopped dead. “Not yet, I’m not finished with you.”
Cyndy got up and took off her blosue and skirt and then helped me to remove what was left of my clothes. She poured us each a glass of wine and said that she wanted to do something special for both of us. “I’ve never had anal sex, and even though you are a bit big I want to try with you.” The break was great for me since I probably would have cum in a minute. She told me how sick she was of guys wanting her tits and that I was the first one who liked the rest of her body. “No problem.” I said, “I think the rest is great and I am not a boob guy.” For a brief moment this really confident, almost tough women seemed so submissive.
She took the wine glass out of my hand and gave me the most amazing kiss. Then laid me on my back and lowered her pussy on to my waiting cock. She was playing with her own huge tits and just moving slowly back and forth. I massaged her clit and just before she was ready to cum, she lifted off of me. Then she said, “Okay it’s time.” and grabbed my cock and pointed at her ass. She lowered herself slowly and stopped for a second saying, “God you’re big” Then just sat herself down on my cock. I didn’t move a muscle waiting for her lead. She began to move slowly, up and down on me. “Touch me.’ she said and I reached for her swollen clit. All of a sudden she began to buck like a wild horse. Threw her head back and screamed, “This is amazing!” She came twice in about 2 minutes and then I just exploded. She jumped off my cock and sucked the rest of my cum until I could not even feel anything anymore.
We then sat for a long time talking and finishing our wine. She finally said, “You don’t need to wait for a birthday to do this again.”

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