Birthday Spanking

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It’s my birthday and all I want is a spanking.   I have been such a naughty girl.  Please take me over your knee and paddle my ass…

“I got a speeding ticket today.”  I proudly announce it to you.  I’ll do anything to get you to punish me.  I’ve been pushing my luck over and over in every way that I can think of.

Angrily you respond, “You did?! Again?  You know it’s not the fine that I am most concerned about, it’s your safety.  Maybe I can help you remember to slow down.  Go upstairs to the bedroom.  Pick out which one of my belts you’d like to be spanked with and wait.”

Oh my God, I am instantly wet.  I cannot hide my excitement that you’re finally going to paddle me.  With dancing anxious butterflies in my tummy and saturated panties, I run up to your closet.  As I peer into it, I wonder just how bad it’s going to hurt.  I’ve never been spanked with a belt before.  I choose the tool that’s either going to bring me great pleasure, or pain, or both.  I undress and wait.

You enter and speak, “I know you’re aroused by the idea of me spanking you.  I want you to understand that this is meant to be a punishment.  It’s going to hurt.  If I am successful, it’s going to hurt bad.  I want you to remember it for a long time and SLOW down!  Bend over the bed NOW!  You will count each stroke.  You will not put your hands in the way or I will restrain them.  Do you understand?”

Still incredibly wet and more excited than fearful, I respond, “Yes Master!”

You look at me and for a short second I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into, you certainly don’t look pleased with me.  I quickly comply and bend over.

Swish, that belt goes through the air and WHACK!  It hits my ass with a stinging blow.  Proudly I shout out, “One sir!”

You pull back with even more force and smack the belt hard onto my ass again.  Holy FUCK, yes, I am aroused by it also hurts like hell.  I, not so loudly, state, “Two sir.”

I think you expected me to be begging you to stop by the second blow because you pull back and give me 3 rapid blows in such quick succession I can barely count or hold back the tears forming in my eyes.  “Three, Four, Five…Sir.”

“Ok, I start to plead, it hurts too badly, please stop.”  My pleas are met with gentle, yet clearly reprimanding words, “I told you this was punishment.  You will take your punishment and if I feel up to it after, I will fuck that tight little ass of yours.”

Swish…Smack “Six Sir”.  Swish Smack “Seven Sir”.  Swish Smack “Eight Sir”.  Two rapid blows form nine and ten.  Buckling at the knees and bawling my eyes out.  You take pity on me and gently rub my bum.

Just as a feeling of relief comes over me, you sit down on the chair in our bedroom and order me over your lap.  Scared, I start to back away, “No, no, no!”  Your less than gentle reprimand frightens me even more with your single word, “NOW!”  Reluctantly I lay across your lap, shivering with fear, yet feeling my soaking wet pussy drip onto your legs, I brace myself.

“You little slut!  Your pussy is so wet.  Here I was feeling bad for you that you were in so much pain but you’re not, you’re aroused!  I was only going to give you 10 more hand spanks but now I think it’s time for the paddle and twenty swats!  Stand up!”

I cannot explain it.  My ass is on fire and the belt hurt a LOT but my arousal wins out, I begin to ponder what the paddle might feel like.   With excited anticipation, I wait for more instructions.

“Bend over and touch your toes.  You will receive 20 hard swats and you will count them all, understood?”

“Yes Sir!”

You brace one arm under my waist as you raise up and slam the paddle into my ass flesh.  Holy fuck!  Holy fuck!  Holy fuck it hurts.  I forget to count.  I jerk my body up and begin to rub my bum with my hands.  You grab the belt, quickly cinch it around my wrists and throw me face down leaning over the bed.  The paddle continues to assault my ass over and over.  With meek responses I count out my twenty one swats, since I forgot to count the first one.  By the end of the paddling, I am delirious.  My ass literally feels like it’s on fire and yet I cannot deny that I am more aroused than I have ever been.

With a hint of pride, you tell me that your impressed at how well I took my punishment.  “Let’s see how you’ll do with this…”

Frightened…I wonder, “What’s next?”

You unbind my wrists and you position me doggy style on the bed.  I feel cold lube sliding down my ass crack and I begin to plead again, “Not my ass, please not my ass.  I’ll give you the best blow job you’ve ever had, just not my ass!”

You kinda chuckle as you respond, “Hun, you’d give me the best blowjob even if I don’t fuck your ass.  You really don’t have a say in this, try to enjoy it.”

I hold my breathe and resist as you push your throbbing erection up against my ass.  SMACK!  A stinging blow comes down on my right butt check.  “You WILL open up to me young lady!”

Ow, ow, ow!  You’re still pushing on my rosebud and it’s hurting so bad.  I know the only way to minimize the pain is to let you in.  I relax and slightly push bad as I feel your thick, massive shaft slide deep within my hole.  Your balls slap up against my pussy and I know that you’re inside me DEEP.  Pain be damned, I feel my pussy pulsate and throb.  You begin to thrust in and out of my ass, long, deep, hitting, pounding into me as you go ball’s deep.  Just when I think that I could actually enjoy this, you grab a big 10 inch dildo and shove it into my pussy.  Now I’m stretched to the limit and I beg you to take it out.  “Please, take the dildo out!  Please!”

As if you can’t hear me, you flick the switch of the dildo and it starts vibrating.  The dildo is vibrating inside me and up against my clit, you’re slamming your dick into my ass and I cannot tell, is it pleasure?  Is it pain?  I don’t know, but I think I am going to cum.  Just when I think I’ll override the pain for an orgasm, you reach up and pinch my nipples hard as you shoot your load in my ass.  My body starts spasming from the inside out.  Every place that was painful is now transitioned into total and all-consuming pleasure.  I scream out with the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had.  My orgasm seems to go on forever and just when it’s about to subside, you smack my ass HARD and turn up the vibrator.  Orgasm number two comes over me like a tidal wave.   Shuddering and shaking and totally giving in to my desire for pain with my pleasure, I let it wash over me.

“Happy Birthday my love” you whisper in my ear.  “You’re going to speed again aren’t you?”

“Um…Hell Yeah!”

You smack my ass hard and my pussy twitches as I feel your cock growing again while still lodged in my ass.

“Ready for round 2?”

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  1. Rimfire

    i always enjoy a picture to help out a story,
    i realize theres copy-right laws etc
    but it is very erotic to read/see both.

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