Blind Date gone Bad

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It started out with a blind date. A buddy of mine’s sister had just moved to town after completing college back east. She didn’t know anybody here and he asked me if I would take her out and show her around town. “Sure”, I said. “It might be fun to meet someone new”

I drove to the house she was renting on a cold Saturday night in December and from the start things started to go wrong. She wasn’t ugly by any means just kind of chunky and plain. She wasn’t wearing any makeup. She was dressed in drab looking clothes. Brown pants and green shirt with and old plaid coat. Maybe if she had made a little effort in the looks department it might have been different. I just didn’t feel any chemistry. But I thought I would make the best of it. Due my duty to my buddy and try to show his sister the town. But it just kept getting worse. I guess she could tell my disappointment with her looks although I really did try to conceal it. Every time I tried to start a conversation it would turn into a debate. Every viewpoint I had was wrong. Everything I suggested we do was lame.

At first I tried to just grin and bear it, but it really started to get to me. I knew if I was mean to her it would get back to my buddy. I didn’t want that so I keep my mouth shut and held my tongue. But it just kept going on and we hadn’t even left her house yet. This was going to be a long night.

I’d been there an hour and it seemed like an eternity. Finally, I suggested that we get some barbecue for dinner. “I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat,” she said. “How about Chinese,” I replied. “MSG gives me a headache,” she said. After suggesting almost every restaurant in town, she finally suggested some vego-lacto-macro-biotico place that was on the other side of Houston. I thought, since she wasn’t from here maybe she didn’t know how spread out Houston is. “That and hour and a half away,” I said. “So” came her reply.

As she climbed into my truck she said, “These things cause global warming”. “That’s why I drive it” I said in reply. I won’t bore your with the rest of the drive. It was more of the same. Every thing I said was wrong, everything back east was better. By the time we got to the vego-lacto-macro-biotico restaurant I was ready to ship her Yankee loving ass back to New York in a box. I still can’t believe I paid $30 a plate to eat grass and tofu with a little brown glop of sauce.

I decided that after dinner I would just take her home. No friendship was worth this torture. I could find another buddy. I paid the bill, left the tip and put Godzilla back into the truck that will destroy the earth. We started on the 90 mile journey back to her place. I figured it would be close to midnight by the time we got there. I could drop her off, obviously no nookie for me, and hit the bar for a couple of hours before they closed. I might even still get lucky.

Obviously, the trip going wasn’t any better than the trip coming. It was more of the same, everything I said was wrong, everything back east was better. I had had enough. There’s just a little bit of redneck in this Texas boy and it was about to be let out. When she started to tell me how rude I was to only leave a $10 tip to the heroin addict who had waited on us, that was it. “KISS MY HAIRY ASS, YOU KNOW-IT-ALL BITCH,” I screamed, “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOUR JUST SOME HOMELY DUMB ASS BROAD WHO’S BROTHER HAS TO FIX HER UP SO SHE CAN GET LAID!” Needless to say the remaining 30 miles went by slowly but quietly. Which to my way of thinking was quite an improvement.

We finally got back to her house and I found a place to park the Doomsday Truck. I was just going to drop her ass off, but she said, “aren’t you going to walk me to the door. It’s awfully dark.” The way she said it, she sounded kind of like a scared kid. She was just 21 and alone in a new city. “Sure”, I said as I turned off my truck. I really didn’t want anything to happen to her. I walked her to the door and made sure she was all right. “I’m sorry I upset you,” she said, “I know I come on too strong.” “Wouldn’t you like to come in for a minute?” Now I had lost all desire for this gal a long time ago, but when a woman invites me in, I’m not going to refuse. You never know what’s going to happen.

The house had probably been built about 50 years ago. It was on a quiet street. The living room was spacious but not overly large. It had a breakfast bar of the kitchen with an iron post at one end. The one oddity was a large gun safe with a combination lock along the wall. Lots of people in Texas have gun safes so I didn’t think too much about it when I had been there earlier, but this girl was much too liberal to own any guns. “That was my dad’s,” she said when I asked about it. “He was a cop in rural New York. My brother took the guns and I took the safe when daddy died. I just use it to store things I don’t want people to get.” She walked over to the safe, twisted the combination dial and opened it. It was empty except of a pair of handcuffs. “These were his too,” she said. “Would you like to play with them,” she said with an evil grin. Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even I could figure out that little sister was into some kinky stuff. “Hell yes I want to play with them,” I said.

She walked over to the breakfast bar and purred, “Come here cowboy. Take your shirt off and put your hands out.” I walked over to her bare chested and proud and she put a cuff on one hand then put my other hand on the other side of the iron pole and cuffed it.. “Take your shoes off cowboy.” I kicked my shoes off and she bent down and pulled my socks off. I felt her arms reach around me and undo my belt and my zipper. My pants and underwear were next. I was standing there naked. She picked up all my clothes and threw them into the gun safe, closed the safe door and locked it. “Why did you do that,” I asked.


“LISTEN YOU BITCH, GIVE ME BACK MY CLOTHES,” I said. Another slap landed across my face. “SHUT UP JACKASS, THIS IS MY HOUSE. YOU WILL DO AS I SAY. IT’S ABOUT TIME SOME WOMAN PUT YOU IN YOUR PLACE YOU IGNORANT REDNECK.” “GIVE ME BACK,” I started to say but a third slap landed across my face. This gal could hit. I really didn’t know what to do. Yelling wasn’t going to get me out of there. So I just meekly stood there. What else could I do?

“That’s much better,” she said, “your finally learning.” She walked over to her dining table and picked up the keys to the handcuffs. “Now I am going to give you these. You are going to unlock the handcuffs. Come over to the sofa where I will be sitting. You will bend over my knee and I will spank you. It will hurt. You will not enjoy it. When I am finished spanking you, I will make you stand in the corner. When I feel you have learned your lesson, I will give you your clothes back. You will thank me for a wonderful evening and leave. Do you understand?” “Yeah,” I replied. Another slap across the face. “The correct response is Yes Ma’am. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”
“Yes Ma’am,” I replied trying to keep my rage under control.

She placed the keys on the counter and went and sat primly on the sofa. It took some effort but I was finally able to unlock one of the handcuff and then the other. When she saw that I was free, she patted her lap and said, “come here boy”. It was more than I could take. I screamed, “GIVE ME MY CLOTHES BITCH.” She stood up and laughed. “If I don’t what are you going to do, hit me? When I start screaming rape and these good Texas people call the cops what are you going to do? Are you going to tell them I overpowered you? When I tell them that you tried to rape me, who do you think they
are going to believe. Me or the Naked Guy?” “Give me
my clothes Bitch,” I said. She walked over to the front door and out onto the concrete porch. “HELP HE’S TRYING TO RAPE ME,” she screamed. I ran out onto the porch. “Please just give me my clothes and I will leave,” I said. She laughed, “Okay cowboy I’ll give them back. But turn around first I want to check out your butt again.” I didn’t know what to do so I turned around hoping that this would be the end of this nightmare. Then I heard the door slam shut.

Great, I’m naked on a concrete porch in December at 2 in the morning. How much worse can it get. I can’t get in, I can’t leave, I’m scarred to death someone has called the cops. Just Frigging Great. I knock on the door and hear her voice on the other side. “Who is it,” she asks. “Please let me in,” I ask. “You don’t learn very quick do you cowboy,” she laughs. “Please let me in,” I ask again. “You know that if I let you in, I’m going to spank you even harder now don’t you,” she said. “I just want to get my clothes and leave, please,” I begged. This was terrible. How could this woman, this girl really do this to me. “You can leave anytime you want to cowboy, just not with your clothes. If you want your clothes, you have to learn your lesson and get spanked,” she said. I sat down on the cold hard concrete of the porch. What could I do? My truck was locked and if I tried to get in it the alarm would go off. I couldn’t drive it anyway. She had my wallet, my keys, my cell phone. I was trapped. “Okay, I’ll let you do it,” I said.

“You’ve said that before, why should I believe you now,” she said. “Please, I just want to get this over with” I whined. “You’ve said that before, why should I believe you now.” “What do you want from me, I want to end this. Please let me in, I’ll let you spank me. I just want to get my clothes and leave.” “Okay cowboy, I’ll let you in but you better do as I say. I’m not going to give you anymore second chances.”

She opened the door and stood in the doorway. “Not quite as arrogant as you were before, are you cowboy”. “No,” I replied. Before I knew it she had slapped me again. “Have you forgotten what the correct response is?” “No Ma’am,” I replied. “Get on your knees and kiss my feet,” she demanded. I did it. I knelt down on the cold hard concrete and kissed both her feet. I just had to get through this and get my clothes and go. After a few minutes of my kissing her feet over and over, she walked over to the couch and sat down. I started to get up but she said, “Did I tell you to move” “No Ma’am” I said. “Then get back in place.” I stayed there for 30 minutes while she painted her toes. The cold night air freezing me. My naked body exposed to anyone who might go out at that time of night. Finally she called me over to her. “Dry my toes,” she said. I knelt down and blew on her painted toes. Finally she decided they were dry and told me to stand up. She patted her lap. It was the most humiliating thing I have ever done. Bending over her lap, knowing what she was going to do to me, being totally dominated like this. She brought her hand down hard and I jumped. My first reaction was to get away but she just laughed when I fell to the floor. “I told you it would hurt,” she laughed. “We won’t count that one since you got off my lap.” I stood up and she laughed some more. “Your little cock isn’t as proud as when you thought you were going to get some. Bend over my knee cowboy.” I lay across her lap again and the slaps came hard and fast. Each time she spanked me I would jump but I managed not to fall off her lap. A few times she hit so hard that my hand would jerk up and try to cover my ass. She would just laugh and say that one didn’t count. I don’t know how many times she hit me, but by the end it was all I could do to keep from crying. I wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction.

Finally she stopped and shoved me off her lap. I fell hard onto the floor and she just laughed at my awkward nakedness. I tried to cover myself but she kicked my hand away. “Aren’t you proud of your manhood little boy, don’t you want to show it to me,” she laughed. She reached down and grabbed me by the ear twisting it hard. I had to follow where she led. She put me in a corner, still naked, still hurting. “You stand here and figure out how you are going to apologize for all the terrible things you said tonight.” My ass hurt so much, I tried to rub the sting away. This infuriated her. She began spanking me all over again. “I WANT YOU TO FEEL IT DUMB ASS. I WANT IT TO HURT. DON’T YOU DARE RUB IT. DO YOU HEAR ME? ” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. Everything hurt. I just wanted to leave.

She left the room. I leaned against the wall and tried to calm myself. I could hear the shower running. At least she would be gone for a few minutes. My ass hurt so much I couldn’t stand it. I tried to rub some of the sting away. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I was surprised that she was there. How long had it been since the shower stopped running. I turned in surprise and saw the anger in her face. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO KEEP YOUR FACE IN THE CORNER?” “yes ma’am” “DIDN’T I TELL YOU NOT TO RUB YOUR ASS” “yes ma’am” “DIDN’T I TELL YOU I WANTED YOU TO FEEL THE PAIN?” “Yes ma’am” She spanked me several more times then stopped. I heard her move around and then I think she sat on the couch. I was too afraid to look. “Come here” she said. I turned around and she was sitting in the same spot as before, “NOW” “yes ma’am” I moaned as I ran to be in front of her. She had showered and changed into a white cotton nightgown. Her large breast hung beneath the thin cotton. “Don’t you ever learn Dumb Ass” “I’m sorry ma’am” I whined. “Not as sorry as your going to be. Put your hands down to your sides, I’ve seen your puny little dick all night.” I quit trying to cover up and stood there totally exposed.

“Looks like I’m going to have to spank you again,” she said. “But you said you would give me my clothes if I let you do it last time,” I said in a panic. “I said I would let you have your clothes once you learned your lesson, and obviously you haven’t. In my bathroom there is a hair brush made out of copper. You will get it and I will use it on you and it is really going to hurt,” she laughed. “Go get it and be quick about it or it will be worse for you.” I ran to the bathroom and tried to find the damn hair brush but it wasn’t there. I looked everywhere for it. “What’s taking you so long Dumb Ass? You’re just making it worse for yourself.” I was in a panic. Where could that hair brush be? “If your not back here in 15 seconds I’m going to double your punishment” It was no good, I couldn’t find it. I ran back to here and babbled that I couldn’t find it. She took me by the ear again, twisting as she did and led me down the hallway, past the guest bathroom where I had been looking to her bedroom and the master bath. There was the copper hair brush. She pulled my ear down to the brush. “Do you see it now,” she asked. “yes ma’am.” I replied. She picked it up and spanked me with it all the way down the hall and back to the living room. She sat back down on the sofa and once again patted her lap.

This was too much. But what could I do, I was trapped. With dread, I once again bent over her lap. The copper hair brush was much harder than her hand and my butt was already raw. Each time she hit me with it, I would groan and beg her to stop. I fell off her lap several times trying to squirm away from the pain. “New rules now cowboy, each fall cost you 5 more.” She kept beating me, enjoying my pain, my squirming, my humiliation. Every now and then she would laugh and ask me if it hurt. Or taunt me by asking if I had learned my lesson. When I would say “yes” she would just laugh and spank me some more. Finally it stopped, and once again she pushed me off her lap and onto the hard floor. I lay there for a minute, naked and exposed, hurting everywher
e. “Kiss my feet cowboy” I
jumped and started kissing her feed, her laughter making my face as red as my ass. “Aren’t you a wimp” she laughed, and you thought you were a big bad Texan. I was humiliated, dominated, controlled. If she wanted her feet kissed I was there to do it.

“I’m waiting,” she said. Fear ran through me. What was she waiting for? I would do anything for her but I didn’t know what she wanted. “I said I’m waiting.” My voice cracked with fear. “What are you waiting for ma’am? I’ll do it I promise.” She laughed and my face turned red. “You really are a pussy. I am waiting for my apology. When I put you in the corner I told you to figure out how you were going to apologize. DO IT.”
My mind was a blank. How long had I been here? What had I said? What had I done? “Did I tell you to stop kissing my feet?” I realized that I had stopped and started kissing her feet with a passion of a teenager trying to get laid. She had the best tasting, sexiest feet I had ever seen. Kissing them was a pleasure. “I’m tired of waiting Dumb Ass, Do you need another spanking?” Fear ran through me. I started kissing and apologizing and kissing some more. I apologized for every thing I have ever done against any woman all while kissing her beautiful toes. I would have married those toes if it would have pleased her. I apologized for being born. She just laughed at my submission. Finally she stopped me. “That was a good apology cowboy, but you forgot one thing.” I was so afraid. What could I have forgotten? “I’m sorry ma’am, for everything, I really am.” “Then apologize for it.” “I do ma’am, I am so sorry ma’am, for everything ma’am, please forgive ma’am.” “That’s not good enough cowboy, your apology has to be specific to be believed.” I wanted to cry but I wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction. “I’m very disappointed in you cowboy.”

“When we were in your truck you said that I should kiss your hairy ass. That wasn’t very nice cowboy.” “I am so sorry ma’am, please forgive me,” I said as I kissed her feet. She pulled her feet away and lay down on the couch. “I think you should kiss my ass cowboy.” She pulled her night gown up slightly to reveal her ass. “Yes ma’am, I’m so sorry.” I started kissing her ass, first on the left check and then on the right. “That’s not what I want cowboy. Kiss my asshole.” As distasteful as it was, I did it. I pulled her cheeks apart and kissed her there. So many times I couldn’t count. Over and over again. Running my tongue over it, up her crack and back down. Licking her ass like a lollipop. And she just laughed. Finally I thought maybe this was it. I could work my way down and lick her pussy. If I could get her off maybe she would let me go. I could tell she was turned on. I could smell the musk of her pussy. I let my tongue slide down her asshole, to the little bit of skin between her ass and her pussy. I let my tongue slide down even lower to her hole, let my tongue lick the lips.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?” she screamed. He legs swinging out and knocking me backwards onto the hard floor as she sat up. “I’m sorry ma’am.” She reached out and grabbed my ear again twisting it as she stood up. I had to follow. She pulled me down the hall to her bed room and pushed me onto the bed. “DON’T YOU DARE MOVE ASSHOLE.” She screamed as she walked out of the bedroom. I lay there half on the bed half off, lying on my belly. I heard her footsteps coming back and then the hard smack of a belt on my ass. She beat me again over and over with the belt. The pain was so bad I couldn’t stand it. I begged her to stop. I pleaded with her. I apologized over and over. It just kept coming. Finally she stopped and I heard the belt hit the floor. I lay there motionless and she grabbed me by the shoulders and rolled me over. She crawled up my chest and sat on my face. “You wanted to lick it, so lick it.”

I licked her. I sucked her. I did everything to get her off. Finally I felt her cum. Her body stiffened and she rolled back off my face. She lay on the bed for a moment then grabbed me be the hair and pushed me to the floor. It was more than I could take. Tears finally came in big sobs. I lay on the floor crying while she lay on the bed recovering. After a few minutes she pulled herself together and got off the bed. I couldn’t stop crying. She grabbed my ear once more and led me back to the living room. The safe was open. She had spanked me with my own belt. I started toward the safe to get my clothes. “Did I tell you to move Dumb Ass” “no ma’am” I said through my tears. “I’m going to give you some of these things but not everything. Hopefully it will serve as one more reminder of what you have learned here tonight.” “Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am” I cried. With that she tossed me my cell phone and my car keys, and my wallet.” “I’m keeping your money,” she said. “Wait right here and don’t you dare move unless you want another lesson.” “Yes Ma’am” I sobbed. I stood there crying like a fool while she went back into her bedroom. I thought about grabbing my clothes and running. To this day I don’t know why I didn’t other than she told me not to move. She came back into the living room holding some clothes, a thin white pair of cotton panties and a small tennis skirt. She held the panties out to me and I put them on. “Oh don’t you look cute,” she laughed. Then she handed me the skirt. It was barely long enough to cover the panties. She laughed again. “Do you remember what I said when you were handcuffed to the pole?” “I’m so sorry ma’am I don’t” “You are such a dumb ass, kiss my feet.” I got down and kissed her feet mumbling apologizes. “I said that when I let you go you would thank me for a wonderful evening and leave. Look up here” I stopped kissing her feet and looked up. She raised her nightgown and showed me the hairy pussy I had been licking just a few minutes ago. I started crying again. “This is stronger than you will ever be. Get up.” She dropped her nightgown back down and stood there with smirk on her face. “Thank you for a wonderful evening,” I said. She laughed and said “were not quite done.” She reached up and grabbed me by the ear one more time. Led me down to the guest bathroom and told me to get in the tub.

I didn’t question it. I lay down in the tub as she told me too. She stood on the sides of the tub and raised her night gown again. The golden stream washed over me, soaking into the skirt and panties I was wearing. It felt hot against my skin. It splashed in my face. I was soaked. “Now we are done cowboy.” I got out of the tub. She made me stand there as some of the excess piss dripped from my body. Then she walked me to the door. “Thank you for a wonderful evening ma’am,” I said as she laughed. Then I walked out into the cold night air. As I walked toward my truck I heard her yell, “I would’ve given you a good night kiss but you were licking my asshole earlier.”

I never did get the smell of her urine out of that truck.

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  1. dungeonmaster

    not bad actually, but I’ve never been into golden showers. The storyline is great. Hope to read more of your stories.

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  2. markiee

    I received my first bare bottomed spanking from my wife on my wedding night. Our hotel housekeeper witnessed most of it as she brought extra towels to our room and witnessed me bent over my wife’s knee. My wife has been spanking me whenever she thinks I need it for the past 30 years.

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