Boat Partner

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As was the case the past three summers, I often invited friends and family to spend a day or evening on my cabin cruiser boat, obtained by saving and just plain luck of finding a great deal. Early one Saturday morning, I phoned my still quite-hot sister, Deb to find out who, if anyone, was coming up that day.

“I’m not sure. I’d like to run up myself for a while, though..Think you could take me out on the water today?” she asked, peaking my interest among other things. Hopeful she’d follow through and allow a rare alone day with me, I naturally agreed to take her for a full lake cruise.

“Of course. Come on up. Bring the bathing suit if you want to go swimming or something” I answered, leading her to, at least, commentary regarding which swimsuit she’d wear. Historically, she’d preferred the two-piece bikini type, a style which certainly fit her well-formed, toned body. A pink, string bikini she had worn the previous year drove me absolutely crazy, however, it was a black, figure-8 style she owned that really fired up my item.

“I might, I might..Question is, which one you want me to bring with me? I can probably guess, but, tell me anyway” she teased, playing right along with my previous statement. “Don’t bother, I’ll surprise you, how’s that sound? Actually, I’d like to lay out while we’re on the water if you don’t mind, that is” she stated, setting up an afternoon of boating and Deb ogling. If I played it right, maybe more.

“Do whatever you’d like, Debs..Just come up. I’ll throw some beer in the boat, maybe do up a container of cosmo’s, and we’re set..” I apprised, firing off a final flirt before hanging up the phone. “And, it’s hot out on the water..Better oil up the bod, or, let me do it for you..Hee!”. With a sly giggle, Debs didn’t exactly rule out the proposed act.

“I’ll be fine..If I can’t reach a spot, you can help” she said, ending the call with “See you in about 2 hours”, thus giving me time to prepare and conjure up all sorts of ideas for her out on the water, by ourselves.

Time passes, and Debs car pulls up to the nearby parking lot, within distance of my spot and boat. Immediately, I see she’s alone, and, wearing short-shorts, a sexy, teasy half shirt, hair down, and sunglasses on. A vision, to be sure. This hot day was about to get hotter by her very presence. Thing was, I knew she was thinking the same thing. This would be a fun afternoon.

Preparing for our usual hello hug, I paced towards her, meeting her as the grass met the pavement. Giving her body a once-over, I remained impressed with her figure, well-kept long nails, and overall beauty. We had yet to make physical or verbal contact, and I already wanted her. The next few minutes would provide me with the answer regarding whether she felt similarly.

“Hi, Bud!” she exclaimed as we made eye contact upon the grass. “Whew, it’s roasting out here today, isn’t it?” she quipped, adding “Even though it’s goddam humid, where’s my hello?” she asked, referring to the hello hug with was occasionally accompanied by a short, buss-type kiss. As we embraced and completed the hug, I just couldn’t help permit my right hand to do a little exploring by way of issuing an all-in-fun squeeze of her ass.

“Nice shorts today, D” I joked, “Always been a fan of seeing your legs..and bue-tocks”, tapping her butt again as she giggled. The very fact she hadn’t rebuked the act told me that, once on the water, shall we say, “things could very well happen”.

“Thanks, bud..Knew you’d say something about these shorts..I mean, gawd, they are SO short, even for me!” Deb laughed as we made our way to the boat and stepped aboard. Ever the chivalrous male, I took her small bag of lotion, hairbrush, and so forth from her and held her hand as she boarded first. Observing her moves as she leaned forward over the side rails, the shorts rose northward, exposing approximately one-half of her very shapely rump. Gazing at the perfect apple what was her ass, a curious thought entered my mind: Even if she had worn my favorite bikini, I knew the bottoms covered a portion of her behind. Could she have thrown me a curve and worn a thong?

Coming aboard and staring the engine in preparation for our day out (and all it promised to bring), Deb and I chatted a little, doing the standard catch-up conversation that people do. Mid-way through my first turn out of the launch and into the large, man-made lake, my sister apprised me she was heading into the cabin to change into, in her words, “a surprise, since you were so nice to just take me out on the lake today”. My suspicions regarding a hot little thong were growing stronger as I literally found it difficult to maintain regular breathing as I steered the cabin cruiser.

Several minutes, and a good 4 miles offshore, Deb emerged wearing a short, white terrycloth robe. “If I tell you to look at me, you won’t crash the boat, will ya?” she joked, adding “Before I show you, though, you have to promise me you’ll behave yourself..I picked this up last week, and have had it hidden until now..Promise, bud?” she teased, knowing full well I’d have agreed to nuclear war to see what she had on beneath the robe.

“I promise, Debs..Or at least, as much as I can, anyway (flirty eye roll to her)..It’s only us out here, so, whatever you have on stays between us” I replied, only then noticing the double-entendra of the statement.

“Okkk” she seemingly purred, again with full knowledge of how to tease me. That was one thing we’d always been able to do together: be sexual or talk about sexual things and not feel guilty, bad, or like we’d done something wrong. My sister had taught me that men and women, no matter who they are, have thoughts and needs, and expressing them in a healthy manner was not a bad thing. Who better to experiment with or talk about sex than with an older sister who knew the ropes just as you (in this case, me) were still trying to figure out where the ropes were? She and I had always been just comfortable with it, but also mindful that others may not share that view. Hence, this sort of thing was kept between us. “Here goes”

Following that last word, Deb proceeded to peel off the robe like a well-seasoned stripper, flashing and teasing each body part covered by material until realizing that, not only did we want to go out further on the lake, but, her revved-up brother simply couldn’t wait anymore. Without a sound, she dropped the robe to the boat deck, exposing her absolutely marvelous body clad in an ultra-thin, light white-colored thong bikini, complete with a near-sheer top that more closely resembled pasties than a swim suit. In a word, this hot sister of mine looked like a Goddess. As her long hair flowed across her shoulders, I admit to being at a loss for words.

“Whaddya think?” she said, “Shows off too much, huh? That’s why I’ll only wear it out here on the lake, alone with you..Jay?” she asked, curious as to my apparent panting stupor. “I’ve never had a thong before..It’s itching my ass back there” she joked, lightening the mood.

“Ok..Here’s what I think, Debs..HOLY EFFING CHRIST YOU LOOK SEXY!” I exclaimed, failing to hold back my excitement. “I COULD FRIGGIN JUMP ON YOU RIGHT NOW!” I said, mostly in jest, but, not really. My sister knew, based on my reaction, we’d definitely be engaging in some extracurricular physicality before this day was through.

Laughing and getting us both a beer as I dropped side anchor in a hidden alcove, this showpiece of a sister told me she wanted to go up top and lay out for a tan. “Comin?” she then asked, since the boat roof was more than big enough for two people. “Oh, come on up and join me..Relax a little..This IS your boat. You should enjoy it” she stated, a fact I had sometimes forgotten. It was so easy to get tied up in being a host for friends and family, I sometimes didn’t recall why I bought the thing in the first place. Paid the insurances, dock rental fees, storage in the off-season. All of it. Why sho
uldn’t I enjoy a day with one of the sexiest, most beautiful women I’d eve
r known? My sister Debs.

Turning off the engine and securing stability with another side anchor, I scaled the ladder and joined Debs, who was leaning over and contorting her amazing body into prime sunning position. Shedding any and all inhibitions pertaining to having her all alone out there in a secluded alcove, practically nude atop my boat, I commented on the immediate view.

“Beautiful. So well-formed and alluring, like a picture. Just unreal” I said, to her initial belief I was referring to the lake and summer’s day. “Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” she sighed, resting herself in a laid-flat position, sweat beginning to stream down her face and breasts.

“Oh, I was just talking to myself looking at your ass, Debs!” I laughed, swigging a cold beer. “Or, for that matter, to be blunt, ALL of you..Have you any idea how goddam perfect a body you have? How chisled a face? You are the whole package, right down to the sexy manicure you give yourself..I am honored to be in your presence, D” I told her, lying next to her and fooling around with her long nails.

“Thanks, bud..I came up here mostly to spend time with you, you know?” she said, very matter-of-factly and returning the favor by traversing her nails across my chest. “We just get along so well..It’s not even like you’re my brother..Like we’ve said for years, we’re also a guy and a woman who enjoy each other’s company..” she stated, opening the door to the already-thought about sexual activity, either that day or, if she opted to stay the night.

“That we are, Debs..And, the selfish part of me loves having you all to myself today. It’s been too long since we’ve even, pardon the pun, hung out together..I enjoy and respect you as a woman first, then as an older sister..Think that’s why we do so well. Mutual respect as people..” I replied, playing with her nails and subtly moving them towards my bulging crotch. “You think I don’t know what most guys would do to have you in a thong, looking this sexy, on a day like this, alone? Trust me, I am well aware how lucky I am”.

As we laid in the direct midday sun, baking ourselves, Deb and I felt the mood change from a fun, relaxing visit to something a little more. Namely, we each believed that simply seeing one another in scanty outfits would not suffice to fulfill our urges and desires. The only question that remained was, who’d make the first official move. Watching her lightly nod off in the sun, I had never seen her look more sexy, beautiful, or downright wantable. The first move would need to be mine.

“Hey..De-bs” I whispered to her, rubbing her sweat-soaked abdomen and teasing the V-shaped thong bottom with my forefinger, “Let’s”. That one, single word alerted her that my desires matched hers without ever having to speak what we wanted so badly. Assuring she was awake (lest it appear I was trying to have sex with her while she slept), I peered into her eyes and planted a full kiss upon her sun-dried lips, attempting to re-wet them on my own.

Feeling her arms wrap around my shoulders, we embarked upon a mouth-devouring session worthy of an x-rated resucestation film (should such ever exist), burying any hint of familial ties with each tongue probe and bodily gyration. As her body rocked back and forth, my right hand was able to slide the thong down and away from her ass and honey section, leaving only the near-sheer top to be removed in order to prepare for entry.

“Ummph..Hhhaa” Deb sighed, “Lean up”. She then efficiently removed my shorts, which had been dampened by my own sweat and that of her own body. “C’mere..Now..Here..” she directed, apprising me that she, too, had reach the point of no return and was in need of repeated penetration. While the notion of bringing her down below, to the safety of the cabin, did cross my mind, I also knew that the peak we had reach thus far would not easily be regained. It HAD to be, as she whispered, now and here.

Raising my body to perfect entry position, I extended Debs legs outward upon the hot boat roof, careful not to have them touch the top railing, which I knew, from being in the sun all day, would burn her. Taking care of my sexual partner was tantamount to obtaining a return trip from her. Peering into her eyes one final time before initiating penile entry into her sexy, sacred ground, I understood Deb’s brief head-nod and serious, sensual look which said “Yes, I’m ready”.

Lowering my hips into hers and completing first penetration into her sweat-drenched hole, I felt my item still raising and growing with the internalization and understanding of who it was I was having sex with. That thrill, alone, was enough to tempt the spew of sticky matter, but, I was able to hold off for the time being. Deb’s hips and waist arched with my thrusting as her head tilted eastward.

Uncommon to my previous sexual experiences with other women, this fulfillment of both our fantasies was transpiring with only minimal words and urgings. For the most part, Deb and I were lost in the moments, enjoying an intense sexual encounter to the fullest. She was a vision to be seen and beheld, lying prone below me, taking me inside her body and sighing/moaning with satisfaction. The further I delved, the more Deb utilized her long talons to impale my back and arms, a feeling so heightening I could never get enough of it. If drawing blood was her goal, the rake-like lines along my back probably confirmed it’s attainment.

Pumping with alacratic intensity, I grasped her legs at the thighs and extended them to the bright blue sky, forming a wide-open shape to my sister’s lower half. With my cock now at it’s zenith, my libido took over and appeared to order my body to “plunge as far and deep as you can so you both cum together”. Who was I to argue? As it was, it was all I could do to succeed in keeping my animalistic desires for her at bay. Part of me wanted to, as joked earlier, “just friggin jump on her”. But, I wanted more than that from this and her. I wanted to treat her like the woman I always knew she was, and, also desired to have her again. And again.

My sister momentarily broke the silence during my “one last fury” of penetrating thunder, letting out a shrill scream into my shoulder. “AhhhiiiiiiieeeOhOhOh!!” she exclaimed in a high-pitched voice that spoke of pleasure. It was what I had waited for from her for such a long time: Confirmation that I could, indeed, take her to sexual heights.

Winding down the encounter, I felt myself waiting to explode, either into her or just outside of her juicy hole. And I wasn’t in a proper frame of mind to decide which spot or where, or do any planning ahead. Timing would make the decision for me, as I managed to unload most of my buildup during an exhale and exit of her now-tired vaginal cavity. Deb, too, was noticibly moistened, having rid herself of her own generation seconds before.

As we lay together in the late-day sun, hands upon each other’s body and exhausted from the episode, Deb and I spoke caringly to each other as people, male and female, who had just experienced something fantastic, not forbidden. Our relationship wouldn’t have it any other way, a fact we understood. Trading several additional liplocks before deciding to make our way back to dock, Deb and I agreed this casual sexual partnership would continue, as it was a step we’d known would be reached sooner or later.

The next morning, as I was helping my sister gather her bag and personal items, we resumed our standard excellent friendship, firing off jokes and playful insults along with teasing flirts. Exchanging a few goodbye hugs (as well as three reminder-type kisses), Deb finally entered her car and left me with a final, teasing thought:

“There’s another thong I want to buy, so find us more, ahem, tanning spots on the lake.”

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